Best Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher: 5 Top Picks

Elevating Home Kitchens: The Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Revolution

Have you ever witnessed a symphony in a kitchen? Well, that’s what the Bosch 800 series dishwasher brings to the table—or should we say the counter? With their sleek designs and whisper-quiet operations, these dishwashers are the unsung heroes of modern homes. As a testament to their recognition in the market, these machines come equipped with innovative technologies that not only promise spotless dishes but also cater to the smart, connected homes of today.

It’s no secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a high-quality dishwasher is the pulse that keeps everything running smoothly. With people all over the Worldw embracing sparkling dishes, the Bosch 800 series is a name that has become synonymous with reliability and advanced cleaning systems. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore how these dishwashers can turn a mundane chore into a seamless experience that defines the modern kitchen.

1. Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher SHPM78Z55N: The Ultimate Cleaning Companion

Picture this: you’ve just hosted a sumptuous dinner party, and as the last guest leaves, you’re faced with a mountain of dishes. Enter the Bosch SHPM78Z55N. This model isn’t just a dishwasher; it’s your ultimate cleaning companion ready to tackle the mess. With the Flexible Third Rack, you’ve got extra space for those odd-shaped utensils or tiny espresso cups. The PrecisionWash system utilizes intelligent sensors to ensure every dish gets personal attention, while the InfoLight beams on the floor, a discreet yet clear indicator that magic is happening inside.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty:

Noise level: At a serene 42 dBA, it’s so quiet, you might forget it’s on.

Energy efficiency: Energy Star rated, this model is kind to both the environment and your wallet.

User experiences: Customers rave about its cleaning power—even with the infamous accusation that Bosch dishwashers leave dishes less than sparkling, this particular model has consistently debunked that myth.

Bosch SGXBUC Series inch Top Control Dishwasher Stainless Steel

Bosch Sgxbuc Series Inch Top Control Dishwasher   Stainless Steel


The Bosch SGXBUC Series inch Top Control Dishwasher in Stainless Steel combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design to deliver a superior dish cleaning experience. This dishwasher features a spacious interior with a flexible rack system that accommodates a variety of dish sizes, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning of all your kitchenware. The top control interface provides a user-friendly and accessible means to select from the multiple wash cycles and options, including energy-saving modes and intensive washes for heavily soiled items, ensuring optimal cleaning performance for each load.

With its stainless steel finish, the Bosch SGXBUC Series dishwasher adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen decor while also providing the durability to withstand the test of time. The precision engineering of the dishwasher minimizes noise, resulting in one of the quietest wash cycles in its class, which is particularly beneficial in open-concept homes or for those who entertain often. The AquaStop leak protection system ensures peace of mind by preventing water damage, and the 24/7 Overflow Protection System actively monitors and controls water levels.

Smart-enabled capabilities allow for remote monitoring and control through a compatible mobile device, giving users the convenience to start, stop, or check the status of their dishwasher from anywhere. This feature, along with the EcoSilence motor system, ensures a seamless integration into the modern connected home. The Energy Star certification confirms that the Bosch SGXBUC Series inch Top Control Dishwasher is not only efficient in cleaning but also in conserving water and energy, making it an environmentally conscious choice for any household.

Feature Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Description
Model Range 800 Series
HomeConnect Enabled for remote control and monitoring of cleaning cycles and status
Available Cycles Multiple options with added Special Features on top of 500 Series
Extra Dry Feature Extends drying time for better drying efficiency
Rack Flexibility Adjustable racks to accommodate various dish sizes
Noise Level Quiet operation typically between 40-42 dB
Energy Efficiency Energy Star Rated for efficient power usage
Common Complaints Instances of poor cleaning performance reported
Release Date Latest model as of Oct 3, 2023
Targeted Issues Improved drying over earlier models, attempts to address cleaning performance
Quadrant Spray Control 4-part spray for targeted cleaning using HomeConnect
Price Range Varies by retailer and specific model within the series (check for current pricing)

2. Bosch 800 Series SHXM78Z54N: A Seamless Integration into Any Kitchen Decor

When it comes to kitchen design, the Bosch SHXM78Z54N is your chameleon. Its panel-ready design allows for a custom look that blends seamlessly with your cabinetry—like a culinary Delarosa hidden amidst your kitchen landscape. The RackMatic system offers flexibility with 9 possible rack positions, while EasyGlide racks make loading and unloading smooth as silk.

