Best Conversation Hearts: A Sweet Legacy

The Tender Tale of Conversation Hearts

Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without conversation hearts, those tiny pastel sweets that whisper sugary sentiments from “XOXO” to “Text Me”. But where did these confections originate? Tracing back to the 19th century, conversation hearts have a mixed flavor of history and romance. Initially conceived as wedding confectionery, it was the innovation of NECCO, the New England Confectionery Company, that transformed these treats into the iconic hearts we know and love.

In 2018, NECCO met its unfortunate demise, and Spangler Candy Company scooped up these little love notes, ensuring the legacy endured. The company continues with passion, producing conversation hearts that clutch at the heartstrings of nostalgia. These once elaborate Victorian candies have adapted to the times. By the turn of the 20th century, they were small enough to nestle in the palm, bearing brief yet delightful pleas like “Marry Me” and “Be Good”. It’s the simplicity and brevity that have made these candies timeless classics.

Unwrapping the Charm of Conversation Hearts

What is it about conversation hearts that endear them to so many generations? It’s the emotional thread that ties them to countless school parties and that first crush’s valentine. Their taste, a unique blend of sweetness with a hint of chalkiness, hearkens back to simpler times, making a charmingly retro statement amidst the sea of gourmet chocolates.

  • Nostalgia: They remind us of the Valentine’s Day celebrations of our youth.
  • Emotions: With their succinct messages, they can say what we sometimes cannot.
  • Tangibility: They provide a physical token of affection, significant in an increasingly digital world.
  • But it’s not just sentimentality that keeps these candies close to our hearts. It’s their ability to tap into our collective memory, making each bite a momentary journey back to the innocence of childhood.

    Candy Shop Conversation Hearts lb Bag

    Candy Shop Conversation Hearts   Lb Bag


    Step into a world of sweet sentiments with the Candy Shop Conversation Hearts 1 lb Bag, the perfect treat for any candy lover or festive occasion. Each delightful bag is filled to the brim with classic pastel-colored heart-shaped candies, each one embossed with charming messages that range from “Be Mine” and “Cutie Pie” to “Love Bug” and “XOXO.” These iconic confections have been a staple of Valentine’s Day exchanges and sweet gestures for generations, bringing smiles and a touch of nostalgia to friends, family, and that special someone.

    Not only are Candy Shop Conversation Hearts a feast for the eyes with their vibrant hues, but they also offer a burst of sugary sweetness with every bite, satisfying your cravings and spreading joy. The 1 lb bag ensures there’s plenty to share, making it ideal for classroom giveaways, office candy bowls, or as a thoughtful gift to show you care. Durable packaging keeps the candies fresh and ready for all of your heartfelt moments, ensuring each message is received with the sweetness it’s intended to convey.

    Category Details
    Product Name Conversation Hearts
    Manufacturer History Originally by New England Confectionery Company (NECCO); now by Spangler Candy Company
    Change of Ownership Acquired by Spangler Candy Company in 2018
    Product Evolution – 19th century: postcard sayings on candy
    – Turn of the 20th century: shifted to heart shape, became smaller, sayings simplified
    Classic Messages “Marry Me,” “Luv U,” “Be Good,” “Kiss Me,” “Sweet Talk”
    Modern Messages “XOXO,” “Kiss Me,” “Email Me,” “Text Me,” “Bae”
    Candy Features – Sweet flavored
    – Heart-shaped candies with messages printed on them
    Availability Available in stores and online, especially around Valentine’s Day
    Cultural Significance Popular during Valentine’s season as a fun, romantic gesture
    Production Still made today (as of February 14, 2024)
    Packaging Options Various sizes from small boxes to bulk bags
    Price Range Varies by retailer and packaging size, typically from $1 to $10
    Benefits – Novelty gift item for romantic occasions
    – Affordable symbol of affection
    – Nostalgic appeal to consumers

    “Sweet Talk”: Innovations and Customization

    As we march through the 21st century, brands have given conversation hearts a make-over, modernizing the messages to stay on par with our tech-savvy, hashtagging society. Contemporary variants bear not just “Bae” but also “Email Me”, creating a bridge between the tangible and the virtual expressions of love.

    Companies are also encouraging their consumers to get creative, hosting competitions for new phrases that resonate with today’s digital zeitgeist. This level of engagement personalizes the experience, allowing customers to see their own words take confectionery form. It’s this blend of tradition with innovation that keeps conversation hearts relevant in a world where emojis could have easily replaced them.

