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SEO Services - What is SEO in 2023?

Leapfrog your competition by pushing your business to the top of Google’s search results. Let us build up your site’s SEO and watch the traffic flow in.


If your website isn’t showing up in Google searches, it’s not pulling its weight as a marketing tool. At Loaded Media, we offer top-tier SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to help you get the most out of your online presence. We use advanced SEO tools and techniques to ensure that your website gets the visibility it deserves and reaches its full potential.

Our SEO pros are experts at optimizing websites for success and are familiar with both on-page and off-page SEO tactics. We stay up to date with the latest trends in SEO services  to make sure your website remains competitive and visible online. Our goal is to help you achieve better traffic, rankings, leads and sales by optimizing your website for targeted keywords related to your business.

If you’re ready to take your website to the next level, contact us here to get started with SEO services!

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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO services?

SEO, shorthand for “search engine optimization”, is one of the most important considerations when marketing a business or brand online. Basically, SEO is a set of web design, coding, and writing practices designed to make your website more appealing to Google and other search algorithms. Better SEO service means a higher placement in Google search results, which means more traffic to your site, which means more business for you.

The nuts and bolts of how SEO Services works are a bit complicated, but some important pieces are backlinks (which and how many sites are linking to your page) and using the right search keywords (e.g. “affordable local SEO solution”) the right number of times in your site text.
If you’ve ever noticed a website repeating the same phrases and words far more often than seems natural, what you’re seeing is on-page SEO at work. However, this technique is now widely considered outdated — good SEO is all about keeping up to date with current techniques and staying ahead of Google’s algorithm updates.

How important is SEO?

SEO services are a somewhat controversial practice, but even its detractors can agree: it’s massively important. In fact, since we started offering local SEO services in Los Angeles, some of our clients have seen site traffic increase by up to 500% from SEO alone. It’s a vital component of any digital marketing plan, the kind of tool so powerful you can’t afford not to use it.

There are companies specializing in various types of SEO, from smaller boutique SEO agencies to larger firms offering enterprise e-commerce SEO. At Loaded Media, we tailor our SEO strategy to the client, determining the best course of action for your specific needs. If you’re looking for an SEO agency in Los Angeles, look no further. And if you’re not, you probably should be (even if you’re outside LA – we work with clients throughout the US and all over the world).

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How to improve SEO

As crucial as it is, SEO services are also fairly costly, but worth it. Google’s ongoing efforts to make it more difficult have largely only resulted in increasing the number of person-hours required to do it, and thus raising the price.

At Loaded Media, we recognize that even small businesses need good SEO (arguably, they need it the most), which is why we offer some of the most affordable SEO services in Los Angeles, both as an a la carte service and at an even better discount as an add-on to our publicity service packages.

For best results, combine our SEO services with one of our web development packages – our experienced teams excel at both on-page and off-page SEO, and purchasing both services allows the team to leverage both at maximum efficiency. It should be noted that building up a new site’s SEO can take a long time, so it pays to get the ball rolling as early as possible. If you need affordable SEO services in Los Angeles, there’s simply no better choice.


The SEO field can be broken down into four distinct categories: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and local SEO. All four are important in their own ways, but they’re also interrelated – the success of one often depends on the success or failure of another.

On-Page SEO Services

On-page SEO refers to the content and HTML of a site, including metadata tags, image optimization, keyword density and more. It’s focused on making sure that all the content elements are optimized for maximum SEO performance.

Off-Page SEO Services

Off-page SEO is focused on building relationships with other websites in order to create backlinks, which are links to the site from other websites. The number and quality of backlinks is often a major factor in SEO rankings.

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO focuses on making sure that the website’s infrastructure is optimized for SEO performance. This includes improving page speed, as well as ensuring that all pages are indexed properly and SEO-friendly URLs are used.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO is SEO focused on making sure that a website appears prominently in local search results, such as Google Maps and other local directories. It’s largely focused on building up citations from websites like Yelp and Yellow Pages, as well as optimizing for location-specific keywords.

At Loaded Media, we understand this better than most SEO agencies. Our SEO teams specialize in all four types of SEO services – from optimizing HTML code for maximum search engine visibility to building up backlinks and citations for high domain authority – so you don’t have to hire multiple companies for different SEO solutions. We offer comprehensive SEO packages that cover everything from keyword research to website optimization to link building and more.