Customer testimonials shed light on its ability to merge with any decor without compromising on efficiency or elegance. It’s not just about aesthetics though; users praise its quiet operation and reliable cleaning performance. With the added bonus of the Extra Dry feature, you can say goodbye to the annoyance of wet plastics and hello to cabinet-ready dishes.

Image 29246

3. Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher SHPM88Z75N: Elevated with CrystalDry Technology

The SHPM88Z75N is a game-changer for anyone who has ever hesitated to place their fine glassware in the dishwasher. Bosch’s patented CrystalDry Technology transforms moisture into heat to get dishes 60% drier—including plastics. No more towel-drying wine glasses or worrying about water spots on your silverware.

In real-world tests, this model has outperformed traditional drying methods, placing it as a front-runner in the dishwasher world. It’s like having the cleaning efficiency of Maria from “The Sound of Music” combined with the tech-savviness of someone cast in Iron Man 2. Dish care has quite simply been elevated to an art form.

4. SHX878ZD5N: Bosch’s 800 Series Dishwasher with Water Softener for Hard Water Havens

Hard water can be a home appliance’s worst nightmare, but the SHX878ZD5N is equipped with a water softener that laughs in the face of such challenges. If you’re tucked away in a hard water haven, have no fear—this dishwasher is here to protect and serve your dishes and itself for years to come.

How effective is it? Consumers in the field share their satisfaction with how this model has kept their glassware crystal clear and their machines running without a hitch. It’s no wonder that in regions where hard water is a concern, this model has made a name for itself for enhancing the longevity of the dishwasher and keeping maintenance at bay.

BOSCH SHXBUC dBA Series Stainless Steel Top Control Dishwasher

Bosch Shxbuc Dba Series Stainless Steel Top Control Dishwasher


The BOSCH SHXBUC dBA Series Stainless Steel Top Control Dishwasher is a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance designed to integrate seamlessly into your home with its sleek stainless-steel finish that resists smudges and fingerprints. This dishwasher boasts an exceptionally quiet operation at a dBA noise level rating, allowing for disturbance-free kitchen activities or conversations even during its cycles. With top control features, it lends a tidy, minimalist look to your kitchen and provides an intuitive user interface tucked away on the top edge of the door to prevent accidental button presses. The machine’s Energy Star certification ensures that it’s not only gentle on your dishes but also on the environment and your utility bills.

Enhanced with innovative technology, this dishwasher includes a robust load sensor that automatically adjusts the wash cycle to the amount of soil in the water, and the amount of dishes loaded, ensuring efficient use of water and energy. The PrecisionWash system uses intelligent sensors to continually scan and check the progress of dishes throughout the cycle, and powerful spray arms target every item for a thorough clean. The rack flexibility with adjustable tines allows for loading a wide variety of dish sizes and shapes, ensuring that everything from delicate stemware to large pots and pans can be accommodated easily. Furthermore, the dishwasher has a sanitized option which operates at a higher temperature for a germ-free clean, making it ideal for households with young children or for those demanding the highest hygiene standards.

Completing the BOSCH SHXBUC dBA Series Dishwashers raft of features is its advanced drying system that employs a concealed heating element to efficiently dry dishes without the risk of melting plastics. The inclusion of a half-load option is perfect for smaller loads, so you don’t have to wait for a full load to run the dishwasher, saving water and time. This dishwasher also boasts a 24-hour delay start timer that lets you run the dishwasher at off-peak times or during the night when electricity rates may be lower. With its blend of advanced features, environmentally friendly operation, and user-friendly design, the BOSCH SHXBUC dBA Series Stainless Steel Top Control Dishwasher represents a major step forward in kitchen convenience and efficiency.

5. Bosch 800 Series Smart Dishwasher SHPM78Z54N: Revolutionizing Kitchen Intelligence

Smart homes need smart appliances, and the SHPM78Z54N is the Einstein of the Bosch 800 series dishwashers. Featuring Home Connect technology, it allows you to control different sprays in four quadrants, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. And that’s just scratching the surface. Imagine starting your dishwasher from the comfort of your couch or receiving notifications directly to your device—now that’s smart!

