5 Top Longaberger Baskets For Collectors

The Longaberger Company, with its captivating assortment of handcrafted baskets, has woven itself into the fabric of Americana over the years, symbolizing the reverence of craftsmanship and the continuation of traditional artisan practices. Today, despite the wax and wane of its market and the eventual rebirth under new stewardship, Longaberger baskets continue to enthral collectors who see beyond mere wicker weaves into a rich narrative stitched with American history and heartland artisanship.

The Enduring Allure of Longaberger Baskets

When Dave Longaberger founded The Longaberger Company in 1973, little did he know that his vision would sprout a legacy of collectible treasures adored by hordes of enthusiasts. Ask any seasoned collector, and they’ll tell you: crafting Longaberger Baskets goes beyond mere handicraft; it’s an art form. This artistry, refined through generations, has elevated an everyday object to an emblem of cultural heritage.

Collectors flock to Longaberger baskets for their captivating history and the company’s meticulous attention to quality. Each basket, many might not know, is the sum of the simpleness of splint and the complexity of creation, embodying the soul of yesteryear’s America. And it’s not just about the baskets — it’s about reviving a slice of history, one weave at a time.

Elsjoy Set of ood Woven Storage Basket with Handles, Oval Fruit Bread Basket Organizer Rustic Rattan Nesting Basket Bin for Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Home Decor

Elsjoy Set Of Ood Woven Storage Basket With Handles, Oval Fruit Bread Basket Organizer Rustic Rattan Nesting Basket Bin For Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Home Decor


The Elsjoy Set of Wood Woven Storage Baskets with Handles is a beautifully crafted collection designed to offer a versatile storage solution for your home. Made from high-quality, durable rattan, the baskets feature an elegant oval shape that exudes a rustic charm, making them a perfect addition to any living room, bathroom, or kitchen setting. Their sturdy handles allow for easy transportation, enabling you to use them for various purposes such as holding fruits in the kitchen, organizing bathroom essentials, or simply as a decorative piece that adds a touch of natural elegance to your home decor.

This set comes with baskets of different sizes that can nest within each other, saving space when not in use and providing an organized way to keep your items. The open-weave design not only contributes to the aesthetic of the baskets but also allows for proper ventilation, ensuring that fruits and bread stored within remain fresh longer. Their lightweight yet strong construction ensures that they are capable of handling a variety of items without compromising on form or function.

Incorporating the Elsjoy Wood Woven Storage Baskets into your home is a testament to your impeccable taste for timeless, rustic-inspired decor. Whether placed on a countertop, shelved in a pantry, or showcased on a coffee table, these baskets serve as a multifunctional must-have that marries practicality with style. Create an inviting and organized space with these handcrafted baskets that are destined to become a treasured part of your homes aesthetic.

Examining the Rarity and Heritage of Longaberger Baskets

The values of Longaberger baskets are influenced by several factors, such as the year of production, edition size, and retired status. Baskets hand-signed by the Longabergers themselves, particularly those carried down the family line, are especially treasured. Dresden & Company’s nurturing of this lineage underscores the importance of heritage, with about 35 dedicated weavers continuing the tradition.

A batch’s rarity can make a Longaberger basket more than an item — it becomes a treasure. Astonishing to some, those editions narrate a saga of Americana. You’ll notice, for example, a shared reverence among enthusiasts watching a vintage basket on auction; it’s like catching a glimpse of an era that is adamantly persevering against time’s relentless advance.

