Best Dum Dums: An Iconic Candy’s Legacy

The Sweet Journey of Dum Dums – Unwrapping the Legacy

Since its inception almost a century ago, the Dum Dums lollipop has evolved from a simple confectionery to a cultural icon that has delighted generations with its sugary allure. Created in 1924 by the Akron Candy Company, the charming round candy on a stick found its name because it was delightfully easy for children to articulate and recall. Its modest beginnings in Bellevue, Ohio, laid the groundwork for a candy that would become an endearing part of Americana. It wasn’t just the name that made Dum Dums so memorable; their perfect, petite size ensured they were neither too large nor too small for candy enthusiasts of all ages, hitting a sweet spot for consumers at home, school, or on the go.

The baton of Dum Dums’ legacy passed to Spangler Candy Company when they acquired the brand from Akron Candy and transported the operation to Bryan, Ohio, blending tradition with innovation. Spangler first began churning out Dum Dums in the mid-20th century, and they haven’t stopped since. The evolution of Dum Dums has seen them embrace a delightful array of flavors—16 classic tastes to be exact—ranging from Blu Raspberry to the enigmatic Mystery Flavor, each created with the same blend of careful craftsmanship and quality that has been associated with Spangler since the beginning.

Dum Dums Through the Decades: A Nostalgic Timeline

Dum Dums have experienced transformations galore over the years, mirroring cultural shifts and consumer sentiments. Traversing through the decades, these tiny treats have borne witness to countless societal changes, from the wholesome ’50s to the experimental ’60s, leading up to the attitude era of the ’90s. Each era brought about adaptations in Dum Dums flavors and packaging.

Milestones such as the introduction of new flavors and the retirement of others marked crucial pages in the Dum Dums history book. For example, during the ’90s, more adventurous flavors rolled out, much like the avant-garde music and grunge fashion dominating the period. Yet, even as Dum Dums evolved, they remained steadfastly anchored in tradition—a time capsule of confectionery delight.

Dum Dums Lollipops Hard Candy Suckers Oz. Bag, Pack, Pops Total (Original Mix)

Dum Dums Lollipops Hard Candy Suckers Oz. Bag, Pack, Pops Total (Original Mix)


Delight your taste buds with the classic whimsy of Dum Dums Lollipops Hard Candy Suckers, now available in an abundant Oz. Bag, filled to the brim with a vibrant original mix of flavors. Each pack contains a generous assortment of Pops Total, giving candy lovers plenty of options for sweet indulgence. The iconic, brightly colored lollipops come in a variety of America’s favorite flavors, ensuring that every sucker offers a unique taste experience. Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity, tangy, or creamy, this Original Mix has it all.

Dum Dums have been a beloved treat for generations and are perfect for sharing at parties, events, or in the office break room, thanks to the convenient Pack, Pops Total format. These hard candy suckers are also great for activities such as decorating gingerbread houses or as a festive addition to holiday stockings. The individually wrapped lollipops guarantee freshness, making them easy to distribute and enjoy over time. With their enduring appeal and fun-size convenience, Dum Dums are a hit with both children and adults alike.

Ease your cravings with these delightful lollipops that are not only delicious but also free from major allergens, offering a suitable option for those with dietary restrictions. The Dum Dums Lollipops Original Mix is made without gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, or fat, catering to diverse preferences while maintaining their signature sweet taste. This Oz. Bag with Packs, Pops Total promises a long-lasting supply, keeping your candy dish full and spirits high. These Dum Dums Lollipops enable you to have a guilt-free, tiny treat on hand anytime you desire a little sugar kick.

Attribute Details
Origin Akron Candy Company, Bellevue, Ohio, 1924
Current Manufacturer Spangler Candy Company
Location of Operation Bryan, Ohio
Acquisition Year 1953
Product Dum-Dums (Lollipop)
Concept Ball-shaped candy on a stick
Naming Reason Easy for children to say, resembles “dum dum” bullets, memorable name
Production Volume 12 million Dum-Dums per day, approx. 2.4 billion Dum-Dums annually
Known For Iconic lollipop, wide recognition across generations
Suitable For All ages; for consumption at home, school, on the go, or at celebrations
Classic Flavors (16) Blu Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime, Mystery Flavor, Cherry, Watermelon, Sour Apple, Cream Soda, Root Beer, Butterscotch, Orange, Peach Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry.
Novelty Mystery Flavor, created by combining the end of one flavor batch with the next without cleaning the machines between flavors
Ingredients Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Salt, Artificial Flavors, Colors (Red 40, Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Blue 1)
Allergen Statement Free from peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, and gluten
Equipment Manufactured on dedicated equipment
Past Program Save Wraps for Stuff Program (Concluded)
Price Varies by retailer; typically affordable and sold in bulk
Benefits Enjoyable treats for various occasions, allergen-free, and a vast variety of flavors