Users share personal tales of the ease and security that comes with remote monitoring and control. This dishwasher is not just a machine; it’s a part of your connected home ecosystem, indicating a future where your kitchen isn’t just a place to cook—it’s a place that listens and learns.

Image 29247

Advanced Features and Innovations of the Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers

Why settle for the norm when you can experience the extraordinary? Across the 800 series, Bosch dishwashers boast standout innovations, such as quiet operation, energy efficiency, and unmatched cleaning power. The series has made a significant impact on the evolution of kitchen appliances, setting the benchmark for competitors.

When drawn into a comparison with other brands like the Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators reputation for innovation, the Bosch 800 series dishwashers hold their own with features that are not only groundbreaking but also intuitive for the user.

What the Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers Mean for Eco-Conscious Consumers

If you consider yourself an eco-warrior, then you’ll be delighted with the Bosch 800 series dishwashers. From an energy-saving standpoint, these machines are leaps and bounds ahead. Users have reported noticeable dips in their utility bills, echoing Bosch’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

This doesn’t just represent industry trends but is a testament to Bosch’s role in leading the charge towards eco-friendly appliance solutions. When it’s time to clean up after dinner, you’ll do so knowing you’re contributing positively to our planet’s well-being.

Bosch ADA Series Stainless Steel Dishwasher SPXBUC

Bosch Ada Series Stainless Steel Dishwasher   Spxbuc


Introducing the Bosch ADA Series Stainless Steel Dishwasher, model SPXBUC, a state-of-the-art appliance designed to provide a seamless and efficient dishwashing experience while adhering to ADA compliance standards. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, this dishwasher promises durability and a sleek, modern look that will elevate any kitchen’s aesthetic. The SPXBUC model boasts a spacious interior with adjustable racks, accommodating a variety of dishes and utensils, from delicate wine glasses to bulky pots and pans.

This Bosch dishwasher is engineered with precision German technology, ensuring a quiet yet powerful cleaning cycle that thoroughly sanitizes and cleans your dishes with minimum water usage, thanks to its eco-friendly operation. The advanced sensors detect the level of dirt on your dishes, adjusting the wash cycle to save energy while delivering spotless results. Moreover, the intuitive user interface and responsive controls make selecting the appropriate settings a breeze, offering multiple wash options tailored to your specific load.

Security and convenience are paramount in the Bosch ADA Series SPXBUC dishwasher, featuring a child-lock system to prevent accidental changes during operation and a 24-hour delay start timer allowing you to run the dishwasher at off-peak hours. It’s also fitted with a leak protection system that shuts off the machine at the first sign of any potential water issues, giving you peace of mind. This dishwasher not only meets ADA height requirements, making it accessible for users with mobility challenges but also embodies the perfect blend of functionality, efficiency, and style suited for any modern kitchen.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers: Assessing Longevity and After-Sales Service

In the world of appliances, longevity equals love. And from anecdotes of long-term users, the love for the Bosch 800 series runs deep. Their build quality suggests a commitment to endurance, while maintenance tips from seasoned owners help newcomers get the most out of their investment.

And if the need arises, Bosch’s customer service and warranty offerings have been described as nothing short of stellar. Investing in an 800 series dishwasher seems to come with more than just a promise of clean dishes—it comes with a promise of continued support.

Image 29248

Final Verdict: Choosing the Right Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher for Your Needs

So, which Bosch 800 series dishwasher is the one for you? Whether you’re looking for the tech-savviness of a smart appliance connoisseur or the simple assurance of clean, dry dishes, there’s a model to fit your desires. Expert advice from interior designers and appliance professionals echoes one sentiment: consider your space, your needs, and yes, your budget. Then, choose a dishwasher that not only cleans but also complements your lifestyle.

Conclusion: The Future Is Sparkling with the Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers

As we wrap up, it’s crystal clear why these dishwashers are making waves. Our top picks excel in not just one, but all areas: innovative features, performance, and sustainability. The Bosch 800 series dishwashers are reshaping what we expect from our kitchen companions, and as we peer into the future, it’s looking bright. The future is indeed sparkling, and it seems Bosch will continue to be at the crest of this wave of innovation.

Ready to witness a kitchen symphony? Let the Bosch 800 series orchestrate your dishwashing experience.

Elevate Your Kitchen Game with the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

So, you’re in the market for a dishwasher that doesn’t play around, huh? Let’s talk about the Bosch 800 series dishwasher, the MVP of cleanup that’s been a game-changer in kitchens faster than you can say Les twins of dishwashing.

