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Claw Clip Craze: 5 Insane Styles To Try

The Resurgence of the Claw Clip in Today’s Fashion Scene

Gone are the days when the humble claw clip was hidden away in your bathroom drawer. This quintessential 90s hair accessory has swept back onto the scene with a more vogueish appeal than ever before. Claw clips have evolved from being a mere convenience tool to a statement fashion piece. But why now? Well, as we’ve seen on TikTok and with top runway models, the claw clip’s versatility is its greatest asset—functional yet fashionable, a holy grail for today’s dynamic lifestyles.

Fashion influencers and stylists have embraced and broadcasted its resurgence, pinning the claw clip high on the 2024 must-have accessory list. With the claw clip’s current trajectory, it’s clear that this trend is more than just a nostalgic hiccup; it’s shaping up to be a mainstay in the fashion repertoire.

Claw Clip 101: Distinguishing the Hair Clip Phenomenon

So, what exactly is a claw clip? Picture a hair accessory somewhere between a butterfly’s wings and an articulated crab pincer, with the ability to stylishly secure hair in place. Unlike the transient popularity of other hair accessories, claw clips offer a blend of functionality and elegance, giving you the option to toss your hair up in a pinch while still looking effortlessly chic.

When compared to other clips, claw clips hold a stronger, more comfortable grip without the tug and pull of traditional elastics. Not to mention, they’re notably kinder on your hair. As of April 13, 2023, it’s acknowledged that claw clips are genuinely a healthier alternative, sparing our tresses from potential snagging and damage that elastic bands might cause.

LUKACY Pack Large Metal Hair Claw Clips Inch Big gold hair clips,Perfect Jaw hair clamps for Women and Thinner,Thick hair styling,Strong Hold Hair,Fashion Hair Accessories (Style )

Lukacy Pack Large Metal Hair Claw Clips   Inch Big Gold Hair Clips,Perfect Jaw Hair Clamps For Women And Thinner,Thick Hair Styling,Strong Hold Hair,Fashion Hair Accessories (Style )


The LUKACY Pack Large Metal Hair Claw Clips offer a perfect blend of functionality and elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to any hairstyle. Each pack contains inch gold-toned clips, designed to secure hair with a chic and modern appeal. These clips are suitable for a variety of hair types, from thinner strands to thick locks, ensuring a firm grip without compromising comfort or style. The sleek and durable construction provides a reliable hold, making them ideal for busy days, special occasions, or simply when you want your hair up and out of the way.

As a versatile fashion hair accessory, the LUKACY hair claw clips are not just practical, they are a style statement. Their unique design instantly elevates any look, complementing both casual and formal attire. The clips’ large size ensures they can manage more hair volume, making them perfect for creating partial updos, full buns, or simply pulling back bangs in a trendy and effortless manner. Effortlessly transition from a day at the office to an evening out with these glamorous hair clips that promise to keep your hair styled to perfection.

Style is exemplary of the LUKACY brand’s dedication to blending superior hold with contemporary aesthetics. These hair clamps come in a package that appeals to women seeking a reliable and fashionable hair management solution. They also make for an exquisite gift, wrapped in attractive packaging that reflects the quality of the product inside. Whether you are aiming for a sleek ponytail, a half-up hairstyle, or a full updo, the LUKACY Large Metal Hair Claw Clips are the go-to accessory to achieve a stunning look with a simple and graceful touch.