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Category Details
Historical Background Founded by Dave Longaberger in 1973, The Longaberger Company was known for its handcrafted maple wood baskets and direct-sales model. The iconic brand gained popularity for its high-quality, American-made products and innovative designs. The company was a significant employer and cultural icon in Ohio, famous for its unique headquarters shaped like a giant basket.
Decline and Closure The company struggled under the leadership of Dave Longaberger’s daughters Tami (CEO) and Rachel (President of The Longaberger Foundation), facing criticism for overspending and mismanagement. Amid an economic downturn and a shift in home decor preferences, the brand’s appeal waned. The Longaberger Company ceased operations on May 4, 2018.
Revival Efforts Intellectual property acquired by Xcel Brands in 2019. Licensing agreement with basket-weavers Dresden & Co. Tami Longaberger and sister were involved in the brand’s re-launch.
Legacy Basket Production Dresden & Co. began production in July 2019, starting with approximately 20 former Longaberger employees and expanded to around 35 basket weavers by November 2019.
Iconic Longaberger Building The Longaberger building, shaped like a basket, was sold to Steve Coon, an Ohio-based developer, in December 2017 for $1.2 million plus over $800,000 in back taxes owed by the Longaberger Company. It was initially priced at $7.5 million.
Collectible Value Post-recession, the value of Longaberger baskets dipped as interest in American country collectibles declined. However, some baskets retain collectible appeal and may vary in value based on rarity, condition, and market demand.
New Product Usage and Appeal The relaunched Longaberger product line continues to offer practical and decorative uses in homes. These uses include storage solutions for closets, laundry supplies, pantry organization, as well as home decorations. Customer testimonials highlight the functionality and aesthetic value of the updated product offerings.
Product Range and Availability New Longaberger products are available for purchase online. The range often includes traditional basket designs adapted for modern use, encompassing storage, home decor, and collectibles. Multiple sizes, styles, and finishes are typically offered, with prices varying depending on the complexity and size of the baskets. Specific product features and prices can be found on the official Longaberger website.

The 5 Most Coveted Longaberger Baskets for Collectors

1. Longaberger 1999 Large Easter Basket

Welcoming millennium’s eve, the 1999 Large Easter Basket is more than just a vessel for festive chocolates and fluffy bunnies. It’s the quintessence of Longaberger’s thematic creativity, with its colorful weave and playful trim capturing the essence of spring renewal. Remember the 90s show when these baskets could often be spotted in the homes of trend-savvy suburbanites? It’s a nostalgic nod that still influences the collector’s realm today.

This edition is particularly prized among collectors for its oblique nod to an epoch on the cusp of change. Its market trends are intriguing, often more comparable to a stock market graph than a hobbyist’s catalog, with spikes and dives based on demand, condition, and sentimentality.

2. Longaberger Founders’ Market Basket Series

The Founders’ Market Basket Series pays homage to the Longaberger genesis, a true narrative woven into the company’s fabric. These baskets are not merely containers but raconteurs, echoing tales of the founder’s entrepreneurial spirit. Special? Absolutely. The series is like a Pagina from a history book you can touch.

These baskets’ acquisition is almost akin to a treasure hunt, hinged on market savvy and the whispered trade secrets that seasoned collectors share like an intimate handshake. Evaluating factors like the weave tightness and wood base integrity are pivotal in assessing their true worth.

3. Longaberger Miniature Basket Collection

Not all tremendous things come in large packages. The Miniature Basket line sparkles in the crown of Longaberger’s portfolio. Collectors often marvel at the painstaking detail encapsulated in these tiny tributes to their full-sized brethren. Part of their charm is the Herculean skill required to create them on such a diminutive scale, reminiscent yet of grand craftsmanship.

In the collector community, these little jewels are the cradle of curiosity and conversation, sparking debates from craftsmanship finesse to event-specific designs, much like fans discuss the plays of Bengal QB’s or the coaching tactics of Marcus Freeman.

4. Longaberger Christmas Collection Series

In the Longaberger basket world, the Christmas Collection Series is the epitome of festive cheer and coveted collectibility. Each annual edition, from its intricate seasonal motifs to its festive flair, is a sought-after heirloom. The Holly basket, for example, exudes Yuletide joy with its timeless design, yet it’s the scarcity, often a result of Lake Effect snow warning area-exclusive editions, that really amps up the excitement in the collector’s market.