The Iconic Flavors of Dum Dums: A Taste of Tradition

From Blu Raspberry’s tangy zest to Cream Soda’s nostalgic sweetness, Dum Dums have painted our palates with a rainbow of tastes. Consumers have often wondered how Spangler decides which new flavor innovations should swirl into the Dum Dums mix. The company engages in a delicate dance of consumer feedback, utilizing taste tests and social media input to hit that delectable jackpot of new and exciting flavors while ensuring the classic favorites stay in the lineup.

Original reports suggest that consumer influence is mighty, with loyalists using platforms to champion their beloved flavors and rally against the discontinuation of others. Spangler acknowledges this devotion, crafting a community around its brand, where every Dum Dums enthusiast has a say in its sugary saga.

Image 31198

The Secret Behind Dum Dums’ Fan-Favorite Mystery Flavor

The Mystery Flavor—a masterstroke of marketing genius—has perpetuated one of the confectionery world’s most delightful riddles. But what’s behind its ever-changing taste? The intrigue lies in its origin: as one flavor batch shifts to the next in the manufacturing process, the transitional candy—that magical blend of the outgoing and incoming flavors—becomes the Mystery Flavor. This method not only incites a sense of wonder but also reflects Spangler’s clever reduction of waste and optimization of production.

Consumers have bonded over this enigma, spinning theories on forums with the same fervor as Carl walking dead discussions in fandom spaces. The Mystery Flavor has not only ignited interaction but has rendered each lollipop its own surprise, fostering a unique connection with every unraveling of its wrapper.

Manufacturing Magic: How Dum Dums Are Made

Take a step into the Spangler factory, and you’ll uncover a world where confectionery dreams are spun into reality. Amidst the cacophony of machines lies the heart of Dum Dums production—a process that synthesizes time-honored techniques with cutting-edge technology. An orchestrated ballet of machinery ensures that each day, approximately 12 million Dum Dums are crafted with precision and consistency.

Technological advancements and commitments to sustainable practices are intertwined in the fabric of production. The Dum Dums you enjoy are not only a product of confectionery artistry but also an embodiment of eco-conscious manufacturing—an initiative as sweet as the candy itself.

Dum Dums Original Mix ct. Bag All Time Classic Flavors Individually Wrapped Lollipops for Any Occasion!

Dum Dums Original Mix Ct. Bag   All Time Classic Flavors   Individually Wrapped Lollipops For Any Occasion!


Dive into the sweet nostalgia of childhood with the Dum Dums Original Mix ct. Bag, brimming with a variety of all-time classic flavors. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth, each bag is filled with an assortment of mouthwatering lollipops that have been loved for generations. These delightful treats come individually wrapped, maintaining their freshness and making them ideal for sharing at parties, offices, or schools. The Dum Dums Original Mix offers a surprise with every selection, as you discover your favorite flavors in a rainbow of colors and tastes.

Crafting moments of happiness one pop at a time, the Dum Dums Original Mix ct. Bag is a versatile treat suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to create a colorful candy buffet, add a sweet touch to your holiday gatherings, or simply keep a handy treat in your purse or desk, these lollipops are the perfect choice. Individual wrapping also makes them a hygienic option, allowing everyone to pick their pops without worry, further reinforcing their suitability for public settings and events where snacks are shared.

Not only is the Dum Dums Original Mix ct. Bag a crowd-pleaser for children, but adults will also appreciate the trip down memory lane with these iconic flavors. From the tangy twist of Cherry to the zesty punch of Lemon, each bite is a reminder of the simple joys of yesteryear. They’re also an ideal token of appreciation, perfect for saying thank you to service providers or as a friendly gesture to neighbors and friends. Keep life sweet with these irresistible individually wrapped lollipops, and bring smiles to faces no matter where you go with the Dum Dums Original Mix.

