Do You Need an Earned Media PR Company in 2023?

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What is an earned media PR company? What is earned media?

Earned media is any type of coverage your company receives that was not directly paid for or created by an advertiser. Earned stories increase your company’s visibility with potential customers and help build relationships with influential media outlets.

Earned media differs from other forms of marketing in that it isn’t paid for directly. Companies and individuals receive earned media as a result of their actions or accomplishments.

Many companies utilize paid media to market their products and services. Paid media refers to when a business pays for advertising space or airtime. This type of advertisement is very common, helping many businesses reach new customers.

Another form of marketing is known as owned media. This refers to content created and controlled by a business, such as websites, blogs, and social media accounts. Companies typically use owned media for sharing product and service details with their customers. Content marketing and SEO articles fall under this category.

Earned media differs from both paid and owned media in that it’s not controlled by the company. Instead, companies receive earned media as a result of their good deeds or positive actions. This type of marketing can be highly effective as it helps companies build trust with their customers.

Earned media is a beneficial form of publicity because it’s seen as more trustworthy than paid advertising. Consumers tend to trust an article or social media post that isn’t sponsored by a company more than an ad that is. Thus, earned media enhances a brand or company’s online credibility since it receives third-party validation.

Earned media refers to positive endorsements that a company has received from independent sources. This helps increase online credibility, since people aren’t just taking the company’s word for it but instead getting information from reliable sources they trust. Furthermore, earned media may attract new customers and investors by showing that the business has earned the respect of those in its field.

Earned Media Pr Company

How can my company get earned media? Do I need an earned media PR company?

Earned media can be acquired in several ways. Journalists sometimes write about a company or product without being approached by the PR team; however, most often companies need to actively pitch stories to journalists in order to receive coverage.

PR companies that specialize in earning media for their clients often have relationships with journalists and know how to pitch stories that will interest them. Furthermore, these firms possess access to tracking services which can show how much coverage a client is receiving online.

Is PR earned or owned media?

PR can fall under either category or both. PR firms that pitch stories to journalists and help companies receive earned media coverage could be considered earned media. On the other hand, PR teams may simply create content for their client’s own channels such as social media or websites, making it owned media.

Are Instagram collabs earned media?

Influencer endorsements on Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms tend to be paid advertisements rather than earned media. There’s a reason why Instagram influencers are often referred to as “brand ambassadors,” since they typically receive compensation for featuring the brand in their post.

Before this type of marketing became commonplace, Instagram followers sometimes didn’t realize influencers were being paid to feature a brand; as such, they misconstrued brand collaborations as earned media. Nowadays however, most people understand what’s going on and recognize that while this type of promotion can be highly effective, it isn’t quite the same thing as earned media.

That isn’t to say all Instagram influencer endorsements are fraudulent. Sometimes an influencer may truly appreciate a product and promote it on their own behalf; however, in most cases they receive compensation for doing so. This creates a conflict of interest as audiences may not trust the opinion of someone who has been paid to promote a particular item.

What are some kinds of earned media platforms?

Earned media platforms can encompass magazines, podcasts and a wide variety of other forms of content.

Magazines can be an excellent platform to reach a broad audience with your message, as well as build relationships with potential customers and partners. Many magazines also have online versions which give you even greater exposure. Depending on the size and scope of your company’s campaign, it may be more advantageous to target either niche publications or larger mass-market publications.

Niche publications like trade magazines and industry blogs may have smaller audiences, but their major benefit lies in that their readers are already interested in your product category or industry. For B2B businesses, this narrow but focused audience can actually prove more beneficial as it raises your profile and builds credibility within a community of potential customers.

Mass-market publications reach a much wider audience, making them ideal for increasing overall visibility. Earned media in major publications may or may not be the most effective option to generate sales – it depends on many factors including what product or service you’re trying to sell or promote.

Receiving coverage in renowned mass market publications is significantly more challenging, so working with an earned media PR company may prove more costly. Your earned media PR specialist can discuss which option is more cost effective for your individual situation.

Earned Media Pr Company

Podcasts offer a powerful way to reach an expansive audience with your message. Not only can they facilitate relationships with potential customers and partners, but they can also build an engaged community around your brand or product. As we enter 2023, there is an astronomical number of podcasts available – each with its own distinct audience.

Prior to attempting to secure earned media coverage on a podcast, it’s beneficial to identify specific targets based on their large audience or similarity to your target market. Furthermore, selecting podcasts whose tone fits well with your brand identity (i.e., the public face of your company) is ideal. Consulting an earned media PR company for advice on effective pursuit of podcast coverage can also prove beneficial.

TV news coverage can be an effective earned media tool. When a station airs a story about your company or product, it’s essentially free advertising – reaching a wide audience and being seen as an unbiased third-party endorsement.

However, TV news coverage can be challenging to secure. You will need to make a compelling case and provide footage or other materials in order for the station to air your story; even then, there’s no guarantee it will be positive. Therefore, be prepared for both positive and negative coverage when applying for coverage.

TV news coverage can be an effective tool to promote your business or product. But be wary of potential drawbacks, and ensure you partner with a reputable news station.

There are numerous earned media platforms you can utilize to reach your desired audience. The key is finding those that work best for you and your business, then using them efficiently in order to meet objectives. A reliable earned media PR firm like Loaded Media can assist in deciding what avenues are most advantageous for you.

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