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Broadcast Your Accomplishments with Loaded Media’s SEO Press Release Services

You know you’re newsworthy. We can help you become news.
Press releases are one of the oldest tools in a publicist’s toolbox. While their format and function have remained largely the same over the years, the ways in which they are distributed and used have advanced considerably. Loaded Media’s expert team can craft a press release that jumps off the page and leverage technology to get it in the right hands.

Broadcast Your Accomplishments with Loaded Media’s SEO Press Release Services

Loaded Media’s expert team can craft a press release that jumps off the page and leverage technology to get it in the right hands.

Press Release

What is a press release?

A press release is a written document provided to reporters, editors, and other members of the press in order to announce an event. It’s the written equivalent of a press conference. Groups and individuals that issue them include government offices, corporations, and of course, publicists. Modern press releases generally follow a specific format and structure to make them easier for journalists to use.

Press release distribution

Press release distribution is an article topic all to itself, but basically there are a number of electronic services like Newswire and Prowly that organizations and publicists use to distribute press releases to news sources. These services generally aren’t free to use, and are sometimes quite expensive. There are also specialty distribution channels, for example, music press release distribution services and art press release distribution services.

Some of these distributors also publish press releases in raw form online. If done right, this can be used to help boost your SEO. Inquire about our SEO press release services in a free Zoom consultation with Loaded Media! We can also discuss whatever other questions you may have, such as “what’s the best press release service for small businesses?”

Press Release Distribution
Self Publishing


It’s also possible to self-publish your own press release by mailing or emailing it directly to media sources. However, this works a lot better for big, automatically newsworthy institutions like federal government agencies and big corporations. As a private individual or small business owner, you may have trouble getting your press release read.

What is the best time to issue a press release?

Quite simply, it depends on a number of factors, including the subject matter, the intended audience, and the overall press strategy of the issuer. It’s not an exact science, and because there are so many variables involved, it’s generally best left to the pros. But don’t worry! Our pros at Loaded Media can talk you through the process and help you reach an informed decision.

Best Time To Issue A Press Release
Best Practices For Issuing A Press Release

Best practices for issuing a press release

One important thing to keep in mind is that news sources report on the news. A press release is a great way to announce a major event such as a book deal, a major real estate sale, an award, etc. But you’re less likely to gain traction if the topic of your press release is more informational or expository – it’s not for saying how great you are, it’s for announcing a great thing you did.

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