The Science of Sweet: Why Dum Dums Appeal to Our Tastebuds

It’s not just a matter of sugar and spice—there’s science behind why Dum Dums captivate our taste buds. The ingredients list, reading like a candy lover’s periodic table—sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, malic acid—plays a significant role in Dum Dums’ universal appeal. Yet, it’s the interplay of these components, the balance of sweet, sour, and fruitiness, that dances on our palates and entrenches these flavors in our sensory memory.

Beyond the chemistry, psychologists suggest there’s a sprinkle of nostalgia that seasons our fondness for Dum Dums. Similar to how Chemex coffee evokes a sense of artisanal pleasure, Dum Dums invoke childhood reminiscences, underscoring our connective tissue with these brightly colored lollipops. The combination of flavors selected over the years, many of which tether us to simpler, carefree times, reveals a methodical crafting of taste profiles that aren’t just delicious but emotionally resonant.

Image 31199

Lollipops in the Limelight: Dum Dums in Pop Culture and Media

The presence of Dum Dums in pop culture is as undeniable as the lollipop’s flavors are unmistakable. With cameos in movies and television shows, these colorful confections have graced scenes as a symbol of innocence and whimsy. Whether it’s a comforting gesture by a caring doctor in a sitcom or a sweet treat shared among friends in a blockbuster film, Dum Dums hold a place in the tableau of American media.

The candy’s subtle appearances, while sometimes fleeting, carry a considerable impact, echoing its revered status in the real world. Like the iconic punk 57 jacket, they represent an attitude—a throwback to youth and a beacon of simplicity in an intricate world. Celebrities too have shown their affection, accidentally endorsing Dum Dums through candid snapshots and interviews, further weaving the candy into pop cultural fabric.

Dum Dums Lollipops Root Beer Flavor Ct Bag

Dum Dums Lollipops Root Beer Flavor Ct Bag


Discover the classic taste of America in each lick of Dum Dums Lollipops Root Beer Flavor. These delightful treats bring you the unique sassafras twist of traditional root beer encapsulated in a beloved hard candy form. Each lollipop is crafted to ensure a consistent, long-lasting flavor that Dum Dums enthusiasts have loved for generations. The Ct Bag is perfect for sharing, stocking up for a sweet treat, or adding a nostalgic twist to parties and events.

Enjoy the convenience of the Ct Bag filled with a generous count of Dum Dums Lollipops, each individually wrapped for freshness and hygiene. The compact size of the lollipops makes them an ideal snack for any time of day, whether you’re at work, school, or simply enjoying a leisurely moment at home. These lollipops are great for using as party favors, for Halloween treats, or as a sweet reward for kids and adults alike. The classic root beer flavor is loved by many, ensuring that each bag you open will spark joy and smiles.

Dum Dums Lollipops Root Beer Flavor lollipops not only tantalize your taste buds but are also free of major allergens, making them a worry-free delight for those with specific dietary needs. The commitment to quality is evident in each perfectly portioned lollipop, maintaining its promise of simple ingredients and a flavor that stands the test of time. These lollipops are also wonderfully versatile, serving as a playful addition to creative dessert recipes or as a charming garnish for your favorite beverages. Choose Dum Dums Lollipops Root Beer Flavor Ct Bag for an effervescent experience that echoes the comforting taste of an old-fashioned root beer.

(Note: “Ct” typically stands for “Count”, but actual product count was not specified, so it remains as “Ct” in the description.)

The Business of Sweetness: Dum Dums’ Market Impact

In the competitive confectionery industry, Dum Dums stand as a testament to longevity and market intelligence. The data speaks volumes: millions of these pops are produced and enjoyed worldwide annually, propelling the brand into a position of industry prominence. Through strategic branding, engagement with consumer trends, and a dedication to quality, Dum Dums have not only secured a slice of the market but have expanded it.

This economic impact isn’t just felt in sales figures but also in the evocation of brand loyalty, an intangible yet invaluable asset. As rivals emerge and the candy landscape evolves, it’s the adaptability and responsiveness of Dum Dums that cement their relevance and forecast a future as rich as their flavors.

Image 31200

The Global Reach of Dum Dums: Expansion and Influence Worldwide

The tendrils of Dum Dums’ appeal stretch far beyond American borders. Like the universal language of music, the language of sweetness is spoken internationally, and Dum Dums are fluent. The brand’s global presence is no mere accident; it is a result of meticulous tailoring of marketing strategies and product offerings to resonate with varied cultural tastes and preferences.