Aspect Details
Product Name Claw Clip
Description Hair accessory for securing hair in place
Origin of Popularity 1990s
Resurgence Early 2020s, popularized through social media platforms like TikTok
Benefits Gentle on hair, reduces pulling and snagging, versatile use
Suitable Hair Type Long hair, curly hair
Recommended User Activity Suitable for those with minimal movement during sleep
Safety Concerns Can be uncomfortable if pressing against skin during sleep
Fashion Aspect Chic and fashionable, seen on runways and models
Approximate Price Range Varies widely, typically $5 to $30
Material Variations Plastic, metal, acetate, eco-friendly materials
Sizes Small, medium, large, extra-large
Alternatives Hair elastics, scrunchies, hair ties, bobby pins
Availability Online stores, beauty supply shops, fashion retailers
Trends Featured in social media trends, articles, fashion shows
Maintenance Easy to clean, durable

The Sleek and Chic: Business-Casual Claw Clip Mastery

When it comes to the workplace, mastering the claw clip for a professional look can elevate your style. Ficcare and Alexandre de Paris lead the pack with sophisticated designs that speak volumes about your commitment to both style and substance.

  1. Choose a claw clip with a sleek, metallic finish or subtle matte texture.
  2. For thick, curly hair, opt for broader claws that can handle the volume without compromising comfort.
  3. Thin hair? No problem. Select a claw clip with internal rubber grips to prevent slipping.
  4. Indulge in the luxury of a quick and elegant hairdo that stays put from your first coffee to your last email.

    Image 25946

    The Modern Bohemian: A Twist on the Classic Claw Clip Updo

    Bohemians of the world, unite and take your updo to the next level. Merge the convenience of a claw clip with a dash of artistic flair by incorporating colorful scarves or delicate jewelry into your hairstyle.

    1. Start by twisting your hair loosely and secure it with the clip.
    2. Embellish with a scarf weaved through the tresses.
    3. Add some decorated bobby pins or a flashy headband.
    4. Professionals advocate for mindful use of claw clips, reinforcing their repute as a hair-healthy alternative. If you’re all about that boho vibe, your possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

      Workout Wonders: Sturdy Claw Clips for an Active Lifestyle

      For a sweat session, nothing beats Goodie and Scunci for a tenacious hold. Here’s how to keep your mane in check, even during the most intense workouts:

      1. For short to medium hair, go for smaller clips with interlocking teeth for a super snug fit.
      2. Long-haired folks should gather their locks into a twist and secure with a larger, curved claw.
      3. Check the material—look for clips made of flexible, durable plastic to avoid breakage.
      4. Understanding that not all claw clips are built the same, invest in the ones that offer an optimal balance of strength and gentleness for your sports routine.

        LuSeren Hair Clips for Women Inch Large Hair Claw Clips for Women Thin Thick Curly Hair, Big Matte Banana Clips,Strong Hold jaw clips,Neutral Colors

        Luseren Hair Clips For Women Inch Large Hair Claw Clips For Women Thin Thick Curly Hair, Big Matte Banana Clips,Strong Hold Jaw Clips,Neutral Colors


        Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with LuSeren Hair Clips for Women, the ultimate accessory designed to complement any look while providing an exceptional hold for all hair types. These inch-large hair claw clips are crafted with care to accommodate women with thin, thick, or curly hair. The big matte banana clips exhibit a luxurious, yet understated aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance to your daily ensemble. Finished in an array of neutral colors, these clips are versatile enough to match any outfit, making them an indispensable part of your hair accessory collection.

        Crafted from durable materials, LuSeren Hair Clips are designed to withstand the demands of your active lifestyle without compromising on comfort. The strong hold jaw design ensures that your hair stays put throughout the day, whether youre powering through a busy work schedule or enjoying a casual outing. Even with their robust grip, these clips are gentle on your hair, reducing the risk of breakage and maintaining the integrity of your hair’s natural texture. The matte finish of the clips ensures they remain anti-slip, so your look stays flawless from morning to night.

        LuSeren Hair Clips come in a plethora of neutral hues to seamlessly blend with your personal style while making a subtle fashion statement. The purposeful design of these hair claw clips allows for quick and easy hair management, providing a chic solution for any hair emergencies. Perfect as a thoughtful gift or a treat for yourself, these elegant hair accessories are bound to become a staple in your beauty routine. Embrace the convenience and sophistication of LuSeren Hair Clips and revolutionize the way you style your hair with confidence and ease.

