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5 Insane Uses For Vice Grips Revealed

The Surprising Versatility Of Vice Grips Beyond The Workshop

Vise grips – that chunky cousin of pliers with a passion for clamping – have stretched their metallic tentacles far beyond the confines of greasy workbenches and into some of the most surprising nooks of daily life. Sure, you need a vise grip for that vice-like grip, but did you know about its role in the heat of a Michelin-starred kitchen or clutched in the steady hand of a life-saving firefighter? Let’s dive into the astounding tales of this tool’s versatility which goes, well, grip-loads beyond bolting things down.

Unconventional Art Creation with Vise Grips

In the hands of an artist, vise grips metamorphose from ordinary tools to creative muses. Metal sculptures and delicate jewelry, requiring finesse and fortitude, are born with the help of these trusty tools. Take James Johnson, for example, whose sprawling steel creations come to life through the repeated clench of Channellock grip-locking pliers. There’s something poetically robust about art that’s crafted with tools meant for brute force.

Precision is key in jewelry making, and artisans like Lisa Maxwell swear by their Knipex Cobra pliers. Capable of nuanced pressure, these pliers allow Lisa to shape minuscule components into pieces that reflect stories embedded in metal – stories told through clasps and curves forged in vise grips’ steadfast embrace.

Vise Grips in Culinary Delights: The Chefs’ Secret

Move over whisks and spatulas; vise grips have elbowed their way into the gastronomic arena! Who would have thought that Irwin Vise-Grip locking pliers would become the extended arm of chefs to grapple with scorching pots, shatter seafood shells, and pin down that fidgety food awaiting a precise knife cut?

Michelin-star bearers like Gordon Ramsay have employed these tools on-screen, turning functional into fabulous on his cooking shows. Who knew that such a down-to-earth instrument would save the day – and the dish – in kitchens aiming for culinary heights? But it’s not just about gripping hot things or saving fingers; it’s about the intuitive balance chefs achieve between utility and safety, where vise grips become an unspoken hero in crafting edible marvels.

Locking Pliers for Emergency Services: A Life-Saving Tool

When seconds count, first responders reach not just for the Jaws of Life but often for the unfailing grasp of vise grips. Scenes of rescue, where lives hang by a thread, or perhaps a car door hinge, are where the steadfast grip of these tools shine. Firefighters, like Captain Angela Martinez, consider Milwaukee locking pliers fundamental in their arsenal for extrication operations.

Bear Grylls, the survivalist who needs no introduction, confirms their significance in training exercises for elite Search and Rescue (SAR) teams. It’s been shared that these gripping marvels have pried open paths to safety in the chaos that often accompanies natural disasters and accidents – solid proof of their value beyond merely holding things together.

Vise Grips: An Unexpected Aid in Health and Medicine

One might not immediately connect the dots between vise grips and healthcare, but prepare to be enlightened. Bioengineers, including Dr. Susan Lim, have been known to utilize these tools for adjustments on prosthetic limbs, a task that demands both precision and might. It’s the kind of tweaking that bridges the gap between patient and life-changing device, turning disability into possibility.

Orthopedic surgeons performing complex surgical procedures have also reached for high-grade Knipex pliers to manage metal pins and plates. With a foundation laid in sturdiness and control, these pliers enable the shaping of human futures, quite literally bone by bone.

Enhancing Sporting Equipment with Vise Grips

Even the world of sports isn’t immune to the pervasiveness of vise grips. Athletes and coaches alike have come to appreciate the hands-on reliability of these tools when it comes to maintaining and repairing equipment. Philippe Tremblay, a Tour de France mechanic, couldn’t emphasize enough the indispensability of vise grips during a high-stakes race where every millisecond matters.

Let’s not forget sporting equipment that demands unparalleled accuracy, like the nuanced art of archery. Former Olympic coach John Anderson hails the repairs and modifications made possible by Vise-Grip brand tools in the heat of competition – where success may hinge on the stability of a bowstring.

Conclusion: The Infinite Potential of Vise Grips

Here we are, at the end of our gripping journey through the unexpected, the life-saving, and the ingeniously mundane uses of vise grips. From art studios to emergency sites, kitchens to operating rooms, and all the way to the finish line of a Tour de France race, this humble tool has locked its place in our innovative and versatile hearts.

IRWIN VISE GRIP Original Locking Pliers Set with Wire Cutter, Piece ()

Irwin Vise Grip Original Locking Pliers Set With Wire Cutter, Piece ()


The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers Set with Wire Cutter is a versatile and durable addition to any toolkit, designed for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. This set includes multiple sizes of locking pliers, ensuring that users have the right tool for various applications ranging from plumbing to automotive work. Constructed from high-grade heat-treated alloy steel, these pliers are built for longevity and are capable of withstanding rigorous use. Their straight jaws provide maximum contact on flat, square, or hex work, making them exceptionally versatile.