Such adaptability has earned Dum Dums shelf space in countless countries, proving that the allure of these lollipops knows no bounds. Consider it a lesson in confectionery diplomacy: the same way Earings can accentuate style across cultures, Dum Dums have the ability to embellish moments with their universal sweetness, regardless of where they’re unwrapped.

Future Swirls: Innovations and Aspirations for Dum Dums

Looking ahead, the Spangler Candy Company charts a course that’s both bold and bright. Through an invigorating swirl of new flavor releases and consumer-centric initiatives, Dum Dums are set to continue their trajectory of innovation. The company’s focus on staying ahead of market trends, coupled with a resilient commitment to satisfying the sweet tooths of its customers, underscores an investment in the future that’s as proactive as it is sweet.

Future initiatives hint at exciting ventures—imagine Dum Dums that not only burst with flavor but are also tailored to evolving dietary preferences and interests. This vision is steeped in a heritage of striving for confectionery excellence, where the candy stick isn’t just a handle—it’s a baton being passed forward in the relentless race of innovation.

The Undisputed Champions: Ranking the Best Dum Dums Flavors

Based on the symphony of sales data and the chorus of consumer surveys, a list emerges, declaring the crème de la crème of Dum Dums flavors:

1. Blu Raspberry

2. Cream Soda

3. Root Beer

4. Mystery Flavor

5. Watermelon

These champs have conquered taste buds far and wide, inspiring countless passionate testimonials and anecdotes from loyal fans. Behind each flavor lies a story, a carefully concocted essence that transcends mere taste to become an experience—a firsthand glimpse into the art and science of Dum Dums flavor mastery.

Conclusion: A Pop of Culture – Dum Dums’ Enduring Sweetness

In wrapping up the sugary saga of Dum Dums, we’re reminded of their pivotal role in not only the candy realm but also in the tapestry of cultural experience. Dum Dums have upheld a legacy of sweetness, infusing moments of joy and simplicity into lives across generations and geographies. The emotional connections fostered by this iconic lollipop are as palpable as the flavors that burst forth from its wrapping.

From a humble origin to a global phenomenon, the journey of Dum Dums mirrors a pop culture evolution, echoing the enduring essence of a celebrated American classic. Whether enjoyed as a pick-me-up, a reward for little victories, or a shared treat among friends, Dum Dums continue to prove that sometimes, the sweetest things truly do come in the smallest packages.

Dum Dums: The Sweet Legacy of an Iconic Treat

Who hasn’t unwrapped a Dum Dum lollipop during their childhood? These tiny treats have a legacy as colorful and varied as their flavors. From the long-lost favorites to the vibrant new, let’s explore some fun trivia and interesting facts that have solidified Dum Dums as an iconic candy in American culture.

The Birth of a Bite-Sized Sensation

Imagine this: it’s 1924, and the Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio is about to create a lollipop revolution. They released the first Dum Dums, designed to be the perfect size for the littlest of hands. Fast forward to today, and these little guys are more than just a sweet treat—they’re a slice of Americana as classic as apple pie!

A Parade of Flavors

Guess what? Over the years, Dum Dums has introduced over 40 flavors! Some are mainstays, while others come and go like fleeting fashion trends. Ever heard of Peach-Mango or Fruit Punch? Yum! You can even find limited editions on shelves if the timing is right—speaking of timing, does anyone know What time Does tractor supply close? That’s right, you might even snag some special edition Dum Dums there before doors close for the day!

Mystery Flavored Madness

Hold up, do you know about the Mystery Flavor? It’s like the Willy Wonka golden ticket of the Dum Dums world! But here’s a fun twist: the Mystery Flavor is created when one flavor batch transitions to the next, without cleaning the machines in between. It’s like a surprise party for your taste buds, where two flavors crash together.

Social Star Status

In the era of social media, Dum Dums have surprisingly found their place. No need for anything risqué like Carrieunderwoodnude to get attention. These colorful pops just pop on screen! They’re guest stars in crafting videos, unboxing sessions, and let’s be honest, they’re the real MVPs of bank lobbies and doctor’s offices.

Never Aging, Always Adapting

One thing’s for sure: Dum Dums are the Peter Pan of the candy world. They never seem to grow old. On the flip side, have you ever wondered if Dum Dums ever considered Ultherapy to keep up appearances? Ha! No way. They just stay naturally fresh with their old-school charm and endless appeal to every new generation.

