The Best Music Publicist in Los Angeles

The Best Music Publicist in Los Angeles

If you’re hiring a music publicist in Los Angeles, you might be wondering how to choose between all the different options. Hollywood has no shortage of music publicity professionals, and it can be a daunting task trying to figure out if a firm is worth your time and money. You might even be wondering if you need to hire a publicist at all. In this article, we will explain the role of the publicist, how to choose one, what to expect from your music PR firm, and more.

What is a music publicist?

Music publicists are responsible for generating media attention to promote a musical artist’s work, thus boosting their exposure. Publicists can also provide insight on marketing strategies. Publicists can work with the artist to create narratives for the artist’s album, music video, and live act.

Why is a music publicist important?

Music publicists can help your music create more of an impact. A music publicist maintains relationships with media outlets and journalists, which is integral to secure media coverage to promote the artist. Music publicists pitch stories to media outlets, write press releases, bios, blogs, and social media posts. Often, music publicists help develop their client’s public image and brand. Overall, a music publicist can help craft a public image, media presence, as well as a social media presence that will increase their client’s fan base, exposure and brand.

What does a publicist do for a music artist?

Music publicists work with their contacts to get their clients media coverage – i.e. album reviews, blog features, interviews, etc. One thing a publicist can do for their client is put together an Electronic Press Kit (EPK). An EPK is essentially a portfolio that helps music industry professionals get to know you and your music. An EPK provides things your bio, tour dates, performance videos, contact details and links to social media to promoters, booking agents, music journalists and record labels.

Online Promotion – This includes social media, Spotify campaigns, blog and content marketing, and online news and entertainment outlets. A publicist’s job is to maintain relationships with social media users, media outlets, writers and editors in order to reach out to them to promote an artist’s work.

Social media has exploded in popularity in recent years, and the best way to take advantage of that is to work with a publicist to develop a brand strategy and content creation.

Radio Promotion – One of the reasons why music PR firms are so important is because radio real estate is extremely competitive, and publicists have connections to DJs, station managers, and production directors. Think radio is an outdated medium? Think again: a 2017 study showed that radio consumption was about 14 times bigger than the aggregated consumption through streaming. Not to mention the radio reaches 92 percent of Americans each week, making it the most powerful medium in the U.S. Radio interviews are another powerful way to promote your band.

Consulting – A music PR firm can help devise marketing and branding strategies by performing market research and following industry trends.

Tour & Event Promotion – Music publicists promote an artist’s tour by contacting local news outlets in the cities where they are playing. Often, publicists are hired on retainer to work in the region where the artist is touring.

When do you need a publicist?

An artist or band needs a publicist when their career begins to gain momentum and they become more established. When a band is first starting out, and haven’t built a resume, can’t tour nationally, or haven’t put an album out yet, they can create some of their own buzz by reaching out to journalists themselves and maintaining a social media presence. But when a band has had features in local papers and been written about on websites, it might be time to bring a publicist onboard to bring awareness of the brand to a national level.

What kinds of things do PR campaigns center on? Well, it might be worth it for an artist to pay to publicize a music video release, an album release, a single release, a tour, or a story about the band.

Make sure you find a PR firm that will meet your needs. If you’re a fledgling band, a larger more expensive firm might not be able to do much for you, because you need a firm that has relationships with smaller regional outlets. You might benefit from hiring a boutique PR firm. On the other hand, for a larger, more established band, you need to make sure the firm is in your league and has relationships with larger national outlets.

How much does a music publicist cost in Los Angeles?

With good PR, generally, you get what you pay for. Pricing is based on a firm’s experience and reputation. A month-long campaign with a good PR firm will run you $1000-3000. The more a firm asks for, the more work they will generally do to promote your music.

How do you find a music publicist in Los Angeles?

Look for a PR firm with a similar style to your band’s. For example, if you are a pop artist, look for a firm that specializes in pop acts. Also look at particular PR campaigns you enjoyed and find out who was behind them. Look at artists who are where you want to be and find out who represents them.

Another great way to find a music publicist in Los Angeles is by referrals. Suggestions from other artists, your manager or booking agent could lead you to the PR firm that is right for you. Research the company and find one that you think would be a good fit. Look for credibility, experience and transparency. A good PR firm will have an established reputation in the industry.

One important factor in choosing a PR firm? Client-to-staff ratio. A firm with a small client-to-staff ratio can give you more attention.

Overall, it’s important to find a publicist who can understand your vision and help to execute it.

What should you expect from your publicist?

The main thing you should expect from your publicist is hard work.

It’s important to manage your expectations when it comes to music PR. While a music publicist is integral in garnering interest from the press, there are constraints that may affect their ability to do this. No publicist can guarantee coverage in a particular outlet. In fact, if a publicist does promise coverage in a specific outlet, this is a huge red flag. A publicist may work tirelessly to promote your music and things like thinning budgets at music outlets may prevent you from getting coverage. Sometimes popularity is a slow burn. However, you should expect to see some coverage, with results eventually, or else the PR firm has failed you.

Another thing you should expect from your publicist is honest and straightforward communication. Most publicists send bi-weekly reports telling you what they are doing to promote your music. It’s important to be vulnerable and listen to what the publicist says even if it’s tough to hear.

Contacting music PR firms in Los Angeles

Introduce yourself to the publicist by sending them a few paragraphs of key info. It’s best to reach out to the music PR firm via email and send a stream of music rather than a download. Never send a mass email and never send a casual message via social media.

Best Music Publicist in Los Angeles

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