SEO services are an ongoing process, and it can take some time before you start seeing results. Depending on the complexity of your website, SEO campaigns can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months or longer before your site gains traction. At Loaded Media, we’re committed to helping you achieve the best SEO performance possible in the shortest amount of time. We have the expertise and experience necessary to get your SEO up and running quickly and effectively, so that you can start reaping the rewards sooner rather than later. Given the start-up time, the most important thing you can do to improve your SEO is start early!

If you’ve been looking for an SEO agency in Los Angeles that offers quality services at affordable prices, look no further than Loaded Media. Our experienced teams specialize in all four types of SEO – from keyword research to link building and more – so you never have to worry about SEO falling through the cracks. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services and how we can help your business achieve its SEO goals!


Search engine ranking factors are criteria that search engines use to determine where your website should appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO ranking factors can include anything from keyword relevance and density, backlinks and other external signals, page loading speed, mobile friendliness, and more. SEO agencies like Loaded Media understand how these ranking factors work and use them to improve SEO performance for our clients. Our SEO experts have years of experience working with SEO algorithms, so you can rest assured that we know exactly what it takes to get your site ranked higher in the SERPs.

By understanding SEO ranking factors and optimizing for maximum performance across all four types of SEO services – from on-page SEO to technical SEO and more – you can rest assured that you’ll be able to achieve SEO success. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services and see how we can help your business get the SEO results it deserves.

As one of the leading SEO agencies in Los Angeles, Loaded Media is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal SEO performance. Our teams specialize in all four types of SEO – from keyword research to link building and everything in between – so you don’t have to worry about SEO falling through the cracks. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how Loaded Media can help your business soar to new heights with exceptional SEO services!


Most SEO experts agree that Google uses over 200 factors to determine page ranking, but there’s debate within the SEO community over which factors matter most. However, there are a few that stand out above the rest. The most important SEO ranking factors include content quality, keyword relevance, page loading speed, mobile friendliness, backlinks from high-authority sites, and proper use of HTML tags. SEO agencies like Loaded Media understand how these SEO ranking factors work and use them to optimize SEO performance for our clients.  

At Loaded Media, we’re committed to helping you get the best SEO results possible in the shortest amount of time. Our experienced SEO services teams specialize in all four types of SEO services – from optimizing HTML code for maximum search engine visibility to building up citations from websites like Yelp and Yellow Pages – so you never have to worry about SEO falling through the cracks. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services and how we can help your business achieve SEO success!

Affordable Seo Service


Yes. Page loading speed is one of the most important SEO ranking factors and can have a major impact on SEO performance. Google rewards pages that load quickly, so if your site’s page loading speed is slow, it could be holding you back from SEO success. SEO agencies like Loaded Media understand how important page loading speed is to SEO success, and our SEO experts are here to help you optimize your website for maximum SEO performance.

Page performance is one of the trickiest parts of SEO to get right. It requires a lot of under-the-hood tinkering on your site, which many SEO agencies aren’t equipped to deal with. Fortunately, fixing page speed and performance issues is a specialty here at Loaded Media. We’ll get your site running like a charm!

Affordable Seo Services

Grow Your Business with Affordable SEO Services

In the ever-growing world of business technology, there is an undeniable need for affordable SEO services for small businesses. Every business is working towards search engine optimization (SEO). With so many competing sites and content on the internet, only a few get featured on the first pages of a web search. It is even more challenging for start-ups and small businesses that have just set up their websites.

Different SEO service providers provide various optimization packages. However, you are not always assured of results. Also, paying high rates doesn’t guarantee high returns. The best SEO service companies, such as Loaded Media, guarantee a return on investment with a refund for unsatisfied clients.

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a multifaceted strategy applied to increase the visibility of websites on search engine pages. Search engines use various automated techniques to rank web pages based on the searcher’s intent. SEO experts have mastered these strategies and apply them to their web content for improved ranking. Search engines provide valuable organic traffic through their rankings. Statistics show that 46% of product searches begin with a Google search.

The content you post on your website determines your visibility as search engines match searchers with the most relevant content beginning with the most pertinent. The first result featured on a search engine attracts 19.3% clicks, with the second one getting 10.57%, and the number of clicks decreases as you go down the page. 