A Lollipop for the People

Here’s the kicker: Dum Dums are more than just candy. They’re democratic in spirit—affordable, shareable, and universally loved. Ever snagged a complimentary pop on your way out of a restaurant? That’s the sweet taste of equality, my friends.

So, whether you’re licking a Lemon-Lime after your latest shopping spree or savoring a Strawberry while streaming your favorite show, a Dum Dum in hand is a little token of joy. What started as a simple, bite-sized lollipop has exploded into a cultural phenomenon that’s here to stay. Keep unwrapping those Dum Dums, folks—each one’s a tiny tribute to a legacy as enduring and delightful as its assorted flavors.

Dum Dum Pops, Assorted Flavors, Individually Wrapped, Pack

Dum Dum Pops, Assorted Flavors, Individually Wrapped, Pack


Dum Dum Pops are a classic American candy favorite that come in an assortment of mouthwatering flavors. Each pop is individually wrapped, ensuring freshness and making them perfect for sharing or on-the-go snacking. Whether at parties, office desks, or in a candy bowl at home, these colorful lollipops add a pop of fun and sweetness to any occasion. The pack features a variety of flavors, ensuring there is a delightful taste for every preference.

This pack of Dum Dum Pops includes a medley of original flavors such as Cherry, Grape, Watermelon, Strawberry, Lemon-Lime, Blue Raspberry, Root Beer, Sour Apple, Cream Soda, Butterscotch, and the mystery flavor that has been a beloved secret for decades. Each lollipop is crafted to provide a long-lasting, flavor-packed experience, making them ideal for satisfying those sweet tooth cravings. The small size of the pops makes them a hit with both children and adults, as they are just the right size for a quick, sweet indulgence.

The Dum Dum Pops pack is designed with convenience in mind, particularly for those looking to distribute treats in a clean and hygienic manner. Their individual wrapping not only keeps the candy clean but also allows for easy storage and handling, reducing the risk of stickiness and mess. Ideal for handing out during Halloween, classroom parties, or as a reward for good behavior, these lollipops are a versatile treat. With so many flavors to choose from, Dum Dum Pops are sure to bring smiles to faces and make any moment a little bit sweeter.

Why do they call them Dum Dums?

Why do they call them Dum Dums?
Well, get this: Dum Dums got their name way back when, in 1924, because “Dum Dum” was a cinch for the kiddos to say and remember. The moniker stuck like candy on your hand—not just because it was catchy, but also because it kinda reminded a sales manager of those dum dum bullets from World War I. Fast forward, and Spangler Candy ups the ante, making these suckers a household name from their Bryan, Ohio setup.

What happens if you collect dum dum wrappers?

What happens if you collect dum dum wrappers?
Ah, so you’ve been hoarding those Dum Dums wrappers, huh? Used to be a time when that kinda thing paid off—think freebies and cool swag with the Save Wraps for Stuff Program. Alas, those days are donezo; the program’s wrapped up for good. But hey, keep your eyes peeled, ’cause you might still find codes on those wrappers, just for old time’s sake.

Why are Dum Dums so popular?

Why are Dum Dums so popular?
Short and sweet—just like ’em! Dum Dums have been the go-to lollipop since 1924 because they’re the perfect pint-sized treat. Not too big, not too small, just the right size to tag along wherever you’re headed. Plus, with a kaleidoscope of flavors, from Blu Raspberry to Mystery Flavor, they’ve been popping up in candy fans’ mouths for generations, proving that sometimes, the simplest things really are the sweetest.

How many flavors of Dum Dums are there 2023?

How many flavors of Dum Dums are there 2023?
Feeling flavor-frazzled? As of 2023, Dum Dums come in a whopping 16 flavors! Yeah, you heard it right—16 classics like Cotton Candy, Root Beer, and Peach Mango that will send your taste buds on a wild ride. Each lollipop bouquet is a surprise, so you’ll never get bored.

What is the oldest dum dum flavor?

What is the oldest dum dum flavor?
Drum roll, please—the title of oldest Dum Dum flavor goes to the classics: Blu Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Cherry, Orange, and Butterscotch. These OGs have been around since the lollipop was first licked, staying true to form and flavor since the roaring ’20s!

What is the dumb dumb mystery flavor?

What is the dumb dumb mystery flavor?
Ah, the Dum Dum Mystery Flavor—it’s like a candy enigma wrapped in a riddle, with a wrapper. It’s the Willy Wonka of lollipops! Turns out, it’s a crafty mix-up of two flavors that occurs when they switch from one flavor to another during production. So it’s basically a surprise party for your mouth, and everyone’s invited!