    Image 39111

    The Heartbeat of Brands: Comparing the Most Loved Conversation Hearts

    Let’s lay it on the line, not all conversation hearts are created equal. How do the big dogs stack up?

    • Brach’s: Known for a slightly softer texture and a wider array of sayings.
    • Sweethearts: The original NECCO brand now produced by Spangler, still hitting that classic taste and crunch.
    • Boutique Brands: These often offer organic ingredients and unique flavors for a modern twist.
    • Price, packaging, and the cleverness of the phrases also differentiate these brands. Brach’s and Sweethearts may duke it out for mass market appeal, but boutique brands carve out their niche with artisanal charm.

      “Sugar, Spice, and Environmental Nice”: Sustainable Candy Practices

      More than ever, consumers thirst for knowledge about where their food comes from and its impact on the planet. Some conversation heart manufacturers are responding with gusto. Leading the charge towards a greener future, these companies are sourcing ingredients sustainably, revamping packaging to reduce waste, and refining processes for a smaller carbon footprint.

      Sustainable practices can often sweeten the deal for customers, as they choose with their hearts and their values. By opting for environmentally conscious confectioners, customers express love not just for their significant others but for Mother Earth as well.

      B’s Large Conversation Hearts Valentines Candy Bulk Mega Pounds Oz Gift Set Wintergreen, Banana, Orange, Lemon, Cherry & Grape Includes Bonus Fote Brand Candy Magenet

      B'S Large Conversation Hearts Valentines Candy Bulk Mega Pounds   Oz Gift Set  Wintergreen, Banana, Orange, Lemon, Cherry & Grape   Includes Bonus Fote Brand Candy Magenet


      Indulge in the spirit of love and nostalgia with B’s Large Conversation Hearts Valentines Candy Bulk Mega Pounds Oz Gift Set. This delightful assortment of candies captures the essence of Valentine’s Day with its vivid colors and sweet nothings printed on each heart, perfect for sharing heartfelt messages with loved ones. The bulk set includes a hefty serving of these iconic sweets in a variety of flavors: refreshingly cool Wintergreen, mellow Banana, zesty Orange, tangy Lemon, luscious Cherry, and juicy Grape, ensuring that there’s something for every palate.

      Each box of B’s Large Conversation Hearts is a treasure trove of flavor and affection, making it an ideal gift for friends, family, or that special someone. To sweeten the deal, the set comes with a unique bonusa whimsical Fote Brand Candy Magnet, designed to add a dash of charm to your refrigerator or any magnetic surface. This thoughtful touch ensures that the memories of this Valentine’s Day will linger long after the last candy has been savored, making it not just a gift, but an unforgettable gesture of love.

      The Heart of Creativity in Conversation Hearts Marketing

      Marketing campaigns for conversation hearts have become as innovative as the candies themselves. Social media challenges invite users to share selfies with their favorite heart sayings, while influencer collabs bring a sprinkle of star power to these tiny treats. Seasonal promotions buoy sales, but it’s the year-round presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok that keeps these candies circulating in our collective consciousness.

      Powerful campaigns tap into the zeitgeist, just like the phrases on the hearts themselves. And with special editions released for other holidays, who says love can only be celebrated on February 14th?

      Image 39112

      The Digital Heartthrobs: Conversation Hearts in the Social Media Age

      Memes, augmented reality (AR) filters, and social gaming – conversation hearts have taken love to digital heights. Meme-makers harness their playful messages for viral content, and brands are not far behind creating engaging AR experiences where folks can ‘try on’ different heart phrases virtually. Even online games get into the act, offering sweet in-game treats around Valentine’s Day.

      This digital dimension has lent conversation hearts a new realm to dominate. Their simple yet powerful messages transcend the physical world, compelling even in pixels.

      The Future of Sentimental Sweets

      It’s clear that conversation hearts hold a firm place in our hearts and culture, but what’s next for these iconic candies? With advancements in flavor science, we might anticipate a broader palette of tastes, perhaps catering to our increasing international palate.

      Edible printing technology promises even greater customization in the future. Imagine proposing with a candy heart uniquely crafted with your sweetheart’s favorite quote or inside joke. And as our world veers into the digital, could we be exchanging virtual conversation hearts that integrate seamlessly with our online interactions? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain – the sweet legacy of conversation hearts is sure to continue.

      Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts, Valentine’s Day Candy, Heart Shaped Candy, Ounce

      Brach'S Tiny Conversation Hearts, Valentine'S Day Candy, Heart Shaped Candy, Ounce


      Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts are the classic Valentine’s Day candy that has been capturing hearts and sweetening moments for generations. Each tiny heart-shaped candy comes with a charming message embossed on it, ranging from affectionate phrases like “Be Mine” and “Love You” to playful words such as “Text Me” and “Hug Me,” making them perfect for sharing with friends, family, and that special someone. These bite-sized candies come packaged in a convenient, resealable bag with a net weight of ounces, ensuring your candy stays fresh and flavorful through the season of love. Not only do they make a delightful snack, but Brach’s Conversation Hearts are also a fun way to express your feelings or add a personalized touch to Valentine’s Day cards and decorations.

      Crafted in an array of pastel colors, Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts not only taste great but also bring a vibrant splash of color to any Valentine’s Day festivity. Their sweet flavor and satisfying crunch are a treat for both the young and the young at heart, rendering them a timeless favorite for this romantic holiday. Whether used for baking, as part of a craft, or simply enjoyed straight out of the bag, these heart-shaped candies are a must-have for any Valentine’s Day celebration. With Brach’s commitment to quality and a legacy in candy-making, these Tiny Conversation Hearts are sure to create memorable moments and lasting impressions.

      From the meticulous production upheld by companies like the Spangler Candy Company to the latest flavor innovations and savvy media campaigns, conversation hearts embody more than just a treat; they’re a cultural phenomenon. And as we indulge in these candies this Valentine’s Day, we’re not just savoring a sweet – we’re partaking in a legacy of love that has resonated through the ages.

      The Sweet Saga of Conversation Hearts

      Can you believe that conversation hearts, those sugary sweet nothings we pass around on Valentine’s Day, have been striking up conversations since the 19th century? Talk about a sweet legacy! Way before the Accused TV series cast had hearts fluttering on screen, these little candies were making the rounds, allowing smitten sweethearts to express their feelings without saying a word. Indeed, just as the compelling plot twists in your favorite shows keep you glued to the TV, these candies have held their appeal for generations.

      Those tiny pastel hearts have seen more love stories than Mike Alstott saw touchdowns during his thrilling NFL career. Each heart comes with a message, sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy, but always to the point, much like Kassi Ashtons lyrics that cut right to the heart of the matter. And if conversation hearts were lined up from cupid’s bow to your doorstep, they might fill up all the bed rooms listed on Just imagine the sugary whispers filling those spaces—now, wouldn’t that be quite the sweet talk?

      Image 39113

      A Dash of Fun Facts

      Now, hold onto your heartstrings, sweet talkers! Did you know that if you gathered all the conversation hearts made in a year, their combined score would dwarf even the most nail-biting USA Vs Jordan box score? That’s right, we’re talking billions of sweet nothings, which is no small feat, considering the precision of each printed phrase. A quick glimpse into how conversation hearts are made might have one as curious as following the storyline on Jjk viz, where every chapter has you craving the next.

      And speaking of cravings, the Ssactivewear catalog might have you covered from head to toe, but nothing accessorizes like a handful of conversation hearts. They add that pop of color and whimsy whether you’re leaving for work or lounging at home. Just be careful if you’re indulging while reading up on Property Tax on—these candies are known to sweeten the dullest of topics, but don’t let them distract you from crunching those important numbers. After all, when it comes to conversation hearts, you want your sentiments to be as sound as your investments, right?

      Tiny Conversation Hearts oz Bags Pack of Smiling Sweets Share the Fun with Everyone Great for Parties and Gatherings Enjoy with Friends and Family

      Tiny Conversation Hearts   Oz Bags   Pack Of   Smiling Sweets   Share The Fun With Everyone   Great For Parties And Gatherings   Enjoy With Friends And Family


      Indulge in the delightful sweetness of Tiny Conversation Hearts, now available in convenient 8 oz bags that keep the fun going round! Each pack contains multiple bags from Smiling Sweets, brimming with adorable pastel-colored candies etched with playful messages that are perfect for sharing. These bite-sized treats are ideal for any gathering, infusing a touch of whimsy and nostalgia into parties, events, or family movie nights. Made with love and crafted to spark joy, Tiny Conversation Hearts are not just candies; they’re conversation starters that bring people together.

      Smiling Sweets’ Tiny Conversation Hearts are the perfect way to share the fun with everyone. Their small size allows you to enjoy them by the handful or savor each sweet sentiment with friends and family. Great for party favors, classroom exchanges, or as a sweet surprise for your loved ones, these candies convey affection and lightheartedness in every bite. Celebrate life’s little moments and create new memories with these charming candies that continue to be a beloved staple at any festive gathering.