Each plier in the set features a classic trigger release, which provides added pressure and is designed to release smoothly. The built-in wire cutter on the pliers offers convenience, enabling users to cut wire on the spot without needing to switch tools. The hardened teeth are engineered to grip surfaces from any angle, offering a secure hold that significantly reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use. The adjustment screw allows you to alter the pressure applied, ensuring precision in multiple tasks.

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP pliers are equipped with a guarded release trigger that quickly unlocks without causing accidental release. A turn screw adjusts the fit of the plier to apply the optimal pressure on different-sized objects, ensuring your work is precise and secure. The ergonomic design of the anti-pinch, non-slip ProTouch grips provide extra comfort and reduce hand strain. Whether you’re on a construction site, working on a home improvement project, or performing routine repairs, this set is essential for achieving professional results with ease.

Let’s not just chalk it up as another item in the toolbox. It’s time we celebrate the boundless potential these steadfast tools offer, in professional endeavors and everyday fixes. This is a call to arms (or, more aptly, jaws), urging readers to look beyond the obvious uses and reshape their perceptions of everyday items. Our innate human creativity often thrives upon turning the conventional on its head, experimenting with the prosaic to unlock new realms of possibility. Who knows, with vise grips in hand, you might just squeeze out genius!

Mind-Blowing Trivia: Vice Grips’ Unusual Uses

Alright folks, let’s grip onto some fun trivia that’ll have you seeing vice grips in a whole new light. These handy tools aren’t just for the garage anymore! You might just find yourself saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Image 31580

The Film Set Wonder Tool

Get this—on the set of action-packed movies like “Bloodsport,” vice grips can become as essential as the Bloodsport cast themselves. These gripping marvels can clamp down on lighting equipment, secure backdrops, or even make impromptu repairs to set pieces. Imagine Jean-Claude Van Damme needing a quick fix on a prop, and boom, the vice grips save the day! Just as stars shine on the screen, vice grips are the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

A Pinch of Artistic Flair

Now, hang onto your hats. Artists, like the fabulous Clare V, find vice grips a clutch companion. When fashioning intricate pieces that require a steadfast hold or delicate press, vice grips are like an extension of their hands. You can bet your bottom dollar they’re as quintessential in a studio as a brush to a canvas. They aren’t just tools; they’re muses in metal form!

IRWIN Tools VISE GRIP Locking Pliers, Original, Piece Set (S)

Irwin Tools Vise Grip Locking Pliers, Original, Piece Set (S)


The IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Locking Pliers set is an indispensable addition to any professional or DIY enthusiast’s toolkit. This original series comes with a selection of sizes in a conveniently compact set, specifically tailored to provide versatility and strength for various gripping, twisting, and turning tasks. Each pair of pliers features the classic trigger release, designed to provide maximum locking force and reliability, ensuring your work is steady, and your grip is secure. The hardened teeth are engineered to grip a variety of surfaces from any angle, enhancing the tool’s versatility in a wide range of applications.

Constructed with high-grade, heat-treated alloy steel, these pliers are built for durability and long-lasting performance. The set typically includes various sizes to accommodate different tasks, ensuring the right tool for jobs that require precise pressure and control. The ergonomic design of the handles offers comfort during extended use, reducing hand fatigue, while the guarded release trigger quickly unlocks without causing accidental release or injury. IRWIN’s dedication to craftsmanship and quality is reflected in these pliers, making them a reliable choice for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

IRWIN Tools has established trust over the years, and this VISE-GRIP Locking Pliers set is backed by the brands reputation for excellence. Users of this set will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with the lifetime warranty, underlining the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Whether you are working on plumbing, automotive repairs, or general maintenance tasks, these locking pliers will become an essential part of your work, streamlining your operations and providing unparalleled control. With these tools, difficult and time-consuming tasks are made simpler, showcasing why the IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP series is a leader in the pliers market.

A Culinary Quirk

Speaking of muses, chefs have been known to use vice grips for some truly insane culinary concoctions. Ever seen kitchen tongs go MIA right when you’re about to flip that perfectly searing steak? No sweat—vice grips to the rescue! They get a grip on the culinary action better than any old tongs ever could. Just be sure to give ’em a good wash afterward!

Image 31581

Sports Equipment Savior

Would you believe me if I told you that Bud Selig might’ve seen a pair of vice grips or two during his tenure in baseball management? These wonders of the workshop can tighten a loose helmet, adjust a bat grip, or even help straighten out a bent catcher’s mask. Yup, sports equipment malfunctions stand no chance against the almighty power of the vice grip.