What dum dum flavor is white?

What dum dum flavor is white?
Alright, Sherlock, ready to crack the case? If you’ve chanced upon a white Dum Dum, chances are you’ve landed on Mystery Flavor road. But don’t quote me on that—white could be a sneaky Cream Soda or a coy Cotton Candy. Mystery keeps life spicy, or in this case, sugary!

Can you buy just mystery Dum Dums?

Can you buy just mystery Dum Dums?
Well, that’s a zinger of a question! Officially, nabbing a bag of just Mystery Flavor Dum Dums from the store isn’t a thing. They’re like the unicorns of the candy world—rare and mystical. The thrill of the hunt is part of the charm, so happy searching!

Why do banks have Dum Dums?

Why do banks have Dum Dums?
You’ve noticed, too? Banks are like the Dum Dums jackpot—they bring out the sweet stash to butter you up while you wait. It’s a savvy move; who doesn’t love a freebie? Plus, it keeps the kiddos quiet and the adults something to munch on while crunching those numbers.

What is the Dum Dums mascot?

What is the Dum Dums mascot?
Let’s give it up for the one and only, the iconic Dum Dums Drum Man! This happy-go-lucky mascot has been waltzing around since the ’60s, bringing joy and a beat you can march to, all while rocking that classic drummer outfit. Trust him to keep things poppin’!

How long can Dum Dums last?

How long can Dum Dums last?
These little guys are real troopers—Dum Dums can last a pretty long time, like years, if you stash ’em right. Keep ’em in a cool, dry place, and away from sunlight, like a vampire in daytime. But let’s be real, who’s gonna resist temptation that long?

How many Dum Dums are in 1 bag?

How many Dum Dums are in 1 bag?
So, you wanna talk numbers? A typical bag of Dum Dums packs around 120-130 of those sweet, sweet suckers. It’s a mixed bag, literally, so each one’s like a mini-adventure. Whether you’re sharing or hoarding, that’s a lot of lollipop love.

Why is my Dum Dum two colors?

Why is my Dum Dum two colors?
Caught a two-tone Dum Dum, did ya? That’s when the flavor-making magic gets a little wild and those colors bleed into each other during the switcheroo in production. Call it an accidental work of art, or just your lucky day—it’s a double delight!

Why does my Dum Dum have 2 flavors?

Why does my Dum Dum have 2 flavors?
Oh, the ol’ two-flavor twist! Your Dum Dum scored an encore performance from the Mystery Flavor phenomenon. When the machines switch gears between flavors, there’s a bit of mix and match. The result? A twofer that tickles your palate with a blend of both batches.

Do they make bigger Dum Dums?

Do they make bigger Dum Dums?
Sure, Dum Dums are dubbed ‘fun size,’ but if you’re hankering for more, keep your eyes on the prize. They might not officially make ’em King-size, but who knows what the future holds? For now, why not just double-fist ’em for twice the yum?

Is it dum dum or dumb dumb?

Is it dum dum or dumb dumb?
Let’s clear the air: it’s “Dum Dum” with an ‘m’—no ‘b’s involved. These lollipops are anything but dumb; they’re clever little flavor bombs all wrapped up in a sweet little package. So remember, it’s all about the ‘m’s, two of ’em, thank you very much.

What is the history of Dum Dum?

What is the history of Dum Dum?
Ready for a sweet history lesson? Dum Dums burst onto the candy scene in 1924, courtesy of the Akron Candy Company. Then Spangler Candy swooped in like a superhero and snagged ’em in 1953, bringing the lollipops to their Bryan, Ohio hub. They’ve been cranking out about 2.4 billion pops a year since—talk about a sugar rush!

Why do they make mystery Dum Dums?

Why do they make mystery Dum Dums?
The Mystery Dum Dums? Oh, they’re not just to keep us guessing—they’re a happy side effect of how they roll at the factory. When flavors shift, these Frankenstein-flavored pops are born. It’s all about making the most of the mix, no waste, all taste. Plus, who doesn’t love a good surprise?

Do Dum Dums have red 40?

Do Dum Dums have red 40?
Indeed, some Dum Dums are caught red-handed with Red 40 in the lineup. It’s the coloring that makes some flavors pop. Just check the label if you’re playing food detective or have got a red dye concern, and you’ll know exactly which ones have got the goods.


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