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Best High Taper Haircuts: 5 Smart Styles

As the world of men’s hairstyling evolves, the high taper haircut has emerged as a sharp and prevailing trend. Known for its polished transition from a longer top to shorter sides, this style works wonders in complementing facial structures and equipping any gentleman with a look of unmistakable finesse. With a wider fade area beginning near the crown or even higher, the high taper is less subtle than its counterparts, offering a bold statement that can be customized to personal taste. From the timeless pompadour to the bold disconnected undercut, let’s take a deep dive into some of the most dynamic high taper haircuts that are making waves in 2024.

Elevating Style with the High Taper Haircut: An Overview

The high taper haircut has, without a doubt, captivated the bold and the stylish. It begins tapering at the crown or higher, sporting a larger fade area than the classic low taper. This style’s brilliance lies in its versatility, appealing to a wide audience by adapting to different lengths and finishes—tailored to one’s individual style and preferences.

Why so popular, you ask? Picture this: a haircut that can redefine not just your hair but also your facial balance. The high taper doesn’t just subtract hair; it adds character, edge, and definition, enhancing the aesthetics of your natural features. As for style dynamics, whether you’re donning a sharp suit or casual Mens business casual attire, the high taper is your trusty sidekick for every occasion.

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Timeless Classic: The High Taper Pompadour

Way back when, the pompadour made a splash as the mark of a fashion-forward individual. Fast-forward to today, the high taper version of this hairstyle still reigns, with celebs like David Beckham and Zayn Malik showcasing its timeless allure. But how do we adapt this historical piece to modern style?

Well, by blending the voluminous top with a gradual taper that fades down the sides—complimentary, not just to your bonce but your whole mug. Maintaining the pompadour high taper requires some effort, sure—think of it as a relationship with your hair worth investing in. Regular trims and a trusty pouf of hair product can go a long way in preserving its majesty.

Image 34156

Haircut Style Description Start Point of Taper Best Suited For Customization Options Aesthetic Appeal
High Taper Fade Larger fade area, begins tapering near the crown or higher up the side Near the crown/higher up on the side Those seeking a prominent gradient Lengths, finishes, hair design Clean and polished, accentuates facial features
Mid Taper Fade Moderate fade area, less aggressive than high taper Midway up the head A smart, simple look Lengths, finishes Sharp and tidy
Low Taper Fade Minimal fade area, subtle transition Just above the ear area Men with beards or stubble Lengths, finishes Neat and well-groomed
Scissor Fade Handcrafted fade using scissors instead of clippers Varies based on style Those who prefer a less obvious fade Textures, contours Customized and unique
Skin Fade Hair tapers to the skin, very short at the bottom Down to the skin at the lowest point Short hair on top, edgier styles Sharpness of fade Edgy and distinct

The Textured Top – High Taper for the Modern Gentleman

The textured top high taper is not exclusive; it welcomes all hair types with open arms. Achieving this look is a game of strategy—snipping at the right angles to create that coveted texture. Whether you’re flaunting curls or a straight mane, it’s about shaping it to look effortlessly stylish.

Are there public figures wearing this badge of honor? You bet. Picture actors walking the red carpet, or even influencers cruising city streets—this cut transcends the screen and becomes part of the everyday gentleman’s playbook.

The Clean Fade: Combining Precision with a High Taper Cut

The magic of the clean fade entails a mix of art and exactitude that only a skilled barber can conjure. This technique expertly melts shorter hair into almost invisibility, hence the term “fade.” To keep it looking as sharp as day one, you’re looking at regular appointments and truly caring for it—think of it as your hair’s personal fitness plan.

For those who like to take charge, recommendations of barbershops or stylists are not mere chit-chat at the local café. Best Choice Products may carry the right tools for at-home upkeep, but leaving it to the pros is often your best bet.

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The Side Part High Taper: A Nod to Vintage Sophistication

Invoking a sense of nostalgia, the side part high taper is as sophisticated as it gets, perfect for the boardroom or a fancy outing. To achieve that part, it’s not a herculean task, but it demands precision and a good comb at hand. Style icons and businessmen alike have embraced this clean-cut look, emphasizing that some vintage charms never fade.

Getting it right starts with the cut—ask your barber, someone like Ben Vowles from Soho, and you’ll be guided to the length that best suits your crown. It’s all about the personal touch, the secret ingredient to a killer hairdo.

Image 34157

The Disconnected Undercut: Bold High Taper Variations

Take a stroll down a runway, perhaps at Paris Fashion Week, and you’ll likely cross paths with the disconnected undercut. It’s the epitome of contrast in haircuts—a stark line between the top and the faded sides. What makes it stand out? That very line, that bold high taper that seems to segment yet unify the look.

For those looking to dial up their style with a dash of audacity, the disconnected undercut is a tantalizing option. It’s a statement, a shout rather than a whisper, claiming its spot at the pinnacle of trendy cuts.

