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Sitting In Bars With Cake: 5 Eye Opening Lessons

When Audrey Shulman shared her quirky pursuit of taking baked goods into Los Angeles bars, little did she know it would rise into a cultural phenomenon. Dubbed “cakebarring,” this unconventional method of luring men with the sweet allure of dessert became more than just a social experiment; it morphed into a movement for connection. With Shulman’s blog and subsequent book, and the recent Amazon Prime Video release of “Sitting in Bars with Cake,” the narrative of sweets in social settings has taken on a life of its own. From sparking conversations to fostering relationships, this trend slices through conventional social norms, serving up lessons in each bite.

The Birth of a Trend: How Sitting in Bars with Cake Became a Cultural Phenomenon

What began as a humorous quest for companionship documented on a blog, captured hearts well beyond Shulman’s circle. Sitting in bars with cake wasn’t just about breaking the ice; it was about shattering the glass of isolation that often accompanies urban nightlife. When Shulman’s playful approach hit the mainstream, bartenders and patrons alike were intrigued. Some laughed it off, while others embraced the novelty, and before long, it wasn’t just Shulman sitting in bars with cake—it was a bona fide cultural trend.

As the concept spread, it garnered attention from both supporters and skeptics. The initial reception was mixed, with some seeing it as desperate, but many others recognized the genuine ingenuity and charm behind the idea. The trend proposed a narrative straight out of a romantic comedy, which later beautifully unfolded in the streaming movie “Sitting in Bars with Cake,” attaining a bittersweet flavor due to the central character Corinne’s brain cancer storyline. Though the film’s plot thickened beyond the swath of cake and romance, its emotional core resonated with audiences, earning a modest 5.5/10 rating.

Sitting in Bars with Cake Lessons and Recipes from One Year of Trying to Bake My Way to a Boyfriend

Sitting In Bars With Cake Lessons And Recipes From One Year Of Trying To Bake My Way To A Boyfriend


“Sitting in Bars with Cake: Lessons and Recipes from One Year of Trying to Bake My Way to a Boyfriend” is an enchanting blend of memoir and cookbook that invites readers into the heartwarming and sometimes comical world of a single woman’s quest to find love through the universal language of baked goods. Amy, the author, documents her unconventional social experiment over the course of a year, baking a variety of delightful cakes and taking them to bars as a conversation starter and potential catalyst for romance. Each chapter captures the vibrant essence of her exploits, interactions, and the characters she meets along the way, all intertwined with mouthwatering recipes that played a role in her journey.

With every page, readers will not only discover scrumptious recipes but also gain insight into Amy’s growth and reflections on love, relationships, and self-discovery. The book is sprinkled with humorous anecdotes and the serious and silly encounters that infuse Amy’s adventure with a charming mix of optimism and realism. Through each recipe, from the decadent Chocolate Espresso Cake to the refreshing Lemon Lavender Torte, she shares not only the detailed instructions but also the memorable stories associated with these confections.

“Sitting in Bars with Cake” is the perfect read for anyone who believes in the sweet combination of dessert and serendipity or for those who enjoy a clever twist on the traditional baking book. Readers will be captivated by Amy’s heartfelt narrative, which celebrates the simple act of sharing a homemade cake as a means of connecting with others. Whether you’re a baker, a lover of light-hearted memoirs, or just in search of a bit of romance, this book offers a delicious slice of life and the reminder that sometimes, love might just be found in the most unexpected placeseven a piece of cake in a bar.

Lesson 1: Cake as a Conversation Starter – Sweetening Social Connections

As folks ventured into bars armed with cake, tales of unexpected friendships emerged. One patron, clutching a coconut layer cake, found themselves delving into a deep conversation with a stranger about travel, life goals, and, surprisingly, the intricacies of creating the perfect buttercream frosting. Another brought a humble banana bread and ended up in a vibrant discussion with a group of Colombian Women celebrating a birthday, as they shared stories of their homeland.

The cake proved to be more than just an icebreaker; it was a symbol of openness, an invitation to connect. Psychologists studying the trend noticed an uptick in positive social interactions, with the presence of cake reducing perceived barriers among individuals in public settings.

