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Content Writing Services

Creative content writing services: all you need to know

Content development services have become popular over the past few years as every business struggles to find its way to the market through the internet. Statistics show that 64% of the 30M small businesses in the US have a website through which they seek visibility of their products and services to potential clients and investors. There is a vast audience on the internet, with six out of every ten people using the internet worldwide. However, getting people to view your website is not always easy. Businesses need to regularly put up the right content on their websites to attract viewers and create interest in their products.

The internet is very competitive and businesses strive to outdo each other and have their content featured on the first page of Google search which attracts over 90% of the searchers’ clicks. It follows that only 6% of searchers click to the second page of a Google search, and if your webpage doesn’t appear on the first page of a Google search, you might never get views. As a result, creative content writers apply certain search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to earn good Google rankings.

What is a creative content writing service??

Creative content writing service is the strategic creation of web content for digital marketing, and it entails researching, planning, writing and editing. Hiring an in-house full-time content writing team is not always sustainable for small businesses and start-ups. A website is basic for business growth and is not always avoidable. As a result, businesses without a content writing team require SEO content services to get relevant well-articulated content to beat the competition and increase their market share.

The content can be in the form of blog posts and articles, website content, case studies, scripts for podcasts and videos, product descriptions and data analytics. SEO content writing services also entail social media content, including Facebook posts, tweets, linked-in posts and Reddit posts, among others.

Types of content writing:

You need to strategically blend these forms of content in different sections of your website to inform readers and market your products.  In this section, we are looking at the different forms of content writing and how you can apply them to your company’s success.

Blog writing

Blog writing began in the early 90s as a form of online personal diary. Since then, blogging has been used by businesses to communicate information online. Businesses use blog posts to strategically increase traffic to their website and market their products and services. Blog posts make websites searchable, and good blog posts increase the Google rankings and the visibility of your website. Blog posts also help businesses connect with their relevant audiences, boost traffic and draw quality leads to the website.

For increased visibility, businesses need to post high-quality blog content more often. Google has a way of judging the quality of content based on the accuracy of the information, grammar, and information quality. Since blog posts are used to generate traffic, bloggers add a call to action (CTA) to attract high-quality leads. Businesses also use CTA to showcase and build brands.

As you regularly post high-quality information on your blog, your rankings increase, and more websites link their content to yours, boosting the traffic. This further affirms the credibility of your brand.

Also important to remember is that poor-quality blog content can destroy your image and lose credibility for your products and services. Visitors will get the first impression from your content and make decisions depending on the way you articulate it. Creative content writers have mastered the skill of high-quality blogging and can quickly turn around your website rankings.

Why do you need a blog for your website?

  • To help your business rank on various searches
  • To provide searchers with expert information
  • To attract visitors to your website and generate leads
  • To build and engage an online community
Content Writing Services

Website content

Website content refers to the information found on your websites explaining the business background, mission, history, ownership, and products or services. It can be in the form of text or multimedia. Text content should be well researched, unique, factually accurate and free of grammatical errors. Creative content writers also add useful links within the text to offer readers further information. The main aim in creating text web content is to make it as informative as possible without selling your products.

Multimedia, on the other hand, involves any other non-text content on the website. It could be animations, images, audio, videos and infographics. Creative content writers are well versed in how to blend the various forms of web content to make your website appealing and effectively communicate your brand image. For effective communication and visibility, your website should have the right SEO content, appropriate meta-description, consistent navigation and proper management of links. It is also good to update the content regularly for correctness and credibility.

Case studies

Case studies are among the most effective digital marketing tools applied to websites, and they entail written accounts of your business products and service delivery.

They outline specific clients’ requests and how your business went about delivering the necessary service or product to the customer’s satisfaction. Case studies demonstrate your abilities and quantify the results attained.

Importance of case studies

  • They provide quantifiable results by showing how far your business can go to help customers achieve meet specific needs. As a result, they grow the credibility of your business.
  • Through case studies, a business is able to showcase their previous success stories and highlight how their products have helped customers.
  • Case studies provide information on the business processes in delivering products and services to customers and the expected outcome. By exhibiting skill and experience, the business attracts new customers.
  • Case studies can grow the reputation and credibility of your business by openly outlining how you carry out business to provide effective solutions to your customers.
  • Through case studies, take away doubt by answering customer questions before they approach you, thus giving them the confidence to do business with you.
  • They help communicate your professional skills and experiences to potential customers.

Data Analytics

Data analytics, as applied in content creation, help determine the performance of your website based on your organizational goals. It is done by assessing the behavior of visitors by collecting, reporting and analyzing website data. The information gathered is then used to formulate a strategy and improve the user experience. Data collected from the process can be in the form of sources of traffic, page views, referring sites, paths taken, and rates of conversion.

To perform effective web data analytics, content creation experts first formulate objectives and CTAs, and key performance indicators to measure their effectiveness. In measuring the performance, the analytics can track, review and report data from the website components, including webpages, videos and images.