The Curly High Taper: Embracing Texture and Volume

Curly-haired folk, the high taper has not forgotten you. When it comes to managing and celebrating curls, the high taper is a true friend. This style allows curls to live their best life on top, while keeping everything else under suave control. Sports stars, musicians—they’re all tuning in to this vibe, one that respects the coil but keeps it all high and tight.

Products? Oh, there are legions waiting to serve your curly top. For that bounce without the frizz, a bit of research goes a long way. Look towards brands that understand the curly creed, and you’ll be in good company.

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Adapting the High Taper for Different Face Shapes

The high taper haircut is something of a chameleon; it adapts and thrives across the spectrum of facial landscapes. For those with oval faces, it accentuates; for the square-jawed, it softens; for the round-faced, it elongates—all in a day’s work for a versatile cut.

Barbers have a keen eye for this, shaping the haircut to best present your mug shot to the world. It’s all about harmony—balancing the angles of your face with the curves and lines of your haircut.

Image 34158

Sustainable Styling: Eco-Friendly Products for Your High Taper

In the age of environmental consciousness, styling your locks with eco-friendly products isn’t just good karma; it’s smart. Brands are coming out with innovative, sustainable solutions, ensuring your hair not only looks good but feels good too. Observing the choice of product life cycle can add years to both your hair and the planet.

Conclusion: The High Taper Cut as More Than Just a Trend

What began as a mere style has become a narrative, chronicling a man’s journey through cultures, roles, and identities. The high taper transcends the fickleness of trends, planting itself firmly in the soil of men’s hairstyling. It’s more than a cut; it’s a companion—one that walks with you, through the epochs and episodes of life.

With the high taper, one isn’t just cutting hair; they’re crafting a persona. It’s an invitation to play, to experiment, to take control of one’s image with both hands—and a good pair of scissors. It’s a style that champions individuality and cares for the world it lives in.

So, dear readers, while your barber stands ready, scissors in hand, pause to consider—how will you tell your story with the bold strokes of the high taper haircut?

Unlock the Classic: High Taper Haircuts Decoded

Ever wondered why high taper haircuts have stood the test of time, like a classic Disney movie that never loses its charm? Like the memorable Hercules Disney cast, these haircuts bring a blend of strength and style that’s hard to beat.

A Cut Above: Historical Snips and Snaps

Alright, let’s chat about this stylish chameleon in the world of hairdos, the high taper cut. Back in the day, when our granddads were the epitome of cool, the high taper was their secret weapon. It was like the original “backbone” of men’s hairstyling. Fast forward, this cut is still helping folks turn heads faster than a snap of the fingers.

Speaking of snapping fingers, let’s give a shoutout to trends that stay fresh. You know, like how Alabama Luella barker is to music fame. Just like her, the high taper cut has some serious staying power. It’s adaptable, works with most hair types, and it’s a canvas for showing off your personal flare.

Cutting-Edge Styles: The High Taper Evolution

This isn’t your grandpa’s haircut anymore. Today’s high taper has evolved and there are stacks of variations to pick from, just as there are a variety of “Yellowstone spin-offs” to keep you hooked on the franchise. The options are endless! Whether you’re hitting the office or the dance floor, a high taper can be sleek and professional or wild and free.

Wrap Yourself in Style: High Taper Hybrids

Imagine cocooning in a tortilla blanket on a lazy Sunday afternoon. That’s comfort with a capital ‘C’, right? Well, just like that blanket, high tapers can wrap your head in a blend of cozy meets dapper. Mix it with a pompadour, side part, or keep it simple – it’s all in the hands of your trusted barber.

Final Buzz: The High Taper Takeaway

So there you have it, folks! The high taper haircut isn’t just a trim, it’s a statement. Slick, versatile, and as timeless as Hercules himself. Whether you’re taking inspiration from the latest celeb trends, or the storied dust of the Yellowstone valley, your next high taper can speak volumes about who you are – without ever saying a word. And hey, if you ever get bored of it, just wrap it up like a tortilla blanket and start all over again. That’s the beauty of a cut that’s always on the high end of cool.

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What is a high taper?

What is a high taper?
Oh, you’re in for a treat with a high taper haircut! Picture this—it’s the cool cousin of the classic taper, starting its magic near the crown, or even higher up the side. Like a bold statement, it sports a larger fade area that screams style and edge. Customizable? You betcha! Whether you want it long or short, it’ll tailor to your taste to keep things snazzy and sharp.

What type of taper is best?

What type of taper is best?
Choices, choices! For a smart and no-fuss look, a mid or tapered fade is your best pal. But hey, if you’re not ready to join the buzz cut brigade, grab a scissor fade—it’s low-key and clipper-free. Rockin’ shorter hair on top? Then a skin fade will show off that contrast beautifully. Got a beard? A low fade will blend in like a charm and keep things balanced.