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Category Details
Title Sitting in Bars with Cake
Based on Inspired by Audrey Shulman’s true story and blog “cakebarring”
Release Date September 8, 2023
Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video
Plot The story of Jane, a shy baker, who is convinced by her best friend Corinne to bring cakes to bars to gain confidence. Corinne’s brain cancer diagnosis later adds an emotional turn.
Main Characters – Jane: Talented but shy baker
– Corinne: Jane’s best friend and instigator of the cakebarring experiment
Movie Rating 5.5/10
Viewer’s Appeal Emotional core of the story
Unique Selling Point Unique concept of using baked goods to bolster social confidence and a storyline intertwining friendship and personal growth
Availability Exclusively available for streaming on Amazon Prime
Price Included with an Amazon Prime membership or available for rent/purchase at standard Amazon Prime Video rates

Lesson 2: The Bakery-Café Revolution – Pâtisseries to Pubs

The surge of sitting in bars with cake caught the attention of establishments like the iconic Magnolia Bakery and local bakers who sensed an opportunity. Suddenly, bar-friendly cake options adorned dessert menus, ranging from sturdy Bundt cakes to easily shareable cupcakes. This culinary innovation became a savory intersection for bakeries and bars, creating a new revenue stream and adding an unexpectedly sweet layer to the pub experience.

Lesson 3: The Flavor of Solitude – Lessons in Self-Sufficiency and Sweet Solace

Individuals found solace and strength in this solo activity; a zen moment in a room full of noise. Sitting in bars with cake allowed them to wear their solitude as a badge of honor, proving that being alone need not equate to loneliness. Experts chimed in on the psychological benefits, highlighting the sense of empowerment from dictating one’s social interactions and the contentment found within the activity’s simplicity.

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Lesson 4: Unconventional Networking – Frosting as the Ultimate Social Lubricant

Remarkably, sitting in bars with cake became more than just social—it turned into an unorthodox networking strategy. Tales of spontaneous business partnerships and even job offers began to surface, with cake-centered dialogues opening doors in the most unexpected ways. A survey of professionals across various industries revealed many found it more effective than traditional networking events, breaking down formalities and creating a relaxed environment that fostered genuine connections.

Image 32380

Lesson 5: The Recipe for Love – Finding Romance Over Red Velvet

The magic of sitting in bars with cake extended into the realm of romance. There were those who met over a shared slice of red velvet, their initial spark fueled by mutual admiration for the confection. The trend’s impact on dating culture was palpable, as relationship experts pointed out the significance of shared food experiences in forming intimate bonds.

The Risks and Rewards of Cake-Centric Comradery

Of course, cake-centered camaraderie didn’t always rise to sweet success. Sometimes, the gesture was misinterpreted, or the novelty wore thin. Nevertheless, the adventure also yielded lasting friendships and memories worth cherishing. For those considering their own sitting in bars with cake escapade, advice abounded: Be mindful of intentions, respect your health, and most importantly, enjoy the ride.

Sitting In Bars With Cake

Sitting In Bars With Cake


“Sitting In Bars With Cake” is an irresistible memoir that blends the sweet allure of baked goods with the unpredictable world of dating. Written by Audrey Shulman, the book details her unique social experiment – spending a year visiting bars in Los Angeles with a homemade cake in tow, hoping to attract the attention of potential suitors. Each chapter is a delightful mix of personal anecdotes, colorful dating escapades, and mouthwatering cake recipes that mirror the author’s optimism and humorous misadventures.

Shulman’s narrative is as much about self-discovery and embracing vulnerability as it is about frosted confections and the search for love. Readers join her on a journey through dimly lit bars, experience the varied reactions from bar patrons, and cheer on her bold quest for connection. Her stories resonate with anyone who’s ever felt out of place in the dating scene, making “Sitting In Bars With Cake” a comforting companion for souls looking for love in a sometimes lonely world.

This book not only entertains but also serves as a love letter to the power of confectioneries, and how sharing something sweet can bring people together. From Chocolate Peppermint Cake to Bourbon Spice Torte, each recipe serves as a metaphor for the different encounters and emotions Shulman faces. Her adventures inspire readers to find their own unique methods of carving out happiness and reminds us all that sometimes, taking the cake to the bar is exactly how you find the party.

Navigating the Icing – Etiquette and Adaptations for Sitting in Bars with Cake

One must master the art of cake selection and venue choices when embarking on this journey. As the concept took root globally, various cultures put their unique spins on it, showcasing local flavors and customs. Esteemed bakers and bartenders provided tips on etiquette and adaptation, ensuring the exercise remains as tasteful as the desserts that inspired it.