Individual editions, with their unique design nuances, have shown a remarkable, though sometimes unpredictable, ability to appreciate in value. The prognostications of market dynamics may often change with the time in Vancouver or the climate in Miami, but the Christmas Collection Series remains a staple of steady interest.

5. Longaberger Rare and Limited Edition Baskets

Labelled as ‘Rare’ or ‘Limited Edition,’ certain Longaberger baskets claim a throne of their own within the collector’s community, and understandably so. Just as New York Giants fans felt about Saquon Barkley’s injury, collectors feel a pang when a rare edition slips through their fingers.

A coveted basket from this group, like the 1997 Employee Christmas Basket — strictly limited to company employees at the time — typically embodies exclusivity and sentimental value, heightening its allure and perceived worth.

The Thriving Market of Longaberger Baskets and Collector Strategies

Today, collectors are witnessing the ebbs and flows of the Longaberger market following its rebirth under Xcel Brands. Is it thriving? Well, that’s sometimes as clear as Joe Burrow’s injury status — it could swing either way dependent on economic sentiment and basket condition. Diligent collectors have therefore honed strategies, such as networking within niche communities, and keeping pulse on market trends.

Arsenal fans might remember Rafael Marquez for his on-field strategies; similarly, collectors understand the value of a well-laid plan to land their coveted items.

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Woodchip Picnic Basket With Portable Wine Table, Woven Basket With Swing Handles &Amp; Removable Lining, Empty Large Basket For Picnic, Outdoor, Camping, Family, Party, Wedding Gifts For Couple. Grey


Transform your outdoor dining experiences with the Woodchip Picnic Basket, a beautifully-crafted woven basket that comes with a unique portable wine table feature, making it a sophisticated option for any picnic, outdoor meal, camping trip, or festive gathering. Its neutral grey tone and classic design blend perfectly with any setting, while the sturdy swing handles provide effortless mobility. This large basket is thoughtfully designed to be spacious enough to pack all your picnic essentials, and it comes with a removable lining to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance after every use. Whether you’re planning a romantic date or a family outing, this elegant picnic basket is your trusty companion for any outdoor adventure.

The basket’s standout feature, a portable wine table, allows for a seamless and elegant presentation of your favorite bottle and wine glasses, turning a simple picnic into a luxurious feast. The table is cleverly constructed to integrate with the basket, ensuring stability and convenience without the need for carrying extra items. Combined with its durable woodchip construction, the basket is both functional and durable, ensuring that it can endure the rigors of outdoor use while maintaining its charming appearance. The Woodchip Picnic Basket is an essential for those who appreciate the fusion of practicality and style in their outdoor gear.

Designed not only for personal use but also as a wonderful gift option, this grey picnic basket is an ideal present for couples, newlyweds, or anyone who loves to entertain outdoors. It’s perfect for elevating special occasions like family gatherings, parties, or weddings, offering a thoughtful and useful gift that encourages spending time in nature. The removable lining makes it a breeze to transform from a picnic accessory to a classic decorative piece, giving it versatility and a touch of elegance in any setting. Celebrate the great outdoors and cherished moments with the Woodchip Picnic Basket, a symbol of shared joy and craftsmanship.

Preserving Your Longaberger Basket Collection

Much like preserving a pristine classic car, maintaining the allure of a Longaberger basket is an art in itself. Here are a few tips:

Avoid harsh sunlight, as it can bleach and weaken the fibers.

Regular dusting will keep the baskets looking like they’ve just left the weaver’s table.

– When it comes to handling, do so as if it were a newborn; always soft, always gentle.

Condition is king in basket valuation. A nick or stain could mean the difference between breaking even or a windfall, comparable to the nuances of Arkansas sales tax in financial planning.