Significant factors in search engine rankings are the credibility of your content and how informative it is. When users type in a query, search engines use highly-complex algorithms to search through content on different pages and identify content’s relevance, freshness, and quality. As a result, you should build up your website with content relevant to your brand and products to increase your visibility. 

Some of the strategies applied in search engine rankings include content, user experience, backlinks, onsite technical factors, and user feedback metrics. With so many competing sites, it is quite challenging for the layperson to achieve these rankings. Loaded Media provides affordable SEO services in web design, content creation, and management. 

3 parts of SEO

SEO has three parts that collectively contribute to good rankings. For your website to be ranked on search engines, you need to apply all the three parts of SEO as follows:

Technical Seo

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a website optimization effort that focuses on the functionality of the website and server. Search engines prioritize websites with specific characteristics such as security of connections and loading speed or responsiveness. Here are some strategies you can apply to meet the expected search engine algorithms and improve organic rankings:

  • Use secure sockets layer (SSL) – a security technology enforced by Google in 2014 where an encrypted link is created between browser and server. In such cases, the website URL begins with ‘https://’ instead of ‘http://.’ And most website builders have this feature.
  • Mobile-friendliness – to boost the responsiveness of your websites, you need to ensure it is easy to navigate and opens fast on any device. Google algorithms consider the responsiveness of websites when indexing content (mobile-first).
  • Loading speed- quick loading pages are ranked higher; thus, you need to increase your site speed through various ways such as faster hosting, faster DNS provider, using lower scripts and plugins, smaller image sizes, and using a single CSS stylesheet.
  • Duplicate issues- Google advises users to get rid of duplicate issues in their web content for better rankings.
  • XML sitemap- this file provides search engines with information for page location pages on the website, such as when they were modified, how frequently they are updated, and their priority.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to optimization efforts directed towards specific page content on your website. It could be through improving content quality and adding keywords for which you want to rank. Here are common strategies for on-page SEO ranking:

Keyword research

you can find keywords relevant to your topic through keyword research tools. Use one keyword target or theme per post to prevent your pages from competing against each other on Google SERP. Also, the keyword target and content should match the searcher’s intend

Content quality

for good rankings, your content should be authentic and value-adding to searchers. Google search engine optimization services apply certain principles, including credibility, usefulness, action, readability, content length, and fluff-free. Credible content is accurate and adequately researched; useful content is informative as per the target keyword, and actionable content answers all the searchers’ questions related to the target keyword. You can improve readability by making content easy to scan through images, listing points, and short sentences and paragraphs. Also, too wordy sentences are considered fluff. Over time, your content gets outdated, and rankings will go down. You, therefore, need to update information, fix broken links, update keywords and update images.

Keyword placement

For well-written content, keywords appear naturally in the body. Sometimes, you need to place the target keyword in the title, title tag, first 100 words of the introduction, headings, meta description, image alt text, and image file name. The keywords should appear naturally in all the areas used and flow with the rest of the content.


Images are used to optimize content for SERPs. When inappropriately used, images can work against you in rankings. Here are some helpful tips on how to use images for better rankings:

  • Image loading speed- you need to use images of the recommended size. There is free software that helps in resizing depending on the type of image. 
  • Include alternative text (alt-text) with the target keyword to explain what the image is about.
  • Illustrate concepts with images such as screenshots and graphs that add value to your content.
  • Explain what you illustrated with images through the content.
  • Optimize file name using the target keyword and dashes and underscores instead of spacing. Spaces between words are often replaced with other characters, making sites lose credibility.

Appropriate use of titles

Web pages have a title tag and an H1 tag, which can be the same. Title tags, also known as SEO title or meta title, is the page title that appears on search results and should be up to 60 characters, with the target keyword appearing as early as possible. The H1 tag is the page’s title as seen by searchers, and it should contain the keyword and be as catchy and informative as possible.

The use of headings

Headings help make content more readable by organizing it into sections and subsections. Search engines need to identify headings and their relevance to the keywords. However, they cannot recognize headings based on font size or weight but through HTML. Each page should have only one H1 tag, and the H2 tags should be between 2 and 22, with two containing the target keyword. H3 also add value-based SEO as they further break down the content but don’t need keywords. Any other headings H4, H5, and H6 are optional as they don’t add SEO value and affect the content’s readability. As you use heading, make them as descriptive as possible for increased chances of being ranked for specific queries.