        Retro Revival: Claw Clip Styles Inspired by Past Decades

        Every vintage lover knows that old is the new ‘new.’ The claw clip is your ticket to retro revival. The 60s and 70s were all about freedom and flair, while the 80s and 90s brought an edge to sophistication. Today’s claw clips strike the perfect note, marrying the best of the old with the new.

        1. Reimagine a 60s beehive with a sizeable, patterned claw clip.
        2. A 90s half-up, half-down can be upgraded with a mini claw decked out in pastel shades.
        3. Mixing materials—acrylics with metal finishes, for instance—adds contemporary chic to a retro base.
        4. Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Well, with the claw clip, you’re banking on an accessory that delivers both.

          Image 25947

          DIY Designer Look: Customizing Your Claw Clip Collection

          Feeling crafty? Customize your claw clip stash! From rhinestones to paint, make your mark and own your style. It’s not just an activity, it’s about personal expression and often, taking a stand for sustainability.

          1. Add a dash of eco-friendly paint for a pop of color.
          2. Glue on some sustainable, ethically sourced jewels.
          3. Wrap your clip with fabric scraps that match your outfits.
          4. It’s a golden opportunity to get creative and stand out from the crowd. Besides, chatting with designers specializing in hair accessories could provide just the inspiration you need.

            Influencer Insights: Celebrity Takes on the Claw Clip Trend

            Celebrities are no strangers to setting trends, and claw clips have claimed a spot in their beauty arsenals. From social media powerhouses to chic influencers, the claw clip craze is getting the star treatment. It’s fascinating—and sometimes downright wild—how these personalities reimagine a simple claw clip into a voguish piece de resistance. With collaborations and collections popping up left and right, these trendsetters are reshaping how we think about hair accessories.

            Hair Claw Clips Pack Tortoise Barrettes Rectangle Shape Clips Inch Fashion Hair Clips for Women

            Hair Claw Clips Pack Tortoise Barrettes Rectangle Shape Clips Inch Fashion Hair Clips For Women


            Introducing our exquisite collection of Hair Claw Clips Pack Tortoise Barrettes which offer a touch of timeless elegance to any hairstyle. Crafted with high-quality, durable materials, these rectangle-shaped clips boast a classic tortoise shell pattern that complements a wide array of hair colors and textures. Each clip measures an ideal inch in length, making them versatile for both thick and fine hair types. Perfect for fashion-forward women, these barrettes provide a secure hold, ensuring your style stays in place throughout the day.

            The sophisticated design of these fashionable hair clips not only serves as a functional hair accessory but also doubles as a chic statement piece. The smooth, polished finish of each clip adds a luminous shine to your locks, while the strong clasp ensures a comfortable fit without tugging or pulling. Whether you’re aiming for an effortlessly casual look or an updo for a special occasion, these barrettes provide the right balance of style and practicality. They embody a modern twist on a classic accessory, making them a must-have in every woman’s hair care repertoire.

            To cater to different preferences, this pack offers a variety of tortoise patterns and shades, from deep browns to warm honeys and blended amber hues. They slip into hair with ease and are lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. Each Hair Claw Clips Pack comes with multiple pieces, ensuring you have a clip at hand for any occasion or outfit. Enhance your personal style with these fetching Hair Claw Clips and marvel at how they transform your everyday looks with a dash of sophistication and charm.

            From Runway to Reality: High-Fashion Claw Clip Creations

            It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it game from runway to the high street with claw clips making the leap in record time. Names like Chanel and Alexander Wang have forged the path, integrating this hairpiece into their esteemed collections.

            1. Chanel’s sleek, pearl-studded claw clips whisper class.
            2. Alexander Wang’s shows rock an edgier vibe with metal-heavy designs.
            3. The ripples of high-fashion endorsement are felt worldwide, converting a humble hairpiece into a coveted accessory.

