Let’s Distinguish Between Public and Private Matters

Let’s Distinguish Between Public and Private Matters 

Let’s distinguish between public and private matters. Whether you are a celebrity or an entrepreneur, building a brand is never easy. Your customers or fans will always associate your personality and behavior with your brand. In the past, pre-social media era, it was easy for brands to place boundaries between their private and public matters. In modern times, if you are building or managing a brand, you need professional help to keep your personal life from getting in the way of business. 

Let’s distinguish between public and private matters – it helps protect brands from negative publicity resulting from private raw data. Maintaining a private life while managing a successful brand is not easy. You need the services of a publicity expert to manage your social media and protect your brand from negative publicity.

To protect your brand, you need to watch out that your private matters don’t become public. Because once you let any private raw data into the public, it seizes from being private. This post will help you distinguish what matters you can let out to the public and the role of a professional in managing your public image.

Let’s separate public and private

When managing a brand, the public closely associates your personality and behavior with your business. It becomes particularly difficult to set a boundary between what is public from personal life more so for personalities and celebrities. 

Even after doing everything to keep these two separate, you’ll still find the public judging your brand from your personal image. Logical advice would be to live your brand because you are your brand, and your actions should always reflect the brand image you want to portray. 

Private raw data, which is often random personal information, can have a positive or negative impact on your brand. Personal information can find its way to the public through the internet intentionally or accidentally. And depending on how the public perceives it, this information can build or ruin your brand. 

In the past, it was much easier to set boundaries between your private and personal life. The internet has increasingly changed the management of brands with social media posts being key influencers of public opinion. When properly managed, social media presents unlimited opportunities for brands to build their reputation. 

Social media, private and public matters 

Building brands takes a lot of time and resources, but all this can go down the drain within seconds. The public is an essential part of your brand as it contains your customers and investor, who are an integral part of your business. Studies show that it takes less than a second for people to form a first and lasting impression.

Any information posted on social media spaces, whether private or public is never private. The information can quickly go viral through sharing by those with whom you share on various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, blogging, and video sites. Also, it is important to note that no information is temporary on social media. 

Social media networks have allowed brands and businesses to fashion the image they intend to project to the public. As these audiences view these online messages, they draw their own perceptions and judgments. Consequently, businesses and personalities can build online brands and reach vast audiences.

If you are running a personal social media account, you let more audiences into your personal life, which might not always match the public expectations. Within a click of a button, the public can view your private information which can have a positive or negative impact on your brand image. It is never easy to change public perception, and depending on the damages caused the tainted image is irreversible.

With brands and personalities, certain individuals in the public can also use social media to taint your brand through posts, images, and videos. For instance, if you are managing a child products and service brand, and a video is uploaded on social media with you being insensitive to children – this might permanently ruin your brand image. Remember negative publicity through social media spreads fast and wide, at some point, it is difficult to contain.

How can you separate private and public matters on social media? No message is private on social media. You should only let out what you want the public to know. And if you wish to retain a private life, restrict what you post on social media. You may have to hire a social media manager to help you maintain a consistent brand image throughout your social media platforms. 

Let’s distinguish between public and private matters: ability to attract publicity 

Can you attract publicity while leading a private life? Some personalities and brand owners have managed to maintain a private life while managing a brand. In some cases, staying out of the limelight can be judged by some as losing popularity. While some private posts can help draw the attention of the public, these posts must match your brand identity. 

Consistency in your personality and that of your brand is essential. For this reason, you may want to keep your personal life as private as possible to avoid any possible contradiction. The public and media are always watching your moves and ready to pass judgment.  And by posting your personal life on social media, you make it all easier for them to draw all kinds of interpretations.

Let's Distinguish Between Public And Private Matters

Keeping a private life and retaining your popularity doesn’t always work especially for celebrities who are always being hunted down by content-thirsty paparazzi. Don’t shit where you eat! In some cases, personalities go to the extreme in their social media posts out of desperation to attract public attention. Instead, they end up tainting their public image. 

Remember, every post that doesn’t match your brand image can be judged as a lack of authenticity and can cost you your brand identity. You, therefore, need the touch of a brand expert to come up with a customized social media strategy that helps you communicate with the public adequately. 

However, with the help of a social media manager, you can consistently provide information and messages matching your brand. And with adequate social media communication, you avoid speculations that draw attention to your private life. 

As different media and the public dig information about your life, you can rest easy knowing you are in control by feeding them information through your social media. You can effectively achieve this by strategically structuring your messages with the help of publicity experts.

Why hire a social media manager?

Social media can help you grow in popularity by sparking conversations around your brand. You can also use it to communicate publicity messages and influence the opinions of your followers on different social media platforms.  And if the messages are intriguing enough you will even enjoy more audience through sharing and reposting. 

Once you hire a social media manager, they help you develop a customized strategy to help you meet your brand goals. It often entails identifying a target audience, researching who your competitors are, and developing content ideas. 

A publicity firm will work with you in understanding your brand to define channels that work best in communicating your brand messages. In most cases, they provide comprehensive publicity service packages, extending beyond social media management. 

These professionals will also help you with social media content creation. Every post you put up on social media should be intentional in communication. Your audience should be a major consideration as different audiences are likely to give different meanings to your message. 

For instance, dress code differs along the lines of age and culture. Consequently, what may seem to be trendy to some may be disrespectful to others. Social media managers provide expert advice on what messages match your brand image depending on your target audience. 

A social media expert will also help you track your brand performance on different platforms and evaluate it against the business goals. Some of the indicators used include analyzing the growth of followers, engagement rates, and conversion rates.

You can hire a social media expert to help you with influencer marketing. These agencies have networking with influential people whom they reach out to help promote your brand on their platforms. As a result, your promotional messages reach wider audiences increasing your brand growth.

Let’s separate public and private raw data! If your social media has not been attaining the expected outcome, you should consider hiring an expert to perform audits and advice you on how to bring forth positive publicity for your brand. 

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