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Ellig Group Case Study

Read about how we took ElligGroup.com from 200 clicks a month to over 25k a month! They are now getting more hits in a day then they were in a year.
Loaded Media &Amp; Ellig Group

Loaded Media & Ellig Group

The past 6 months have been a period of great progress for Loaded Media and Ellig Group. With detailed website development and intelligent SEO strategies, we were able to drastically improve the presentation of the Ellig Group’s business online. Our comprehensive approach to modernizing their web presence highlighted the value that our partnership brought to both parties, and further cemented our reputation as an industry leader in digital media. We are proud of what we have produced together over this past period of time, and look forward to continuing our collaboration well into the future.

Client Industry Research

Loaded Media understands the crucial importance of researching a business deeply in order to fully appreciate their key strengths and the environment in which they operate. That is why Loaded Media has invested a significant amount of time and energy into learning about Ellig Group, familiarizing ourselves with the company and the larger business of executive search. This has benefited both parties substantially on several levels, informing our big-picture digital marketing strategy, helping us target search keywords more effectively, and allowing us to deliver exceptional-quality web copy and SEO content. This investment in understanding the business will continue to pay dividends as our relationship continues.

Client Industry Research
Modernizing Marketing

Modernizing Marketing

Loaded Media has made significant strides in the ongoing process of updating Ellig Group’s marketing and growing the firm’s footprint in the digital space. Our website redesign has already generated new business for EG, and our SEO campaign will continue to draw both high-volume and high-value organic search traffic to the site, dramatically increasing the firm’s online visibility and laying the groundwork for substantial sales lead generation.

Web Design

Loaded Media’s design and content teams have given ElligGroup.com a ground-up redesign that has transformed the website both technically and aesthetically. Due to the exceptional quantity of preexisting site content, this was a massive undertaking, on which we ultimately executed to a high standard of quality at an extremely reasonable cost. By developing 209 posts and 22 top-level category pages (previously having only 13), we significantly grew the total number of pages to 231 with 1,339 interlinks - an impressive feat considering the amount of unorganized material from the legacy website. Progressing beyond design alone, Loaded Media also integrated 392 internal links and added over 1,000 images elliggroup.com.

Marketing Materials

Ellig Group recently made the smart decision of giving their marketing materials a complete makeover with Loaded Media. The outcome has been remarkable, with all of the brochures, logos, covers and videos being modernized for optimal results. By investing in bringing their marketing materials up-to-date, Ellig Group highly improved their brand identity and made them look professional and attractive to potential clients. This was certainly a clever move that is bound to bring more success down the line.

Google My Business Page

Loaded Media also updated Ellig Group's Google My Business page, a crucial marketing tool for any business, which had fallen into disrepair and was populated with out-of-date information. The updated page now accurately reflects Ellig Group’s mission, location information, services offered, and customer reviews. Not only does this new and improved visibility effectively spark engagement between Ellig Group and potential customers online, but it also lends credibility by showcasing customer feedback—building trust for future connections.


Loaded Media’s publicity campaign with Ellig Group generated substantial visibility, gaining press coverage in both major outlets and highly relevant trade publications. In addition to media outreach, Loaded Media assisted in the concepting and editing of these pieces, in addition to producing the full draft text of a press release about the launch of EG’s advisory board, which was subsequently picked up and republished by Bloomberg News. In addition to these press articles, several of the blog articles written by Loaded Media for elliggroup.com were selected for syndication on HuntScanlon.com, further amplifying Ellig Group’s reach and visibility within the executive search field.

Monthly Web Management

In addition to the site redesign, Loaded Media made several substantial improvements under the hood of Ellig Group’s website, upgrading to premium hosting and adding a CDN (content delivery network) to optimize site performance, improve SEO, and bring ElligGroup.com’s back end up to par, meeting or (more often) exceeding the competition on Google’s crucial site health metrics.



High-volume keywords to generate high traffic numbers, raising EG’s overall reach and visibility. This “bulk traffic” also improves the site’s standing within Google’s search algorithm, allowing elliggroup.com to rank higher on other, more valuable keywords. The proportional increase in organic search traffic for these keywords has been absolutely massive, as indicated in the charts below.

DEI-related keywords that draw moderate traffic and bolster EG’s brand as a DEI frontrunner in the executive search field. HR directors and DEI committee leaders searching for a sample DEI meeting agenda now find Ellig Group at the top of the search results, cementing EG’s status as a DEI thought leader. While this traffic does not directly generate business, it adds substantial value to EG’s brand, which will pay off in the long term, especially if and when the company is sold.

Low-volume, high-value keywords directly related to EG’s core executive search and coaching services. The traffic numbers for these keywords may appear unimpressive at first glance, but this is largely due to the size of the market – executive search for F500 and other major corporations is a low-volume, high-value business, and individual search clicks for these keywords are extremely valuable, both because these searches strongly indicate intent to engage an executive search firm and because of the high individual value of each search engagement. Elliggroup.com is now the #1 organic search result for “boutique executive search firms” and its overall rankings for similar terms are highly competitive in a space otherwise dominated by much larger firms with much higher marketing expenditures.

Organic Search Traffic

Previous 130 a month
High 25k
We stopped doing Ellig Academy articles when Janice requested more relevant traffic to the site.
Current 15.7k

For perspective

Stanton Chase – 2.7k a month
Diversified Search Group – 9.9k
Korn Ferry – 99k a month
Lucas Group (who was acquired by Korn Ferry) – 25.3k a month

Keywords Ranking for


If you’re working with a publicity company, you might think that all you need to worry about is getting placements. However, it’s important to make sure that those placements are optimized for SEO. Otherwise, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic and engagement.

Most publicity companies focus ONLY on getting you placements, but they don’t necessarily optimize those placements for SEO. As a result, your articles might not be getting the traffic and engagement they deserve. When articles are optimized for SEO with keywords, they tend to perform much better. In fact, they can even go through the roof.

Ellig Group Recap Design

We are now ranking #1 for "boutique executive search firms". Results above ElligGroup are paying for website traffic for the term.

Ellig Group Recap Design2

Ellig Group vs Diversified Search Group

Ellig Group
Diversified Search Group

Domain Authority and Backlinking

Domain Authority is a metric that approximates the degree to which Google’s algorithm considers a given site’s content trustworthy and authoritative. In practical terms, a high domain authority leads to higher search rankings across the board, and building domain authority is thus a major goal of SEO. The elliggroup.com website has seen significant improvements in domain authority since the start of Loaded Media’s SEO campaign. After several months of effort, EG’s domain authority score has grown from 30 to 38, a major increase, given that the scale is logarithmic (a good analogy is the Richter Scale for earthquakes – a 5.0 quake is 10x as strong as a 4.0, which is 10x as strong as a 3.0, and so on). This was achieved both by creating new, high-quality content and by backlinking (getting other websites to link to elliggroup.com, which increases EG’s search ranking) When EG engaged LM’s services, elliggroup.com had only 328 backlinks; we have since grown that number to an astonishing 309,000! It’s worth noting that this figure is more than three times as high as that of ElligGroup.com’s major competitor, DiversifiedSearchGroup.com.

Domain Authority And Backlinking

Referring Domains

Started with 118
Current 9300


Started with 328
Current is 309k

Domain Authority

Started at 30
Currently 38

I expect this to be in the 40’s on the next cycle report. This is the only way we are going to get those main executive search keywords.

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