              Image 25948

              Conclusion: Clipping the Future of Fashion

              As the curtain falls, it’s clear that the claw clip is here to make an enduring statement. From pragmatic to bohemian, athletic to haute-couture, its versatility and gentleness on hair have sealed its fate in the stylish hearts and tresses of many. So, it’s time to clip in and let your style soar. Whether you opt for a sleek twist or a bedazzled spectacle, remember that it’s not just about following trends—it’s about setting your own.

              Loaded with insights, tips, and a touch of creative zest, we’ve mapped out a style journey with the claw clip as our guide. Now it’s your turn—dive in, get experimental, and become a part of the claw clip renaissance. Who knows what hairpin turns fashion will take next? But one thing’s for certain, the claw clip’s got a firm grip on the future of fashion.

              Claw Clip Chronicles: Discovering Fun Facts & Trivia

              The Origin Story: Not a New Kid on the Block

              Believe it or not, the humble claw clip has been holding it down in the fashion world for longer than you’d think. It’s like the “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” of hair accessories—unique, memorable, and strangely timeless. While claw clips may seem like a ’90s throwback, their roots can be traced back to the ‘80s, when making a splash in bold fashion was the name of the game. Now, they’re experiencing a revival that’s making waves all over social media.

              Claw Clips Worldwide: Not Just a One-Hit Wonder

              Looking at the global love affair with the claw clip, it’s pretty clear that it isn’t just a flash in the pan. Kind of like when soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Al Nassr, everyone’s heads turned, and the sports world was abuzz. Similarly, when a beloved hair tool makes its world tour, you can bet it’s going to pick up a few fans along the way. From Paris to Tokyo, it’s become a go-to for easy, chic hairstyles that look effortlessly cool.

              Size Matters: From Mini Clips to Mondo Grips

              When we talk about claw clips, size really does matter. Some prefer the mini, understated versions that gently whisper elegance, much like the nuance and finesse one might find in luxury skincare products from Tata Harper. Others go for the statement Stanley 40oz Quencher equivalents of claw clips—those big, bold grips that are all about command and control, not just keeping your tresses in check.

              Pop Culture Claws: More Than Just a Hair Affair

              Oh, and did you know? Claw clips aren’t just a hit in the haircare realm—they’ve snagged their spotlight in pop culture as well. Imagine claw clips walking the red carpet with Ian Ziering during his heyday or snagging a cameo in visually stunning films like Mirrormask. They’ve become such a phenomenon that they could easily have their own star on the Walk of Fame.

              Competition’s Stiff: The Race for the Most Unique Clip

              Certainly, the competition to create the most distinctive claw clip is as fierce as Moriah Wilson racing to the finish line. Designers and brands are getting in on the action, crafting clips from acetate, embellished with gems, or even going eco-friendly with recycled materials. The goal? To snag that top spot in your vanity and, let’s face it, to score that perfect hair day.

              Not Your Cup of…Coffee?

              And as diverse as a Red Cup Day Starbucks lineup, claw clips come in an array of styles that could make your head spin. The versatility is incredible. You’ve got your sleek minimalist designs, your boho-chic patterns, your downright quirky shapes that could give racist funny Jokes a run for their money in terms of eyebrow-raising—it’s a mix that’s sure to suit anyone and everyone’s taste.

              So there you have it, folks—a little stroll down claw clip lane that’s chock-full of facts and tidbits to get you clued in on this recurring fashion staple. It’s clear that the craze isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s about personality, versatility, and a bit of that hair magic we all love to see.

              Are claw clips OK for your hair?

              Sure thing, hair today, gone tomorrow, right? Let’s dive into those stylish claw clip FAQs!

              Is it OK to wear a claw clip to bed?

              Well, would you look at that! Claw clips are pretty darn kind to your hair. They don’t tug at your locks like some elastics do, so they’re less likely to cause breakage or major hair headaches. It’s like giving your hair a nice, gentle hug.