Data analytics is very important as it is used in decision-making to improve the performance of the business. When done properly, it also provides useful information that helps retain customers, attract potential clients and boost sales volume. There are tools you can use to perform web data analytics, such as Google Analytics which helps monitor web traffic, visitor behavior and conversions.

E-commerce product description

In e-commerce, sellers display the products they sell on their websites. As you display your product, you need to provide potential buyers with a more detailed description of the product features and how it is used to solve the customer’s needs. Based on the description, customers are able to make more informed decisions. For this reason, product descriptions should be clear, accurate and compelling. It is also important to avoid overselling products by exaggeration as it can mislead customers and harm your business’s credibility through bad reviews.

Experienced content writers can apply SEO strategies to increase product descriptions’ visibility and sales. Also, e-commerce product descriptions can improve customer service and satisfaction as all the information customers require about your products is already provided alongside the product image.

Benefits of using the best content creation services:

Content creation is a critical aspect of your business as it can directly affect your business performance. Businesses should maximize the vast potential clients on the internet and invest in the best content creators. Here are some of the reasons you need the best content creators for your enterprise:

Higher visibility in search engines

Using content optimization services helps businesses attain higher visibility through the production of high-quality and powerful content. The more often your content appears on different searches, the higher the number of visitors you get to your website. Content creators use different strategies to increase the visibility of your website. For instance, they look at Google search trends and create content that is searchable and helpful in solving customer problems.

Audience retention

With the growing competitiveness of the internet, there is a growing need to capture and retain the visitors’ attention through your content. Even after ranking your content, the reader needs to find value in reading your blog or web content. Studies show that only 55% of readers take as much as 15 seconds on your content before dropping it on to the next one.

The internet is very competitive, and if you are not offering high-quality, informative content that adds value to the reader, they will not spend much time reading your content. It is no longer about the clicks you get on your content but the viewership time. Content creation services apply different techniques to make the readers stick with your content to the end.

Increased conversion

A major benefit of creating powerful content is that you can use it strategically to convert potential buyers. Statistics show that the average conversion rates for a website are 2.35%. However, with the best content creators, you can have conversion rates of 3% to 5%, which is quite good. Experienced content creators will use your web content and blogs to create a need for your products and services among your customers. Besides, what is the need for having a website if it is not attracting business for you?

Content Writing Services

Higher SERP ranking

Every business seeks to have their websites appear within the first search engine results pages (SERP) because 75% of searchers hardly look past this first page. With the competitive nature of online content, it is difficult to get these rankings without the help of a professional. Website content creation services will increase the chances of obtaining organic traffic to your website by strategically applying SEO practices. And with this earned organic traffic, you do not have to resort to paid searches and pay-per-click ads.

Higher domain authority

Domain authority refers to the ability of your website to rank strength. Hiring services of the best content creators can boost your domain authority by creating content that beats your competitors. Ideally, domain ranking grows over time as you continue adding high-quality content to your website. Some tactics applied for higher domain ranking are increasing the number of high-quality internal links, outbound links and authoritative backlinks.

Improved social media engagement and PR results

All successful businesses have a robust online presence through social media. Statistics show that internet users spend 147 minutes per day on social media. With the help of professionals, you can take advantage of this opportunity to publicize your business and market and sell your products and services to potential customers. You need to grow your brand presence across popular social media platforms, which requires the expertise of the best content creators.

Extended brand attention

Building brands’ popularity online is a continuous process that requires intentional effort. Businesses need to contract content creators to keep updating their sites with relevant, high-quality content. There is also a need to maintain an active online presence by updating your brand information and engaging followers. Always remember that your competitors are not taking a break, and even after garnering attention, you will need to keep fighting to retain and grow your online presence.


Creative content writing services are essential for all businesses regardless of their size and industry. The internet is very competitive as every business strives to secure an audience, and without expertise, you can hardly get viewership. A good content-creating agency can build and grow your brand. Not every content creator delivers what they promise, and thus you need to hire a trusted company to get the right content to the right audience. 



Creative content writers are professionals who write content for websites, blog posts, social media posts, ebooks and white papers. They work under the directions of the hiring business to understand their services and type of content they require, tone to use, sources of information and where it will be used.


The services provided by content writers vary depending on the individuals’ skillset. Generally, services you can seek from content writers include:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Web content
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Ebooks
  • Product descriptions
  • Guest blogging
  • Social media posts and management
  • Web design
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Proposals
  • Business plans
  • Biography
  • Speech
  • Newsletter
  • Presentations
  • CV and letter writing


The best content writing service providers work closely with the client to understand their needs and provide high-quality content to the customer’s satisfaction. Qualities of the best content writing services are reliability, expertise, research-oriented, strong SEO and grammar skills, and consistency in providing high-quality services.


Agencies charge content writing based on the word count, type of content and urgency. On average, a 500word blog post can cost as low as $20 and as high as $100 and above depending on the technicality.

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