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Comprehensive Digital Presence Management to Let You Shine ONline

Loaded Media is dedicated to building you an online presence that does justice to your offline self.

Have you ever Googled yourself? If so, were you pleased with what you saw? Since you’re reading this, it’s probably reasonable to assume that you at least saw room for improvement. Fortunately, if that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Loaded Media is an industry leader in online presence services.

Comprehensive Digital Presence Management to Let You Shine ONline

Loaded Media is dedicated to building you an online presence that does justice to your offline self.

Digital Presence

What is digital presence?

What you’re seeing when you look yourself up on a search engine is essentially a snapshot of your digital presence. Also known as online presence, you can think of it as the mental image that defines you in the minds of people who search for you online. Since most of these people have never actually met you in person, it creates a first impression that will influence their perception of you moving forward. Digital presence management is thus extremely important, which is why it’s one of our primary focuses at Loaded Media.

When you schedule an introductory Zoom meeting with one of our publicists, one of the first things we’ll do is a brief digital presence analysis in which we’ll examine your search results and identify areas in which we can tailor your online presence to help advance your big-picture publicity goals and long-term plans for your career and/or brand. Should you choose to move forward with us, we will continue to flesh out and refine this digital presence strategy, which will feed into the overall publicity plan we’ll form with you.

The Google Knowledge Panel and You

Ever noticed that box that appears on the right side of the page when you Google someone famous? It’s called a Google Knowledge Panel, and having one is a great source of online credibility. It signals to viewers that you’re important enough that even the mighty Google has taken note of your accomplishments and knows where to find your social pages.

In reality, getting a Google Knowledge Panel is less difficult than you might think, but setting up a new one or curating the contents of an existing one requires a bit of technical know-how. Fortunately, creating and editing your Knowledge Panel is one of the many online presence management services included in all our service packages at Loaded Media. Simply put, it’s so important that letting our clients go without it would be digital presence management malpractice on our part.

Knowledge Panel Or Google Box
What Is Online Credibility?

What is Online Credibility?

The Knowledge Panel is intended as an informational tool, but for a growing brand, it has a much more important role: it provides a tremendous boost to your online credibility. What’s online credibility? It’s a bit tricky to define or quantify, but it’s definitely something that’s influenced your perception, whether or not you were aware.

Here’s the gist: the general public is inherently distrustful of information found online outside what they consider to be credible sources (e.g. news outlets that are either highly prestigious or aligned with the viewer’s political beliefs). Thus, anything we read on Google about someone we’ve never previously heard of is likely to be met with skepticism. Online credibility is the ability to overcome that skepticism and convince people they can believe all the good things they’re reading about you.

Getting in Wikipedia

For many readers, the gold standard of online credibility is a Wikipedia article. This might at first seem ironic, since Wikipedia is “the encyclopedia anyone can edit”. However, while anyone can create a Wiki article about themself, getting it to stick around is much more difficult. Wikipedia has very strict standards, called “notability guidelines”, that govern who is considered important enough to merit inclusion.

For individuals trying to get into Wikipedia, the biggest hurdle is getting interviews published in two of the relatively short list of publications Wikipedia considers “perennial sources”. Difficult as it may be to obtain one, however, the online credibility value of having a Wikipedia article is so great that we believe it’s worth the long-term effort required to make it happen.


What OUR CLIENTS Say About Loaded Media

Your competition is showing up in Google. Why are you not?

“Launching a brand new restaurant is no joke. When we first opened, customers raved about our food, but word-of-mouth still wasn’t drawing in new business quickly enough. 

Then we hired Loaded Media to rebuild our website. The new site looks beautiful, but even better was the SEO optimization they did behind the scenes, which bumped us up in Google searches and increased overall traffic to the site by 500%. Our business is now thriving thanks to our gorgeous new website!”

Traci Phan Davis

Owner, My Lai Kitchen

“We were looking for a one stop shop to address a variety of marketing needs – web design, graphic design, SEO management, social media, marketing advice, etc. They were concise, great communicators, as well as consistently listened to our needs. I feel like they did a great job capturing what we were looking for.”

Ellig Group

Global Executive Search Firm

“Luxury real estate in Los Angeles is extremely competitive – some of my competitors are literally TV stars. In order to stand out, I needed a website with the same level of classy, luxe aesthetics my clients were looking for in a home. I also needed top-notch SEO to drive traffic to the site in the first place. Loaded Media absolutely delivered on both. 

The site is visually stunning, and I’m already seeing results from boosting my Google search ranking via SEO. Thanks, Loaded Media!”

Sokrat Arzumanyan

Real Estate Agent, Broker, & Underwriter