Image 22016

The Future Investment Potential of Longaberger Baskets

Now, let’s talk turkey. Are Longaberger baskets the golden goose for future investment? Experts, like weather forecasters predicting Fort Lauderdale flooding, hesitate to stake a claim. That said, what we do understand is that collectibles markets are cyclical. The Longaberger basket revival could bring with it a resurgence in handcrafted collectibles. Keep an ear to the ground, they say.

Beyond the Basket: The Community and Culture of Longaberger Collectors

At its heart, collecting Longaberger baskets is a communal exercise. From forums to conventions, these communities are the glue that holds the collector spirit together. They’re a source of comfort, like clutching a worn baseball mitt, fostering bonds over shared interests and driving market dynamics quietly yet powerfully.

Their influence is continuous and complex — sometimes as intricate as Dresden & Company’s designs or as unexpected as the outcomes of Deion sanders colorado football games.

Rattan Round Basket with Lid, Rattan Storage Basket with Lid, Bread Food Basket Fruit Snacks Basket for Table Shelf Organizer

Rattan Round Basket With Lid, Rattan Storage Basket With Lid, Bread Food Basket Fruit Snacks Basket For Table Shelf Organizer


The Rattan Round Basket with Lid is a handsomely woven storage solution that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic appeal. Crafted with meticulous care, this natural rattan basket exhibits a warm, earthy tone that compliments any home decor, making it a stylish addition to both modern and traditional settings. The snug-fitting lid ensures that contents are kept discreet and dust-free, perfect for preserving the freshness of bread and pastries or maintaining the cleanliness of stored items. The compact size ensures it fits comfortably on kitchen counters, dining tables, or shelving units without occupying too much space.

Perfect for serving and storing a variety of food items, this Rattan Storage Basket with Lid is an indispensable accessory for any homeowner. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for holding fruits, snacks, or even non-food items such as craft supplies or personal essentials, thus helping keep surfaces clutter-free. The basket’s robust construction allows for everyday use, while the lid’s easy-to-grasp knob allows for convenient access. Additionally, the basket’s breathable design helps prevent moisture buildup, thereby preserving the integrity of its contents.

As a Table Shelf Organizer, this rattan basket adds a touch of elegance and practicality to your living space. The design exudes a rustic charm that is as inviting as it is functional, offering a decorative way to organize and display items. It is lightweight yet durable, which means it can be easily moved to different locations as needed, while also withstanding the rigors of frequent use. The Rattan Round Basket with Lid is not only a practical storage option but also a beautiful piece that elevates the presentation of any room it adorns.

Conclusion: Weaving the Future of Longaberger Basket Collecting

Collecting Longaberger baskets is, without a doubt, a pursuit of passion melded with the promise of profit. Its cultural impact resonates with the heartbeat of tradition, knitting crafts and community in a collective dream catching basket.

Image 22017

Reflecting on the Longaberger basket legacy, it stands as a testament to American artistry and entrepreneurial gumption — much like the saga itself, every stitch tells a story and every basket bears the mark of a hopeful future. Be it for joy or the jingle of coins, Longaberger baskets yearn to be more than relics; they’re symbols of the resilience and renewal unique to the American spirit.

Unraveling the Charm of Longaberger Baskets

Collecting Longaberger baskets is not just a hobby; it’s like being part of a weaving wonderland. If you’re all about that basket life, you’re in for a treat with these quirky trivia and basketful of facts. Let’s dive in!

Woven with Sportsmanship

Now, you might be thinking, what could possibly link the meticulous craft of Longaberger baskets with the high-octane world of sports? Well, just as a Bengals Qb masterfully throws a perfect spiral, each Longaberger basket is crafted with precision. Talk about aim and artisanship!

The Weave and the Weft

Ever wondered about the “crotch” in weaving? No, we’re not heading into risqué territory! The crotch meaning in weaving refers to the part where different strands intersect, much like the crucial junctures in basket-making. It’s all about those intersections that keep our beloved Longaberger baskets held tight and right.

