Why Loaded Media is the Best Public Relations Agency in Los Angeles

Public Relations Agency in Los Angeles

Everyone knows the importance of publicity, but few people know exactly what it is. Publicity can be a variety of things, but the overall goal is to bring attention to your business, person, or brand.

Modern publicity has evolved along with the evolution of the internet and social media. Old school publicists require tens of thousands of dollars per month just to see where you might get placements. You would pay them whether you saw results or not. They would offer NOTHING in the terms of online performance (such as SEO, web development, backlinking, etc.).

Instead of waiting around and leaving it up to chance, Loaded Media guarantees placement in major magazines. In addition, they execute online strategies to increase your online presence and performance. You can do all the publicity in the world, but if they can’t find your website, it will be for nothing. You can rest easy knowing that you will have actual results.

Loaded Media is the one public relations agency in Los Angeles that has evolved to use cutting-edge technology for a variety of publicity purposes. While other out-of-date publicity companies have folded and shut down, Loaded Media is thriving through innovation and is constantly revolutionizing modern publicity. Loaded Media has quickly become the number one publicity agency in Los Angeles.

What Sets Loaded Media Apart From Other Agencies

Loaded Media focuses on three things: Branding, Online Presence, and Publicity itself. Each is equally important and one can’t be fully optimized without the other two. We will be explaining how Loaded Media tackles these three components of modern-day publicity.

Brand Trajectory

Brand trajectory is one of the most overlooked and invaluable components of any business. This service is 100% free when you sign on as a client. We will do an in-depth analysis of your brand goals to find out what we are aiming for. We would never simply begin services without a clearly understood purpose. This part of the process usually takes about 3 to 5 hours with the client and is always done.

The way we approach brand trajectory is unique from any other publicity agency. Brand trajectory varies from client to client. Some might be interested in acquiring more customers, creating brand awareness, brand image, or even obtaining venture capital for your brand or business. Those factors will greatly influence how we build your comprehensive action plan to obtain those goals. We must get a firm idea of what direction you would like your brand to be headed in, as it affects how we design an action plan. It will affect where we place your articles, how we write them, how we implement our SEO, and much more.

Once we define your brand trajectory, we do a current analysis of your brand information and do a  deep dive into current analytics. This will include research on your current website, ranking, SEO, marketing, brand information, demographics, and more. This will also give you as a client another perspective on things you might have ignored or overlooked. While Web analysis is complicated, our goal is to make it easy for you to understand.

At this point, we will know where you are and where you want to go. Now we have to figure out how we are going to get there. We will now build your comprehensive brand trajectory plan. We do this by reverse engineering where you want to go. This plan will include all the options for services we provide: magazine placements, website development, SEO optimization, press releases, and more. As we work together we will constantly adjust and improve to achieve the goals we have established.

Online Presence

Online presence is where Loaded Media really moves into modern-day publicity. With the evolution of the internet and social media, online presence has never been more important. Every day, more people and businesses are making their services available online to expand their reach. Without any online presence, there’s a slim chance that your business survives. In fact, it may be the largest factor when it comes to exposure nowadays.

Google Search

When you search your name or business on Google, does it come up? Or does another name or business come up instead? Being the first result from a Google search is more important than you think. Most people don’t even scroll past the first five results. If you’re on the second page of Google results, you may as well not even exist. Loaded Media raises your Google rankings through many different online strategies.

Google Knowledge Panel

An often overlooked, but valuable part of Google marketing is the Google Knowledge Panel. It pops up on the sidebar and gives a little summary about the person or business listed. This is a huge factor when it comes to credibility, it is Google’s very own verification badge. When competing with other brands, this is a must for any brand. These can be over complicated and very few companies know how to create these mysterious panels. Loaded Media can create this and have it show within 2 days on Google Search.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing algorithm that shows relevant search results when a person searches online. This can direct unpaid traffic to your website or profile. While it might be tempting to ignore this aspect, it is one of the key determining success factors.

Loaded Media specializes in improving your SEO. We will even revamp or build your website from scratch. They even go as far as to implement it into every press article. It involves including words that people lookup on Google, links to other websites, and so much more. Everything related to your brand will be included in your website, every online article, and every press release Loaded Media creates specifically for you.