Image 32381

A Slice of the Future – Predictions for Sitting in Bars with Cake

The forecasting of this social phenomenon suggests further integration into hospitality and social dynamics. As dietary trends evolve and inclusivity becomes paramount, the concept could extend beyond traditional cake and settings, adhering to diverse palates and principles.

Conclusion: The Last Crumb – What Sitting in Bars with Cake Teaches Us

In reflection, sitting in bars with cake has proven to be a catalyst for personal growth and social innovation. It prompts us to examine our societal interactions and the potency of simple, shared experiences in knitting together the fabric of community. As we collectively nibble at the remnants of this delectable trend, we’re invited to savor the flavor of change and the sweetness it may yet bring to our interconnected lives.

Lessons Learned from Sitting in Bars with Cake

Have you ever found yourself perched on a barstool, indulging in the sweet layers of a delicious cake? Well, if not, buckle up, because ‘sitting in bars with cake’ can whisk you away on an adventure as unpredictable as a whirlwind tour of Panem.

Forging Unexpected Connections

You’d think that sitting alone with a slice would have loneliness written all over it, right? Wrong! That cake acts like a magnet. Before you know it, you might find yourself in a conversation as deep and layered as your dessert. Imagine mapping out Panem, drawing lines of connection between districts just like sharing a dessert sparks connections between strangers.

Sweet Conversations Open the Door to Wisdom

Sitting there, nibbling away, you’re not just sharing cake, but slices of life too. From the weathered bartender with stories wilder than Yaya Toures football antics, to the wide-eyed dreamers like characters from a Lia Block novel, everyone’s got a tale worth sharing. Each morsel of icing brings a new piece of insight, sweetening your worldview one bite at a time.

You’re Never Too Full for Laughs

Just when you think you’re only here for the cake, laughter finds its way to your table. You could end up rolling with giggles as heartily as the ‘This Is the End’ cast during a blooper. That’s the beauty of dessert in a social watering hole—it can turn into your own unscripted comedy hour before you know it.

Preparedness Is Key

Ever found your phone dying in the middle of capturing a true ‘cake and bar’ moment? Well, let’s just say an Anker power bank should be your trusty sidekick. It’s the kind of foresight that a wholesaler might have when predicting the next big trend; keeping you fully charged and ready for life’s unexpected frosting flops.

Everyone Loves a Theme

Come on, you’ve seen Austin Powers – Goldmember, right? There’s something irresistible about a good theme. So why not make it a whole event? Imagine offering slices of shagadelic cake while everyone does their best Dr. Evil impression. Talk about a groovy way to amplify your cake-sitting escapades!

In the end, sitting in bars with cake is more than just a sugary pastime—it’s a lesson in humanity, a crash course in improv, and a masterclass in memory-making. Who knew a piece of cake could be so enlightening? Now go forth and conquer those bars with a slice of heaven in tow, because life’s too short not to have your cake and eat it too, especially in a room full of potential new chums.

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Is Sitting in Bars with Cake a true story?

– Oh, absolutely! “Sitting in Bars with Cake” isn’t just a clever title; it’s rooted in reality. Based on a true story, it traces the quirky adventures of Audrey Shulman, who genuinely tried to attract men by bringing her homemade cakes to bars in Los Angeles with her bestie—a strategy affectionately dubbed “cakebarring.” It’s as real as it gets, folks!

What is the meaning of sitting in bars eating cake?

– Well, “sitting in bars eating cake” might sound like a dream come true, but it’s actually the unique approach Audrey Shulman and her pal took to break the ice with strangers in Los Angeles watering holes. They toted delicious cakes into bars, figuring nothing eases a meet-cute like a sweet treat. Let’s face it, cake makes everything better!

What’s the movie Sitting in Bars with Cake about?

– So, what’s the scoop on “Sitting in Bars with Cake”? The movie dishes out a sweet tale of Jane, a skilled yet timid baker, and her outgoing friend Corinne. Corinne gets Jane to bring her confections to bars, aiming to boost her confidence. But hold the sugar—things take a turn when Corinne’s diagnosed with brain cancer. It’s about friendship, life’s curveballs, and yes, literal cake in bars.

