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Loaded Media is a full-service publicity company located on the historic “The Lot” Studios.

Former offices of Charlie Chaplin, MGM and Warner Bros. Housing 7 full size Sound Stages & Production Offices.

Loaded Media was started in 2021 by producer Donavon Warren. Donavon owns and operates the production company Loaded Dice Films, which specializes in feature films.

During promotions and advertising, he noticed that there was a huge gap in the publicity business. Publicity can be confusing, difficult, and expensive. The current landscape is filled with companies that will take your money and deliver low-quality results, sometimes they don’t deliver any results. You can pay thousands of dollars for an article, that will come out with spelling errors, missing links, and tons of other issues. Then there is the Schema, Google Knowledge Panels, Google Search, and tons of other confusing information out there. You can spend years figuring this stuff out and have no results.

Loaded Media is different, we stand by our work and deliver on what we say. The publicity business is mostly a referral business. Our new business depends on your happiness. We are also a subscription business. For you to continue with us month after month, you have to be happy. And that means delivering to your publicity wants and needs. That also means evolving and adjusting as well. Every client is different, we want to make YOU happy.

Four Pillars of Loaded Media's Client Happiness

Client Happiness

We will do everything in our power to make you happy as a client. This means going the extra mile, guiding you through the process and fulfilling your publicity needs.


We return every phone call and email, the same day. We also take in person appointments at our offices at "The Lot" Studios.


We tell the truth to our clients. This is very important to us. When we speak to our clients, they know it's the truth.


We make it 100% clear, what we are delivering in writing. Then we deliver. We ONLY get paid for what we deliver. If it's something new you request, we will give it a try. If we fail, we will refund you.