A Basket Not Just for Picnics

Think a Longaberger can’t handle the rough and tumble? Psh! These baskets have the durability to rival the resilience of an athlete dodging injuries. They’re the silent heroes of homeware, standing sturdy just as any player, unless, of course, we are talking about a Joe Burrow injury. But, hey, both the baskets and the players bounce back with grit!

The Collector’s Comeback

Remember that one time when the NY Giants’ Saquon’s comeback gave the fans something to cheer about after his injury? The same vibe can be felt at auction houses when Longaberger basket collectors snatch a rare find—oh, the euphoria is real, pals!

More Than Just a Basket Case

Now, don’t go thinking Longaberger baskets are just another pretty face. These wicker wonders have stories, histories, and are sometimes considered the hall-of-famers in the world of collectibles. And just like any great collection, it’s not about having the most but cherishing each unique piece for its slice of history.

Whichever way you weave it, Longaberger baskets are the thread that ties together craftsmanship, collectibility, and even a touch of sportsmanship. Who knew a basket could carry so much more than just your picnic sandwiches? Keep on collecting and maybe, just maybe, one of these baskets might score a touchdown in your heart.

Small Wooden Decorative Woodchip Basket With Handles Empty Baskets Inch Pack For Gifts With Chalkboard Labels. Wicker Baskets Display Snack Pantry Organization Wedding Flower Plant (Dark Stain)

Small Wooden Decorative Woodchip Basket With Handles Empty Baskets Inch Pack For Gifts With Chalkboard Labels. Wicker Baskets Display Snack Pantry Organization Wedding Flower Plant (Dark Stain)


The Small Wooden Decorative Woodchip Basket is an exquisitely crafted container, perfect for enriching the aesthetic of any home or event. Constructed from high-quality woodchips with a rich dark stain, this basket exudes a rustic charm that effortlessly complements a variety of decor themes. Each pack contains baskets equipped with sturdy handles, making them not only decorative but also functional for easy transportation. Measuring in inches, these baskets are ideal for holding a multitude of items, from pantry goods to floral compositions.

Thoughtfully designed with versatility in mind, the baskets come with chalkboard labels, allowing for easy categorization and personalization. Whether they’re used for displaying snacks at a gathering, organizing items in your pantry, or creating gift packages, the included labels help maintain order and add a personal touch to each use. These labels are especially handy for special occasions such as weddings, where they can be customized to fit the celebration’s theme or to display table numbers and messages to guests.

Moreover, the baskets’ natural look and feel make them a perfect choice for presenting plants or flowers, adding a touch of elegance to any wedding or home garden setting. They are substantial enough to hold a variety of items yet delicate enough to serve as a charming centerpiece. With their multifunctional use and quaint aesthetic, these Small Wooden Decorative Woodchip Baskets with Handles are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their home organization or to present a thoughtful, handcrafted gift.

Is the Longaberger Company still making baskets?

Is the Longaberger Company still making baskets?
Holy smokes, yes they are! The Longaberger Company has bounced back from the brink and is still crafting those iconic baskets. After a hiatus, they’ve returned under new ownership, weaving their magic once more.

What caused Longaberger to go out of business?

What caused Longaberger to go out of business?
Well, it was a case of dollars and sense – or rather, the lack of them. High costs, changing consumer tastes, and the e-commerce buzzsaw whittled away at Longaberger’s profits, ultimately forcing the company to call it quits in 2018. Tough times, indeed.

What is the new name for Longaberger?

What is the new name for Longaberger?
Alright, keep up now – Longaberger hasn’t tossed its name in the trash. The name is as sturdy as their baskets and they’re sticking to it, even after being given a new lease on life by Xcel Brands.

Who owns the Longaberger basket building in Newark Ohio?

