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5 Secrets Of As Above So Below Movie

As Above, So Below,” a horror film that intricately weaves elements of alchemy, historical intrigue, and claustrophobic terror, isn’t your run-of-the-mill scary flick. It is a cleverly confusing plot about redemption and faith, drawing upon true events and stories of lost souls wandering the eerie Paris catacombs. The film invites viewers on a harrowing journey deep into the earth’s bowels, reflecting the ancient hermetic adage “as above, so below.” In this feature, we unearth the veiled secrets and intellectual quests that transformed a cryptic horror film into a cult classic. So, buckle up; we’re about to embark on our exploration, and believe you me, there’s plenty to uncover.

Deciphering the Hidden Symbolism in As Above So Below Movie

When you first set your eyes on “As Above, So Below,” the movie might seem like a thrilling spelunking adventure gone terribly awry. But look a little closer, and you’ll find countless threads of hidden symbolism stitched throughout the film. At its core, the movie is steeped in the hermetic philosophy of “as above, so below,” which posits that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, the inner world mirroring the outer.

This central theme intricately weaves its way through the narrative’s fabric, setting the tone, and shaping character arcs. Scarlett, the movie’s protagonist, embodies the relentless quest for truth and knowledge, akin to alchemists of yore—a modern-day amalgamation of Indiana Jones and Nicolas Flamel.

  • Scarlett’s journey mirrors the alchemical process of transformation, seeing her move through stages of enlightenment much like the esoteric arts.
  • The Paris Catacombs, with their skeletal walls, echo the depths of the subconscious, a physical manifestation of the characters’ inner demons and fears.
  • Their descent isn’t just geographic; it’s a plunge into the soul’s darkest recesses, searching for redemption and understanding.

  • As Above, So Below

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    The Alchemical Fusion Behind the As Above So Below Movie Scenes

    Alchemy plays a crucial role in the “As Above So Below” movie, with its influence evident in the storyline, characters, and the setting itself. The film taps into the alchemical pursuit of turning base metal into gold, which is allegorically linked to the soul’s quest for purity and enlightenment.

    Scene after scene, alchemical processes metaphorically occur:

    – The characters’ traversal of the catacombs symbolizes the alchemical ‘nigredo,’ the first step in the creation of the philosopher’s stone, representing self-awareness and confession.

    – The trials the group faces equate to ‘albedo,’ the stage of purification.

    – Their eventual emergence and transformation reflect ‘rubedo,’ the final stage symbolizing the achievement of the Gnostic self—the purified soul.

    Representing alchemical elements or stages of transformation, supporting characters like George mirror elements like mercury—it’s volatile, yet essential in the alchemical concoction, much like his crucial role in solving the mysteries they face.

    Image 34986

    **Aspect** **Details**
    Title As Above, So Below
    Genre Horror, Thriller, Found-Footage
    Director John Erick Dowdle
    Writers John Erick Dowdle, Drew Dowdle
    Release Date August 29, 2014
    Inspired by True events regarding people lost in Paris catacombs
    Settings Paris Catacombs
    Principal Photography Two months in 2013
    Notable for First film to shoot in the off-limits areas of real Paris catacombs
    Main Cast Perdita Weeks as Scarlett, Ben Feldman as George, Edwin Hodge as Benji
    Plot Elements Alchemy, Dante’s Inferno, Supernatural occurrences
    Themes Redemption, Faith, Supernatural horror
    Symbolism La Taupe representing a soul in Limbo
    Cinematography Style Found-footage
    Special Permissions Obtained permission from French authorities to film in the catacombs
    Filming Challenges Creating an unsettling atmosphere, dealing with claustrophobic spaces
    Audience Reception Mixed, with especial appreciation from found-footage horror enthusiasts
    Cultural Impact Added to the lore of Paris catacombs and sparked discussions about historical and urban myths
    Accessibility DVD, Blu-Ray, and various streaming platforms
    Advisory Not suitable for individuals with claustrophobia or those sensitive to unsettling imagery

    The Real Historical Backdrop of the As Above So Below Movie

    The “As Above So Below” movie does not simply content itself with fictional thrills; it instead grounds its eeriness in reality’s embrace. The film boasts historically-rich settings and characters, enchanting viewers with more than manufactured chills. Take, for example, the legendary alchemist Nicolas Flamel, mentioned throughout the film. Flamel was a real historical figure, rumored to have discovered the Philosopher’s Stone and to have achieved immortality.