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions appear under the title in Google search results and provide readers with information about the content. For this reason, they influence the searcher’s decision whether to click on the page or not. You should use a meta description for advertising your page and luring in readers. A meta description should be between 155 to 160 characters and should include the target keyword and other keywords. It should be actionable and outline the expected benefit to the reader.


It is often advisable to change the auto-generated URL of your page to shorten it, feature the target keyword, and use dashes instead of spaces.


Make sure to use both internal and external links in your document. External links direct readers to other websites, and you need to use at least three external links with high domain authority on a page. It is crucial to apply external links from highly ranked sites as this increases the credibility of your content. Internal links take readers to other pages on your website. The anchor text should contain the target keyword and relate directly to the page you are inter-linking for higher rankings.

Off Page Seo

Off-page SEO

Your website ranking is also influenced by other website pages. Off-page SEO entails the optimization of a page from other pages on your site or other sites. It includes the use of:

  • Authoritative backlinks
  • Listings
  • Guest posting
  • Social promotion

Affordable SEO vs. Cheap SEO

With so many competing sites on the internet SEO services, every business needs organic SEO services. The cost of SEO services is a significant consideration in choosing a service provider.

Affordable SEO- Small businesses need affordable SEO services to bring their competition to the level of the giants in the industry. In this case, there are affordable SEO services for small businesses with a high guarantee of results. Alongside a service provider, small businesses can work out an SEO strategy within a budget. Affordable SEO has specific attributes: results-driven, proven success, long-term strategy, and an experienced team.

Businesses searching for cheap SEO can invest in particular agencies that apply generic SEO strategies with limited skills and experience. As the term suggests, you cannot expect quality from a cheap SEO service provider. Also, with cheap SEO, you are not guaranteed of return on investment.

Business Need Seo Service

Why does a business need SEO service?

SEO services are essential for all businesses. With over 50% of the world having internet access, companies are leveraging the opportunity to build their brand presence and grow their client base through their websites. As a result, the internet space has become even more competitive than the natural world, and all businesses are struggling to appear on the first search engine results pages. In this section, we will look into the relevance of SEO services for businesses. What are the benefits of Google search engine optimization services?

SEO increases visibility and ranking

The internet has opened up business opportunities, but it is not all about putting up websites and content. You need Google search engine optimization services for your website to rank and be visible. Remember, your competitors also work tirelessly for the same rankings on search engines.

SEO builds trust with customers

Statistics show that over 62% of customers buy from vendors they can trust. When your business is constantly ranked on SERPs, you grow in popularity and credibility. Also, clients who visit your websites through search engine results are more likely to make a purchase. You can use SEO services to strengthen your brand presence in the market and build strong customer loyalty. Even with high rankings, customers need to find value in your content to keep reading. Simple errors in the information can quickly kill your credibility, causing searchers to move on to other competing sites.

SEO increases web traffic

Every business struggles with increasing web traffic at some point. Some statistics show that 53% of web traffic originates from organic SEO, and this contributes to 40% of business revenue. SEO requires a lot of skill and experience to achieve expected results in technical, on-page, and off-page strategies. Some mishaps in a site, such as dead links and low page speed, are a significant turn-off to searchers. Also, the trends in search engines keep shifting, and you might waste a lot of time and resources on outdated techniques. However, you can take advantage of search engine optimization consulting services to find out what you need to do differently to attract more organic traffic.

SEO expands site authority

Studies show that 68% of online experience begins on search engines. As your website is constantly featured on search engine results, so does your site authority grow. Search engines are more likely to feature content from authoritative sites because they are rewarded with higher credibility. Once you attain high rankings, you need to maintain them in a very competitive space. For this reason, you require the services of the best organic SEO company to increase your site appearance on SERPs and build and maintain your brand authority.

SEO gives unexpected revenue

Apart from sales, you can monetize your website through affiliate marketing and advertising. High-traffic websites attract a higher number of ads. Also, advertisers want to be associated with high quality. To make additional revenue through your website, you need to get it all right from the start in research, web design, to content creation and maintenance. It is convenient to have the same service provider do all this for you. For instance, Loaded Media provides all these services under one roof with a guaranteed return on investment.

Why Choose Us?

