What does “search google or type url” mean in 2022? Personality Test

Search Google or type a URL

To search google or type a url, that is the question. Are you a “Search Google” or “Type URL” kind of person. The search term answer may define you as a person.

search google or type a url

Search Google or Type a URL is a common term that shows on Google when you are using the search box or Omnibox. What most people don’t understand is that Google spent millions of dollars and countless years to perfect these exact words. But that is not why you are here, you are here for deeper search engine answers.

Search Google or Type a URL – What does it say about your personality?

“Search Google” – You are the strong on the inside type, but sometimes your feelings can get the best of you. You use logic and reason until you get to the point where your feelings are more important that the results of search. It’s not about searching on Google for you, it’s about searching for the meaning and depth of your life. You are looking for love in all of the wrong places, including a search box created by web browser Google. 

“Type URL” – You are an independent thinker who likes the road less traveled. A person who is led down dark alleys for the thrill of it. Google doesn’t tell you what to do. You tell google what to do and that’s the point. The point is that you want to be in control at times, but still want the search results to blow in your hair. Looking for the finer things that life has to offer in search results.

Now what for the “Search Google” or “Type URL”. 

Better to have searched once, then never searched at all. Whether looking for the answers to are forks illegal in Canada? Or how to do an Egg Cleanse. The riddles of life lead you down a curious path to a publicity website wormhole that defines more mystery than TikTok fail videos that loop in a never ending pattern of dismay. Using Google Chrome like a banshee in the night or the Chrome calvary to open a new tab. The question is does Google Custom search have the specific content that will fulfill your internal URL. The saga continues.

Search Google Or Type A Url

Does a web address address my longing for questions? 

Google search engine is more than a url address of a top level domain. It’s the Chrome canary of life’s answers of who am I as a person. Am I a full url or just some cheap search feature that opens a tab in the chrome browser… Clicking the url of the website of a top level domain .

These are the questions that ring true to us… 

A deep dive…search google or type a url

Like jumping off of a cliff into a ocean of answers which one bears the burden of unanswered thought. Reaching like a Google Knowledge Panel does without a photo. Should I type “Search Google” or “Type a URL”… you might be thinking…don’t mess this up….

These are life’s choices that define you as a Google search result.

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