WORKPRO Piece Locking Pliers Set, Pliers Tool Set, Vice Grips with Chrome vanadium Steel, inch Curved Jaw Pliers, inch Long Nose Pliers

Workpro Piece Locking Pliers Set, Pliers Tool Set, Vice Grips With Chrome Vanadium Steel, Inch Curved Jaw Pliers, Inch Long Nose Pliers


The WORKPRO Piece Locking Pliers Set is an essential tool kit designed for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, promising both versatility and durability. This set includes an inch curved jaw plier and an inch long-nose plier, each crafted with high-grade chrome vanadium steel for maximum strength and long-lasting performance. The ergonomic design of the pliers ensures a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use, while the locking mechanism provides a secure hold on workpieces for added safety and precision.

Featuring hardened teeth that are designed to grip a variety of surfaces from any angle, the curved jaw plier is ideal for tightening, clamping, and twisting without slipping. The long-nose plier, with its slim profile, is perfect for reaching into tight spots and holding small objects with ease, making it an invaluable tool for intricate work. Both tools in the WORKPRO set are equipped with a wire cutter capability, adding to their multifunctionality and making them a must-have in any toolbox.

The WORKPRO Locking Pliers Set is built to withstand the rigors of the job site, with a corrosion-resistant finish that ensures longevity even in harsh conditions. Each plier features an easy-to-use adjustment screw, allowing for precise pressure modifications and making them suitable for a wide range of applications. With their professional-grade build quality and exceptional grip strength, this set is guaranteed to provide reliable performance and is a trustworthy addition to anyone’s hand tool collection.

The Ultimate Travel Hack

Jet-setters and adventure-seekers from the Marriott cancun resort to the rosewood San Miguel de Allende have found a novel use for vice grips—security! You heard it right; a pair of vice grips can double as an improvised lock on a hotel room door or a broken suitcase clasp. Bet that’s one travel tip you won’t find in your usual guidebook. It’s like having a bodyguard in your pocket—sorta!

Image 31582

The Actor’s Secret Prop

Actors, including the ever-versatile Diane Venora, might use vice grips off-camera for an unexpected reason—to build character. How? By using them as a character prop or even as a resistance tool to develop the hand strength needed for a role. That’s one way to get a grip on the part!

The DIY Dentist

Alright, I gotta warn you; this one’s a bit off the wall—but it’s been said that in a pinch, some particularly daring (or reckless) individuals have used vice grips as makeshift dental pliers. Talk about a true grip of courage! But let’s be real clear, folks: this is one insane use you really shouldn’t try at home. Seriously, leave it to the pros.

In the world of tools, vice grips are like the Swiss army knife of the workshop—ready for just about anything, even the most extraordinary tasks. They clamp, they hold, they twist, and heck—sometimes they can even save the day when you least expect it. Be it in Baltimore, where the news never sleeps and the unexpected is around every corner, these versatile tools can come in handy during a shooting in Baltimore just like they might in any unpredictable situation.

So the next time you see a pair of vice grips, give ’em a nod of respect—they’re the unsung heroes of our everyday life, ready to tackle problems you haven’t even thought of yet!

IRWIN VISE GRIP Original Locking Pliers, Straight Jaw, inch (L)

Irwin Vise Grip Original Locking Pliers, Straight Jaw, Inch (L)


The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers are an indispensable tool for both professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, highlighting their robust construction and precise engineering. The straight jaw design allows for maximum contact on flat, square, or hex work, making them incredibly versatile for a wide array of tasks. Constructed from high-grade heat-treated alloy steel, these 10-inch pliers are designed for durability and longevity. With a hardened teeth grip, they can effectively latch onto objects and provide an unbeatable, non-slip grip.

Incorporating a classic trigger release, the IRWIN VISE-GRIP pliers provide maximum locking force and are designed to release effortlessly with just a squeeze of the release lever. This user-friendly design prevents accidental release and ensures the safety of the user while enhancing the efficiency of the job at hand. The straight jaws allow for easy access to work in confined spaces, and the adjusting screw gives the user the ability to exert precise pressure and fit the tool to the task effortlessly.

These locking pliers also come with the renowned VISE-GRIP lifetime guarantee, affirming the manufacturer’s confidence in their quality and reliability. This promise ensures that users can trust in the product to withstand the rigors of heavy use and retain its functionality over time. Whether on the construction site, in the workshop, or at home, the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers are an essential tool that provides a combination of strength, ease of use, and peace of mind for every gripping job.

What is a vice grip used for?