      Do they still make conversation hearts?

      – Can you still get your sweet talk on with conversation hearts? You betcha! NECCO may have called it quits back in 2018, but Spangler Candy Company swooped in to save the day. Rest easy, candy lovers; these iconic sweets are still cranking out as of February 14, 2024.

      What is an example of a conversation heart?

      – Looking for a classic conversation heart example? How ’bout a sweet little “XOXO” or maybe a flirty “Kiss Me” to set the mood? Oh, and for all you modern lovebirds, “Text Me” and “Bae” have got your back as of February 14, 2022.

      What were the original conversation hearts sayings?

      – Ah, the good ol’ days, when the original conversation hearts phrases were all the rage! We’re talking real old-school charm with sayings like “Marry Me,” “Luv U,” and “Be Good”—heck, even “Kiss Me” and “Sweet Talk” made hearts flutter back around the turn of the 20th century, noted on January 29, 2024.

      What are the words on the conversation hearts?

      – What’s scribbled on those candy hearts? Well, they’re littered with all sorts of phrases, from timeless classics like “Kiss Me” to modern vibes like “Email Me.”

      Why are conversation hearts so hard to find?

      – Struggling to get your hands on conversation hearts? Well, these little candies can be like finding a needle in a haystack! Sometimes there’s just a candy crush at the stores, or maybe production’s playing hard to get.

      Does Dollar Tree sell conversation hearts?

      – Does Dollar Tree hook us up with conversation hearts? You bet they do! It’s a no-brainer to check their shelves when you’re looking to score some sugary love notes without breaking the bank.

      Are conversation hearts healthy?

      – Are conversation hearts the key to a healthy lifestyle? Eh, not exactly. While they might steal your heart, they’re more of a treat-yo-self kinda candy than a bunch of kale in disguise.

      What is printed on conversation hearts?

      – The prints on conversation hearts? Oh, they’re just the right mix of sweet nothings and modern flirtations – think “DM Me” for a taste of today’s love lingo!

      Do people like the conversation hearts?

      – Do folks go gaga for conversation hearts? Well, it’s a mixed bag. Some love the nostalgia; for others, they’re an acquired taste. But let’s be real—with those cute messages, who can resist at least a handful?

      What is a fun fact about conversation hearts?

      – A fun fact about conversation hearts? Get this—once upon a time, these candies were bigger and preached lengthier courtships with messages like “Please send a lock of your hair.” Talk about an extreme makeover for the digital age!

      What is in Necco wafers?

      – What’s in those Necco wafers? They’re like the Swiss Army knife of the candy world; a little bit of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, gums, coloring, and flavors—all whipped into one chalky, crunchy disc.

      What shape did conversation hearts start out as?

      – The original shape of conversation hearts? Believe it or not, they didn’t start out as hearts at all! Who knew that a shape-shift to love would make them the talk of the town?

      What is the most popular conversation heart saying?

      – Searching for the top conversation heart saying? “Kiss Me” has been batting eyes and winning hearts for ages—it’s like the little black dress of candy phrases.

      What colors are traditional conversation hearts?

      – The colors of traditional conversation hearts? They’re a rainbow of pastels—soft pink, yellow, green, orange, and white, painting a palette sweeter than a springtime frolic.

      What are the sayings on Brach’s friends conversation hearts?

      – What do Brach’s friends conversation hearts say? These buddies mix it up with friendly zingers and heartfelt tidbits alike—because who doesn’t need a “Text Me” from a pal?

      Did conversation hearts go out of business?

      – Did conversation hearts vanish from the candy scene? Nope, they just took a little break when NECCO waved goodbye in 2018, but Spangler Candy Company was quick to reignite the old flame!

      Who makes conversation hearts now?

      – Today, who’s behind the magic of conversation hearts? Take a bow, Spangler Candy Company—for keeping love (and candy) alive and well!

      Why are conversation hearts not being sold?

      – Why might you not spot conversation hearts on the shelf? Sometimes, it’s a wild candy chase with demand outstripping supply, or maybe there’s been a production hiccup—talk about a love-hate relationship!

      Did Brach’s change their conversation hearts?

      – Did Brach’s give their conversation hearts a makeover? You bet they did! They’re keeping up with the times, swapping out some old phrases for fresh ones, because, hey, everyone needs a little update now and then, right?


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