The Dynamic Duo: Silence and Efficiency

Now, imagine trying to perfect the moonwalk but your dishwasher is out there making more noise than a tap-dancing elephant. Not cool, right? Well, good news! The Bosch 800 series is like the Les Twins of dishwashers—it slips into your kitchen, does its job with finesse, and all without missing a beat. With an impressively low noise level, you can keep boogying in peace.

A Family Affair: Room for Every Dish

And just like adley rutschman’s sister is a valuable member of her team, every plate, cup, and utensil finds its right spot in this family of top-tier dishwashers. Thanks to the flexible third rack and adjustable tines, you’ll have more space than you know what to do with. It’s basically the equivalent of having an all-star player in the line-up—reliable, versatile, and always ready to perform.

The Money Maker: Energy Efficiency

Speaking of performance, let’s talk dough. We all love to save some green, don’t we? Well, the energy efficiency of the Bosch 800 series might just make you feel like you’ve got a bit of Mr. Beast’s net worth under your belt. With its Energy Star rating, you’ll be saving both the planet and your wallet—one wash cycle at a time.

Award-Winning Feature: CrystalDry

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. You want your dishes dry and ready to roll without that annoying towel-drying business, am I right? Well, hold onto your hats! CrystalDry technology ensures that everything, and I mean everything, comes out so dry, you’d think Erika Christensen handed you a towel herself after a Poolside movie shoot. CrystalDry is like that clutch player who comes out of nowhere and wins the game—only it’s for your dishes.

So Why Choose the Bosch 800 Series?

In short, it’s the swiss army knife of dishwashers. It’s got all the bells and whistles, without the headache of noise or inefficiency. So if you want your kitchen to be as suave and smooth as an unforgettable dance duo, as well-rounded as a family MVP, as wealthy in savings as a YouTube sensation, and as Hollywood-glam as crystal clear dishes can be, you now know where to look.

Remember, when it comes to the battle against dirty dishes, the Bosch 800 series dishwasher doesn’t just play the game—it sets the score. So gear up, kitchen warriors, because with one of these bad boys, you’re headed straight to the major leagues of dishwashing fame.

Bosch SHXZN Series Built in Dishwasher with Place Settings, ash Cycles, MyWay rd Rack, CrystalDry and dBA (Bar Handle)

Bosch Shxzn Series Built In Dishwasher With Place Settings, Ash Cycles, Myway Rd Rack, Crystaldry And Dba (Bar Handle)


Introducing the Bosch SHXZN Series Built-in Dishwasher, an essential addition to any modern kitchen that prides itself on efficiency and sophistication. This technologically advanced dishwasher offers enough space to accommodate your dishes with its generous capacity, ensuring that all your cleaning needs are met without the need for multiple cycles. Uniquely designed with MyWay 3rd Rack, this dishwasher provides extra room for those challenging-to-place items, enabling a deeper level of organization and space optimization. Combined with its sleek bar handle, it complements any kitchen decor while providing easy access to its powerful cleaning capabilities.

The appliance boasts an impressive selection of wash cycles, tailored to handle anything from the most delicate crystal to the toughest greasy pots. The CrystalDry technology ensures a superior dry, turning even the most water-spotted glasses into sparkling gems without the need for additional hand drying. At a hush-quiet dBA, the Bosch SHXZN Series performs its tasks with such discretion that it won’t interrupt your post-dinner conversations or those precious moments of peace. Reliability meets innovation in this dishwasher, providing both the quietness you desire and the clean you demand.

Bosch continues to redefine the standard for home dishwashers with this SHXZN Series model, understanding that functionality should never compromise on design or performance. Its stainless steel interior supports durability and contributes to the machine’s overall efficiency, complementing the robust design. Eco-conscious homeowners will appreciate the energy savings provided by the economical wash cycles without trading off cleaning power. In short, the Bosch SHXZN Series Built-in Dishwasher is the epitome of form meets function, delivering unparalleled cleaning performance in a stylish package that uplifts your kitchen’s aesthetics.

What’s the difference between a Bosch 800 and a Bosch 500 dishwasher?