Who owns the Longaberger basket building in Newark Ohio?
Well, would you look at that! The iconic basket building snagged a new owner – it’s now in the hands of a local chap, Steve Coon, and his partner Bobby George. They’re cooking up plans to give this woven wonder a new lease of life.

How do you know if a basket is valuable?

How do you know if a basket is valuable?
Check the basket’s bottom for a tell-tale signature, scour it for unique details, and peek at its condition. If it’s got age but still looks sprightly, you might be holding onto a pretty penny!

How can you tell if a woven basket is antique?

How can you tell if a woven basket is antique?
Ah, the age-old question! If it’s got a patina that screams “I’ve seen things,” craftsmanship that harks back to yesteryear, and a style that’s straight out of your great granny’s attic, you might just have an antique on your hands.

Is the Longaberger Company still open?

Is the Longaberger Company still open?
Yep, the Longaberger Company is still kickin’! They’ve dusted themselves off after a bit of a tumble and are back in the game, weaving away under new management.

Where are the new Longaberger baskets made?

Where are the new Longaberger baskets made?
Mark my words, the new Longaberger baskets are proudly American-made. They’re being handcrafted by basket artisans in the land of the free, keeping the tradition alive and kicking.

What is unusual about the Longaberger in Ohio?

What is unusual about the Longaberger in Ohio?
Oh, it’s a real head-turner! The Longaberger office in Ohio is shaped like a giant basket – no kidding! It’s a humongous homage to the company’s craft, and let’s face it, it’s not something you see every day.

Is Dresden and Company the same as Longaberger?

Is Dresden and Company the same as Longaberger?
Well, they’re close cousins, you could say. Dresden & Company is the brainchild of some former Longaberger bigwigs, and they’re keeping the basket-weaving spirit alive in Dresden, Ohio. They’re kindred spirits, but with their own brand spanking new identity.

Who bought the Longaberger mansion?

Who bought the Longaberger mansion?
That beauty of a mansion found a new sugar daddy in the form of a local developer – someone who decided it was high time to spruce up Dave Longaberger’s former digs and give it some new sparkle.

Who built the basket building in Ohio?

Who built the basket building in Ohio?
The legendary basket building was the vision of Dave Longaberger, the company founder. It was his dream turned to reality, and boy, did he nail the wow factor or what?

Is Peterboro Basket company still in business?

Is Peterboro Basket company still in business?
Would you believe it? The Peterboro Basket Company is still weaving its heart out! They’re staying true to their roots, making handcrafted baskets in Peterboro, New Hampshire, since 1854.

Where is the Longaberger basket company headquarters?

Where is the Longaberger basket company headquarters?
So, the Longaberger headquarters used to be the talk of Newark, Ohio, thanks to its iconic basket-shaped office. But nowadays, they’re setting up shop in new digs under their new parent company, Xcel Brands.

Where is the building that looks like a basket?

Where is the building that looks like a basket?
Prepare to have your mind basket-weaved! In Newark, Ohio, there’s a building that’s the spitting image of a picnic basket – it’s the famous Longaberger Basket Building, and it’s hard to miss this work of art!

Is the Longaberger Company still open?

Is the Longaberger Company still open?
Deja vu! Yes, they’re alive and kickin’! The company’s taken a lickin’ but keeps on tickin’ – they’re still weaving away, after a brief break in the action.

Where are the new Longaberger baskets made?

Where are the new Longaberger baskets made?
Those new Longaberger baskets still have their all-American zip code! Crafted by artisans within the U.S., they’re keeping the homespun legacy alive.

What are baskets made out of today?

What are baskets made out of today?
Baskets haven’t kicked the bucket – they’re still made out of tried-and-true materials like wicker, rattan, bamboo, and these days, even synthetic fibers for those modern twists.

Where is the basket building in the US?

Where is the basket building in the US?
If you fancy a basketful of architecture, trot over to Newark, Ohio. There you’ll spot the giant basket building that once housed the Longaberger HQ, sticking out like a sore thumb – in the best way!