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We keep this information only for our clients. The publications are on a case by case basis and will be discussed during your free consultation.

However you can see some samples on our PRESS page.

After you are brought onboard with Loaded Media, we will send you an invoice, which is payable with credit card, wire or money transfer.

Once that is paid, we will begin work immediately.

There is a major gap in the publicity business for people who want publicity but can’t get access to it. We get you that access.

Let’s say you are a great baker and want to start your own bread-making business. You are dedicated and have worked hard for the perfect recipe.

You go to the bank for a loan. You have no sales and there is no information about you online. And there especially is nothing about you being a bread maker. So then, you go to a bread baking company looking for a job. Again they can’t find anything about you online. You decide to tell your friends about your new company, and they don’t take you seriously. You have all of this talent, but no one believes you. No one wants your bread.

You finally realize you need Loaded Media and you decide to work with us. We get you a Google Knowledge Panel, website, 10 articles about “How your bread is amazing”, “How you are the best bread maker in the world”. We show everyone that you are the hottest thing since sliced bread.

Now when people search your name, it’s clear: you’re not just a great baker, you’re such a good bread maker that people are talking about you. Lots of other people want your bread.

This is the world we all live in now. Online presence, if neglected, will cost you business and money.

This is very understandable and we get it. Things happen and things change.

Your choices are your own. You are free to change your mind and receive a full refund anytime before you approve your first article.

We offer a 100% cancelation policy up until the point of first article approval on your first month. Once you approve the article, it cannot be canceled and you cannot be refunded.

Example: John Doe just is not happy with the article before it’s published, and no matter how many drafts we do, it is just not working (not that this has ever happened). He will be refunded the full amount.

Example 2: John Doe approves the article and it’s published. We have done all of the work and everything is done per our agreement. This is not refundable. (Not that this has ever happened either.)

After your onboarding, we will begin work immediately on three things:

  1. We will have an article writer call you to get started on your articles.
  2. While that is in the works, we will also begin the process of building your Google Knowledge Panel.
  3. We will work on Cleanup, SEO and filling in the missing gaps.

You can expect your first article in your first week as our client.

We want you to be 100% satisfied, so we welcome revisions. Most of our clients want it to be perfect and we agree. We will do up to three revisions.

You might have a million followers on your social account, but what happens when people google your name? Are you selling products? Are there articles about you? Are your social accounts verified? Do you have a Wikipedia page? Are you verified by articles?

When companies bid for influencer campaigns, they are going to Google search you. If you have articles about you, it will increase your rate, and you will get more jobs.