              Are claw clips classy?

              Ah, wearing a claw clip to bed? It’s not the best idea, folks. While it might keep your hair outta your face, it could also press against your head all night, leading to a real crick in the neck and maybe even breakage. Let your hair loose and catch some Z’s in peace!

              Why do girls wear claw clips?

              Talk about class in a clip! Claw clips can totally be classy, especially with the right style. Sweep that mane into a sleek twist or a chic chignon, pop on a claw, and voilà – you’re oozing elegance!

              Is claw clip less damaging than hair tie?

              Girls roll with claw clips because they’re the Swiss Army knife of hair accessories – quick, easy, and they get the job done without a fuss. Whether you’re running errands or putting hair up in a flash, claw clips are the trusty sidekick for busy gals on the go.

              Why does my claw clip keep falling out?

              When it comes to a hair tie versus a claw clip, the clip’s usually the gentler of the two. Say bye-bye to elastics that tug and hoo-ha at your hair and hello to the soft embrace of a claw clip.

              Why are claw clips attractive?

              If your claw clip’s playing slip ‘n slide with your hair, it might be too big, too small, or just not the right match for your hair type. You need that Goldilocks fit – just right – or it’s gonna be slide city!

              What is the healthiest hairstyle?

              There’s something about claw clips that’s just plain fetching. They’ve got this cool, effortless vibe that says “I tried, but not too hard,” and totally nail that casual-chic look. Plus, they can be real head-turners when they snazz up a simple do.

              What is the healthiest hairstyle to sleep in?

              Ah, the quest for the healthiest hairstyle – it’s the loose and low or the free-flowing tresses that steal the crown. Keeping it au naturel without tugging or tightness is your hair’s happily ever after. After all, easy does it!

              Are claw clips still in style 2023?

              For those beauty Z’s, the healthiest hairstyle is to let your hair down – literally. A loose braid or a gentle silk scrunchie can also prevent tangles without stressing your strands. Sweet dreams are made of these!

              Are plastic or metal claw clips better?

              As of 2023, claw clips are strutting down the style runway, still as chic as ever. Whether you’re a fashion-forward babe or just love practicality, these bad boys have got staying power.

              What celebrities wear claw clips?

              Choosing between plastic and metal claw clips? Metal’s generally sturdier, but plastic’s got variety on its side, what with all the colors and shapes. Pick your poison based on your need for strength or style.

              How do you wear a claw clip 2023?

              Celebrities are just like us, and yes, they rock claw clips too! You might spot them gracing the glossy locks of trendsetters like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, or Zendaya. A-list approved!

              Am I too old to get butterfly clips?

              Sporting a claw clip in 2023 is all about that modern twist. Think half-up styles, effortless updos, or even a nostalgic ’90s throwback. Play around, get creative, and let your claw clip flag fly!

              What did claw clips used to be called?

              Butterfly clips, puh-lease, age is just a number! If you’re vibing with the playful, nostalgic feel of butterfly clips, then, heck, why not? Don’t let a number cramp your style – flutter on!

              Are hair clips healthy for your hair?

              Back in the day, those handy claw clips were known as “butterfly clips” for their wing-like grips. They’ve flown through a name change or two but have always kept hair on lockdown with grace.

              What is the best hair clip for less damage?

              Hair clips, when used right, can be a mane’s best friend, providing a break from harsher styles. Just avoid the tug-of-war and go for no-snag options.

              Do clips damage your hair?

              And the award for ‘Best Hair Clip for Less Damage’ goes to… drumroll, please… the good ol’ claw clip! Especially if it’s got a smooth finish, no sharp teeth or springs. Your hair will thank you!

              Do clip ins damage hair?

              Do clips spell disaster for your hair? Not necessarily, unless you get all rough and tug-worthy with them. Treat clips like a first date – gentle, with care, and no sudden moves – and your hair will be just fine.


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