When hiring SEO services, you invest time and money. Loaded Media offers the best SEO services for small businesses across the United States. Here are some of the reasons our clients choose us over our competitors:

Real-time results

Our experts can work with real-time SEO data to make the necessary website adjustments and produce instant tangible results. We analyze your website authority against other domains and work out viable solutions based on real-time searchers’ trends. As a result, our experts are able to provide more immediate answers to any website.

Affordable & effective SEO

SEO services might appear intimidating for small businesses. But with Loaded Media SEO professionals, you are assured of SEO services within your budget. We are committed to helping small businesses within the US and offshore realize their goals and beat the competition through affordable and effective SEO solutions.

SEO increases web traffic

The main goal of having a website is to communicate business information to visitors. Loaded Media helps businesses attract unlimited traffic, which is the dream of every business. Through our organic SEO services, we help enterprises market and sell their products and services without much hustle.

SEO expands site authority

Loaded Media works tirelessly with small enterprises to see their websites grow through the ranks. We help our clients claim the top rankings for searches related to their business, constantly acting as sources of reference. Site authority is an ongoing journey, and we make your goals our own.

We offer performance-based models

Loaded Media is highly interested in providing clients with value for money. We analyze your SEO goals and openly advise you on the strategies that work best for the desired results. Our team of SEO experts will stop at nothing to meet the customer’s expectations in pursuit of client satisfaction; you only pay for what you get. And through this model, we have witnessed constant growth through referrals.

Our capability to provide exceptional outcomes

Our SEO experts apply modern SEO strategies, and you can always trust us to deliver. We have established strong customer loyalty from our outstanding performance. Loaded Media has seen small businesses establish an immense online presence through organic SEO. Trust us to get your business up on the right track with good rankings that promise nothing but prosperity.


Suppose you are starting a small business; you need to find affordable SEO services USA. With a small business, you don’t have much income to invest heavily; however, with sound goals, you can always set aside a budget for SEO services. The fact that you are competing against established companies should not intimidate you. Loaded media will work with you tirelessly to see you ranking highly on search engines.

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What is an affordable SEO service?

Affordable SEO services are targeted at small businesses. The business works out an SEO plan with a services provider on a budget aimed at meeting the business SEO requirements. Consequently, small enterprises are in a position to compete for the top rankings alongside the giants in the industry.

How does SEO work?

Search engine optimization (SEO) applies specific strategies to boost the ranking of a website on search engines. Search engines use specific criteria in ranking content based on the searcher’s query. The ranking of search results pages depends on on-page, off-page, and technical aspects. And the higher you rank the more traffic you attract to your website.

Does my business need SEO?

SEO services are essential for all businesses regardless of size and industry. Through this service, your business attracts good rankings that translate into business opportunities and customer loyalty.

How much does an SEO service cost?

The cost of SEO services varies depending on the specific service and provider. Depending on your needs, you can invest $1,000 to over $1M. All in all, you can always work out an affordable SEO plan for your business.


At Loaded Media, we specialize in SEO services ranging from keyword research to link building and more – so you never have to worry about SEO falling through the cracks.Contact ustoday to learn more about our SEO services and see how we can help your business achieve optimal SEO performance!

What OUR CLIENTS Say About Loaded Media

Your competition is showing up in Google. Why are you not?

“Launching a brand new restaurant is no joke. When we first opened, customers raved about our food, but word-of-mouth still wasn’t drawing in new business quickly enough. 

Then we hired Loaded Media to rebuild our website. The new site looks beautiful, but even better was the SEO optimization they did behind the scenes, which bumped us up in Google searches and increased overall traffic to the site by 500%. Our business is now thriving thanks to our gorgeous new website!”

Traci Phan Davis

Owner, My Lai Kitchen

“We were looking for a one stop shop to address a variety of marketing needs – web design, graphic design, SEO management, social media, marketing advice, etc. They were concise, great communicators, as well as consistently listened to our needs. I feel like they did a great job capturing what we were looking for.”

Ellig Group

Global Executive Search Firm

“Luxury real estate in Los Angeles is extremely competitive – some of my competitors are literally TV stars. In order to stand out, I needed a website with the same level of classy, luxe aesthetics my clients were looking for in a home. I also needed top-notch SEO to drive traffic to the site in the first place. Loaded Media absolutely delivered on both. 

The site is visually stunning, and I’m already seeing results from boosting my Google search ranking via SEO. Thanks, Loaded Media!”

Sokrat Arzumanyan

Real Estate Agent, Broker, & Underwriter