– Oh, a vice grip? That’s your go-to gizmo for a boatload of tasks! We’re talkin’ about a real handy gadget that has a knack for clamping down like nobody’s business – whether you’re slicing through stuff, need spot-on measurements, trying to wrestle a stripped screw, or just about anything else that needs a vice-like grip.

Is it Vise or vice grips?

– Vice or vise? Well, that’s a tomato-tomahto kind of deal if you’re juggling American and British English. Stateside, you’d usually scribble down “vise” for the clamp and reserve “vice” for those naughty habits we ain’t proud of. Across the pond, they’re not quite so picky on the spelling for the tool – both are A-OK.

What is another name for vise grips?

– Darn, vise grips are like the Swiss army knife of the toolbox, known by a million names! They strut around as locking pliers but don’t bat an eye if you hear someone call ’em “Vise-Grips,” “Mole wrenches,” or “Mole grips.” Whatever nickname they’re rockin’, these bad boys are ready to lock down, easy-peasy.

What happened to Vise-Grip?

– Talk about a hard pill to swallow. Once a proud symbol of American innovation, the original Vise-Grip plant in DeWitt, Nebraska, shut its doors in 2008. The biz buzzed off to China, leaving over 330 locals job-hunting. Talk about the end of an era for those fine folks and their town.

What is the difference between a vise grip and a pliers?

– Vise grips and plain ol’ pliers? That’s like comparing apples to, well, really grippy apples! Your standard pliers are perfect for a quick grab-and-go, while vise grips are your beastly best buds that lock on like a leech and won’t let go until you say so, making sure your hands are free for other chores.

Where do you mount vice grips?

– Mounting vice grips can almost feel like an acrobatic act! You wanna fix ’em onto something sturdy or straight on your workbench. Just give ’em a good squeeze, lock them in place and voilà, they’re like an extra set of hands.

What is a vice grip handshake?

– A vice grip handshake, now that’s a grip that means business. It’s when someone grabs your hand and clamps down like they’re trying to crush a tennis ball – so tight, you might start wondering if you’ll ever feel your fingers again. It’s usually a sign of enthusiasm or just plain showing off.

How to do a vice grip?

– To do a vice grip, ya need to channel your inner Hulk. Just open up those jaws, place ’em where you need ’em, and squeeze those handles like you’re trying to make orange juice without the juicer. Then, flip the locking mechanism and voilà, you’ve got the grip of steel!

Do electricians use vise grips?

– Electricians? You bet they use vise grips! These little monsters can twist, turn, and hold wires tighter than a miser’s wallet, making ’em an electrifying addition to any sparky’s toolkit.

Can you use vise grips?

– Can you use vise grips? Heck yeah, you can! Now drop that disclaimer about only pros getting anywhere near ’em. With a little practice, anyone can wield these bad boys like a boss.

Why are locking pliers called vise grips?

– Locking pliers are dubbed “vise grips” ’cause they’re like the Hulk Hogan of the tool world, able to lock on with a strength that’s anything but ordinary. The cam action mechanism in there is like a magic trick that turns slight pressure into a hulk’s mighty clinch.

What is a vice tool called?

– People sometimes sling around “vise” for any tool that locks down like Fort Knox. So, when folks yap about a “vice tool,” they’re usually nattering about a vise or vise grips – those burly clamps that make superman’s grip feel like a feather touch.

Who made the original Vise-Grip?

– William S. Petersen, a legend in the tool world, came up with the first Vise-Grip back in 1924 in DeWitt, Nebraska. His brainwave gave us one of the niftiest hand tools that’s been echoing through toolboxes for nearly a century.

Are vise grips American made?

– Are vise grips American as apple pie? Well, originally, absolutely. These nifty little lockers were born and bred in the U.S. of A. But nowadays, the tale’s taken a twist – production packed its bags for China, trading those homegrown roots for international soils.

Who makes vise grips?

– Vise grips are now the muscle behind the name Irwin Industrial Tools. After a few corporate shuffles, they’re holed up under the Newell Rubbermaid umbrella. Can’t deny, though, they’ve still got that rugged charm even as a division of a big ol’ conglomerate.

Is vice grip important?

– Important? You bet your last wrench they are! Vise grips are the clamps that save your bacon when things get slippery, turning those oh-no moments into oh-yeah victories. With a firm grip, these tools crank up efficiency and safety, making ’em an unsung hero in any toolbox.

What are vice grip welding clamps used for?

– Vice grip welding clamps are like the stunt doubles of the welding world. They jump in to hold metal pieces in an iron embrace while the welder works their magic, ensuring everything stays put without needing a third hand – ’cause let’s face it, growing another one isn’t exactly an option.


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