Is it worth watching Sitting in Bars with Cake?

– Is “Sitting in Bars with Cake” worth a watch? Well, it’s no cinematic masterpiece, but it could hit the sweet spot for a cozy movie night. Critics say it’s got enough of an emotional kick to justify a one-off viewing. It’s a 5.5 out of 10—so maybe grab a slice of pie and give it a whirl if you’re feeling up for a bit of heart with your tart.

Did Jennifer Aniston have to gain weight for the movie cake?

– Ah, the old “gaining weight for a role” question—but hold your horses! You might be mixing up your cake-filled movies. Jennifer Aniston did indeed change her physical appearance for the film “Cake,” but that’s a whole different pastry. There’s no need to worry about Aniston’s diet for “Sitting in Bars with Cake”; it’s a separate story altogether.

Is sitting in bars with cake like beaches?

– Hm, comparing “Sitting in Bars with Cake” with “Beaches,” are we? Well, they both serve up a friendship with a side of drama, but the flavors are quite different. “Beaches” is a classic tearjerker, while “Sitting in Bars with Cake” adds a generous dollop of quirky charm to its emotional layers. It’s like comparing a chocolate cake to a fruit tart—both yummy, but not quite the same thing.

Where is sitting in bars with cake filmed?

– “Where’s the magic happening?”, you ask. Well, the cozy, candlelit ambiance in “Sitting in Bars with Cake” screams Los Angeles through and through. That’s where our cake-toting heroines roam, turning heads and stirring hearts one slice at a time. No word on the exact watering hole, but it’s LA alright—with all the glitz and a side of buttercream.

Who made the cakes for sitting in bars with cake?

– Who’s the mastermind behind those decadent desserts in “Sitting in Bars with Cake”? That tidbit hasn’t spilled out of the batter bowl just yet. Whether it’s a local bakery or a hidden talent on set, one thing’s for sure—those cakes are stirring up more than just cravings. They’re cruisin’ for a boozin’, sprinkled with a dusting of cinematic charm.

What does cake mean in street slang?

– In the world of street slang, “cake” isn’t just a treat—it’s cold hard cash, baby! We’re talking money, dough, cheddar… you get the picture. When someone’s got cake, they’re rollin’ in it. Might not be as sweet as the frosted kind, but hey, it spends just the same.

Why is Sitting in Bars with Cake Rated PG 13?

– The PG-13 rating for “Sitting in Bars with Cake” suggests it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Probably a little too racy for the kiddos, but not quite scandalous enough to make grandma blush. Expect some adult themes, a dash of language, and a pinch of mature content—enough to give it a little kick without setting the oven on fire.

Where can I watch eating cake in bars?

– Craving a helping of “Sitting in Bars with Cake”? You can stream this tasty morsel exclusively on Amazon Prime. As of November 15, 2023, it’s waiting to sweeten up your evening, so settle in and prepare for a concoction of cakes, bars, and bittersweet moments.

What is the meaning of the movie cake with Jennifer Aniston?

– Don’t get your pastries in a twist—the Jennifer Aniston movie “Cake” is a different bake altogether. It digs deep into the gritty, icing-less layers of chronic pain and personal tragedy. Aniston’s character grapples with life’s harsher ingredients, making for a profoundly bittersweet cinematic confectionery.

Did Audrey Shulman get married?

– About Audrey Shulman tying the knot? The scoop isn’t out there—if she’s strolled down the aisle, she’s kept the media out of the ceremony. She’s probably busy livin’ the sweet life beyond her “cakebarring” days, whether that includes wedding bells or just more delicious cake experiments.

What is the show cake on Netflix about?

– Guess what, “Cake” on Netflix is neither about baked goods nor sit-down dessert sessions in pubs. It’s an anthology series that’ll have you chomping at the bit for more. From bite-sized comedy to head-scratching drama, it’s like a box of assorted chocolates—you never know what you’re gonna get.

Is it OK to leave cake sitting out?

– Lastly, is leaving cake out a no-no? Well, depends on the cake! If it’s got cream cheese frosting or a custard filling, you’d better park it in the fridge unless you fancy a side of food poisoning. Most other cakes will hang tight on the counter for a few days—just cover it up so it doesn’t go stale. Remember, no one likes a dry piece of cake, no siree!


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