Social Media Management

Social media has changed the publicity landscape for better or for worse. Simply ignoring this or putting a nonprofessional in charge is a huge mistake. These accounts are delicate and getting results can be elusive.  Even an established brands’ public image can be tarnished in an instant.

Building and maintaining your social media presence is imperative to building your brand. As social media strategy evolves, agencies cannot ignore its overall impact on publicity. Loaded Media gives you the option to fully manage your social media accounts. We’ll handle all your posts, tweets, stories, and media materials so you don’t have to worry about that part of your brand. We can also guide you through the process of getting that highly-coveted verified checkmark that all brands should have at a minimum.


Marketing is often misinterpreted as publicity and vice versa. While publicity focuses on the overall promotion of the business and client, marketing is strictly about advertising and selling your business. The two work in tandem and work towards the same goal.

Loaded Media offers full marketing services to help you achieve your brand goals. These include Google advertising, media buys, social media marketing, youtube marketing, and much more.

Web Design and Development

Sure, we can increase your engagement all around the web. People can click on your profiles and learn more about your business but it all comes to a screeching halt if your website does not look outstanding. We will revamp your website, give it a full makeover (both front and back-end), and equip it with all the SEO bells and whistles.

Not only will your website look professional, but it will also establish you as a professional business. With an expert-looking website, potential clients will be wowed by its aesthetic, They will also be keener to buy your product or service if it looks attractive.


If you’re a brand, business, or person trying to expand your audience, publicity is mandatory. Even if your product and service are second to none, the business can’t reach its highest potential and revenue. When publicity gets added to the mix, your business has the chance to skyrocket.

In addition to everything important in today’s publicity, we have the traditional practices down. Magazine placements and press releases are guaranteed. We get your name out there and it amplifies your online presence and branding even more.

Publicity has shifted and no one has adapted as much as we have. In this new age of marketing and digital innovation, Loaded Media’s whole publicity toolkit is designed for people to achieve their goals.


Loaded Media is fully transparent about data and results. Tracking is key. At the end of every month, we show you a report on all data. This includes SEO, Social Media, Website

Performance, Article tracking, and more. We show you stats on everything. This is invaluable for SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). From there we use that data to change your brand’s trajectory to align with your brand goals.

What to Expect from Loaded Media

After the first month with Loaded Media, you will have all the makings of a legitimate brand and business. A striking online and social media presence. You’ll have magazine placements,  a Google information panel, a polished website, and a comprehensive press kit. You’ll be beating out the competition when it comes to Google results as well as sales. As crazy as it sounds, you’ll be number one in your field.

Now, imagine going with another publicity agency. Those results aren’t promised. They’ll ask you to pay for their services and they’ll see what magazines will take your work. There is a

chance that nothing will come from it. In the end, you spent all that money with nothing to show for it. Why take that chance? Our methods promise results.

Publicity is not a cheap investment. However, if you fully believe that your business is worth taking to the next level, then you have to spend money to make money. It won’t be long before you see it as an investment in yourself. Once you see what you’ve accomplished with our help, you’ll wish you would’ve invested in yourself sooner.

Why Loaded Media is the Best Public Relations Agency in Los Angeles

If you aim to take your business to the next level, then there are no other options besides

Loaded Media.  In addition to perfecting traditional publicity, we excel at the digital side of it too. We know how to build your business from the ground up so you can accomplish your highest potential and make the most money. Through market research and a unique publicity plan, we are effectively developing your business into a one-of-a-kind empire.

Sure, we may have given out some of the secrets of our trade. But no one can do what we do. There is no other company like ours. Our methods can be attempted, but never duplicated.  Not only do we carefully cultivate a tailored path for you, but we also take care of all the heavy lifting. You’ll be able to focus on your talents and brand.

Loaded Media is located in the heart of Los Angeles. Here, we see many publicity agencies come and go. We are here to stay. Other LA publicity agencies haven’t evolved with the internet and digital publicity. That’s what sets us apart and most importantly, that is how we will set you apart.

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