Okay, folks, here’s the scoop! The main difference between a Bosch 800 and a Bosch 500 dishwasher? It’s all about the bells and whistles—like the 800 series sporting fancier features such as more wash cycles, a quieter operation, and that snazzy interior light. It’s like choosing between a comfy sedan and a luxury SUV—they’ll both get you there, but one does it with a bit more pizzazz.

What is the most common problem with a Bosch dishwasher?

Well, butter my biscuit, the most common hiccup with a Bosch dishwasher? It’s gotta be that pesky issue of them not draining properly. Nothing a good ol’ check-up and a cleanup of the filter can’t usually fix, though!

How long does a Bosch 800 dishwasher last?

Oh, a Bosch 800 dishwasher? You’re looking at a sturdy buddy that’s in it for the long haul—typically, over a decade of loyal service if you give it the TLC it deserves!

Which Bosch dishwasher is being recalled?

Yikes! Recall alert! Bosch has issued recalls in the past, but you’ll need to check the latest details by model and serial number for the exact info. Better safe than sorry, am I right?

Is Bosch 500 series better than 800 Series?

Is the Bosch 500 series better than the 800 Series? Well, it’s like asking if chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla—it really depends on what ticks your boxes. The 800 series has more features, but hey, the 500 ain’t no slouch either!

Are Bosch dishwashers worth the extra money?

Forking out extra dough for a Bosch dishwasher? Listen, they’ve got a rep for quality and longevity that might just make that extra cash worth it in the long run. Think of it as investing in some peace of mind!

Is Bosch really the best dishwasher?

Is Bosch really the best dishwasher? Well, they sure are the toast of the town! Many would say you can’t do better, but of course, ‘best’ is in the eye of the sponge holder—or dish owner.

What is the average life of a Bosch dishwasher?

As for the average life of a Bosch dishwasher? These tough cookies typically keep on keeping on for about 10 years with proper care, give or take the odd repair.

Why do Bosch dishwashers not dry dishes?

Why don’t Bosch dishwashers dry dishes? It’s not that they’re throwing in the towel; they use condensation drying instead of a traditional heating element, which can leave some plastics a bit damp. Just give ’em a shake and a wipe, and you’re good to go!

What dishwasher brands to stay away from?

Talk about dishwashers to steer clear of? Now, that’s like navigating a minefield—brands can have hits and misses. But always dodge those with notorious bad reviews for reliability or customer service. It’s like avoiding that one pothole on your street, you know the one.

Why does my Bosch dishwasher take 4 hours?

If your Bosch dishwasher takes 4 hours, don’t sweat it—it’s likely on a super energy-efficient cycle. Patience is a virtue, and your dishes will come out sparkling clean, just in time for dinner… or bedtime snacks!

What brand dishwasher is most reliable?

Hunting for the most reliable dishwasher brand? That’s like finding a needle in a stainless-steel haystack, but Bosch and Miele often come out on top in the reliability stakes. It’s like betting on a sure thing!

What is better than a Bosch dishwasher?

Wondering what’s better than a Bosch dishwasher? That’s a tough cookie to crumble! Brands like Miele can give Bosch a run for its money, offering top-notch durability and features. It’s a dishwasher derby!

Are Bosch dishwashers still made in Germany?

Are Bosch dishwashers still made in Germany? Yup, many are boasting that ‘Made in Germany’ quality, but they’ve also got plants elsewhere. It’s like having a foot in two camps!

Are Bosch appliances considered high end?

Are Bosch appliances considered high end? Absolutely! They’re like the high rollers of the appliance world, with a rep for sophistication and reliability that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Is the Bosch 500 Series dishwasher discontinued?

The Bosch 500 Series dishwasher discontinued? Say it ain’t so! Keep your ear to the ground, as models can come and go, but so far, the 500 series is still in the game, batting strong.

How long does a Bosch 500 series dishwasher last?

The lifespan of a Bosch 500 series dishwasher? Picture this: over 10 years of faithful dish-cleaning service with the proper upkeep. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

What is the difference between the Bosch series?

Differences between the Bosch series, you ask? It’s a game of features and finish. As the numbers climb, so do the options for customization, quietness, and all that jazz—it’s like leveling up in the appliance arena!

What do the series numbers mean on Bosch dishwashers?

The series numbers on Bosch dishwashers are kinda like a secret handshake, signifying the model’s feature set and posh-ness. The higher the number, the more you’re in the VIP section of dish cleaning!


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