Does a taper look good?

Does a taper look good?
Absolutely! Taper fades are slicker than your average joe, delivering a clean-cut and dapper look that’s a perfect fit for any mug. Customized to flatter your face, it’s like your hair’s personal stylist, sculpting that head of yours into a well-groomed masterpiece.

Does a taper fade suit everyone?

Does a taper fade suit everyone?
Heck yes, it does! A taper fade is the universal handshake in the world of haircuts—as Ben Vowles, a cutting-edge Soho Master Barber, puts it, “Just ask for a taper and you’ll add that extra zest to a classic cut.” It’s like a style upgrade that suits every head shape and taste.

Should I get taper or fade?

Should I get taper or fade?
Well, it all boils down to the vibe you’re after. Looking for a little more than a trim but less than a full-on fade? Go for a taper. But if you’re craving more scalp exposure and gradient glory, then fade it is. It’s your hair’s world, you’re just living in it!

What is a taper vs fade?

What is a taper vs fade?
Hmm, it’s a bit like soup versus stew! A taper subtly shortens the hair, maintaining some length while blending into the skin. Meanwhile, a fade is the bolder choice, starting almost invisible at the bottom and getting thicker as it climbs up. Different soups for different… heads!

What is a 0 taper?

What is a 0 taper?
Hold onto your hats, because a 0 taper is where the hair goes down to a nada, zip, nothing! It’s about as close as you can get without saying bye-bye to all your strands. This no-guard style gives a super clean finish that’s crisper than a fresh dollar bill.

What does a 0 haircut look like?

What does a 0 haircut look like?
Imagine your hair having an O from the audience because it’s that short! A 0 haircut means your noggin gets clipped with no guard, resulting in a buzz so close you can almost feel the breeze. It’s the ultimate canvas-clearing move for those who dig the minimalist look.

What are the 5 types of tapers?

What are the 5 types of tapers?
Righto, let’s break it down: we’ve got the classic taper (your go-to hair buddy), the high taper (hello, bold fade), the low taper (keeps it chill down low), the scissor taper (no clippers, no drama), and last but not least, the skin taper (where hair whispers goodbye). A roster of styles as varied as your grandma’s knitting patterns!

How do you ask for a high taper?

How do you ask for a high taper?
Stride into that barber shop with confidence and say, “Hit me with a high taper, please!” Your barber’s the expert, so they’ll guide you through the length and drama you want on the sides and back. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Is a high taper a skin fade?

Is a high taper a skin fade?
Not exactly, folks. A high taper can wave hello to the skin, but it’s usually got a touch more fuzz than a skin fade, which is all about that scalp shine. Both bring the heat, but the high taper is a tad more undercover.

Is a taper a high top?

Is a taper a high top?
Not quite, but they do hang in the same ‘cool cut’ crowd. A taper blends the sides and back, while a high top spotlights hair reaching for the sky on top. Together? They might just make hair history.

How long does a 0 fade last?

How long does a 0 fade last?
A 0 fade is fleeting, folks—like a shooting star! You’ll be looking slick for about a week before those whiskers stage their comeback. Keep your barber on speed dial to maintain that crisp, fresh look.

Is taper fade good for school?

Is taper fade good for school?
You bet—it’s as school-friendly as a fresh notebook on the first day! Stylish yet conservative enough to pass the dress code, a taper fade will keep you lookin’ sharp from homeroom to home-time.

Is a taper a bald fade?

Is a taper a bald fade?
Nah, a taper and a bald fade are birds of a different feather. A taper keeps some hair on the down-low, while a bald fade goes all the way to skin level—it’s bolder, balder, and ready to turn heads!

What is the difference between a taper and a high taper?

What is the difference between a taper and a high taper?
It’s all in the altitude, my friend! A taper starts its fade journey lower down, playing it cool around the ears. A high taper? It’s up there, beginning the fade near the crown, not shying away from a dramatic entrance.

What is the difference between a high taper and a regular taper?

What is the difference between a high taper and a regular taper?
The stage is set: a regular taper keeps the spotlight around the ears and neckline, while the high taper steals the show, bringing the fade up higher for a look that’s unmistakably stand-out. It’s about how high you want to climb that fade ladder!

How do you ask for a high taper?

How do you ask for a high taper?
It’s easy—just mosey on up to your barber and say, “Let’s rock a high taper haircut!” Give ’em an idea of the length and style you fancy. A good barber’s like a mind reader with scissors—they’ll get you sorted.

What is the difference between a high fade and a high taper?

What is the difference between a high fade and a high taper?
Here’s the skinny: a high fade is like the show-off at the party—starting super short near the skin and getting thicker as it heads north. A high taper, though, is a bit more reserved, keeping some length while gently saying sayonara as it moves up. Both have their own way of making a grand entrance!


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