    Shot over two months in 2013, the “As Above So Below” movie also has the distinction of being the first film granted permission to shoot in the off-limits areas of the Paris Catacombs. The below points speak to the historical passion sewn throughout the movie:

    • The catacombs were once limestone quarries that became the subterranean tomb for millions of Parisians, imbuing natural authenticity into the movie’s scenes.
    • Each hollowed-out quarry room and narrow tunnel tells a story, each bone a somber testament to the history that the film deftly leverages to heighten its impact.
    • Accuracy in the representation of historical elements lends the film an additional layer of authenticity, blurring the lines between reality and fiction to captivating effect.

    • The As Above So Below Movie’s Ingenious Use of Claustrophobic Cinematography

      A key strength of the “As Above So Below” movie lies in its claustrophobic cinematography, a visceral manifestation of the characters’ psychological entrapment. The film’s found-footage style lends itself perfectly to the close-quarters anxiety, each frame brimming with a palpable tension.

      Its cinematographic techniques differ from other films in the genre due to the cramped, oppressive setting of the catacombs themselves:

      • Handheld cameras impart a frenetic, unstable atmosphere, mirroring the characters’ internal distress.
      • The limited lighting, often just the characters’ headlamps, creates stark, haunting contrasts, and intimate, personal viewpoints intensifying the sense of disorientation and fear.
      • The intense proximity experienced by the characters is shared by the audience, creating an empathetic relationship that draws the viewer into their perilous journey.
      • The effective use of climax, character placement, and movement through confined spaces has made many a viewer utter, “I’ll pop” in sympathetic panic, feeling the squeeze of the catacomb walls as if they were there themselves.

        As Above So Below

        As Above So Below


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        Unraveling the Philosophical Undertones of As Above So Below Movie

        As Above So Below” is not your typical horror film; it is a treasure trove for seekers of deeper existential truths. The film effectively marries its narrative with a tapestry of philosophical undertones, posing pressing questions about the nature of fear, the subconscious, and the human search for meaning.

        The journey below Paris into the abyss is a metaphor for the dive into the deep recesses of the human psyche:

        • The film studiously examines the labyrinthine corridors of the subconscious, where personal demons and fears reside, just waiting to be confronted.
        • Its philosophical inquiry doesn’t shy away from examining the essence of self-discovery. The turmoil each character endures reflects individual life struggles, pushing viewers to internalize the on-screen metamorphoses.
        • The “as above, so below” axiom indicates that our outward experiences are reflections of our inner being, a concept that the film pursues with gusto through its nuanced storyline.

        • Image 34987

          The Role of Puzzles and the Quest for Knowledge in As Above So Below Movie

          The role of puzzles and riddles in the “As Above So Below” movie is paramount, deftly interwoven into the fabric of the story and serving as milestones of progress in the protagonists’ journey. The enigmatic clues and cryptic puzzles are not only a test of wits for the characters but also metaphors for life’s challenges and the human desire to understand the mysteries of existence.

          • The symbolism behind the movie’s riddles is rich with meaning, much like the “10 22 angel number,” leaving viewers to ponder their significance long after the credits roll.
          • Scarlett’s intense study of alchemy, historical texts, and ancient languages embodies humanity’s timeless pursuit of knowledge.
          • The movie subtly hints that the true puzzle is the maze of the human soul, and each clue uncovered is one step closer to enlightenment or a slide deeper into the abyss.

          • Conclusion

            The “As Above So Below” movie remains a bewitching lure for cinephiles and philosophers alike, its enigmatic heart beating with secrets and wisdom waiting to be unearthed. Its genius lies in its ability to maintain the persistent allure, so much so that one may even muse about how Jessica Pare might portray Scarlett or how Brian Mcknights soulful tunes could underscore the film’s more pensive moments.

            Our journey through the cinematic catacombs of “As Above So Below” has revealed not just scares, but reflections on the human condition, historical fascination, and the spiritual allegory that all combine to make this movie a modern-day cult phenomenon. This film, set against a tapestry of reality and rich metaphor, has evolved from a cryptic horror feature into a treatise on the essential truths of existence.

            Whether it’s the terror of tight spaces, the allure of unsolved riddles, or the philosophical echoes of “as above, so below,” viewers are encouraged to bring their interpretative torches to this subterranean exploration. And as they do, they just might find that the maxim which binds this narrative is as enduringly relevant as the spectral corridors of the Paris catacombs themselves.

            As Above, So Below [Blu ray]

            As Above, So Below [Blu Ray]


            Title: As Above, So Below [Blu-ray]

            Dive deep into the catacombs of Paris with the chilling thriller, “As Above, So Below,” now available in crisp, high-definition Blu-ray. This psychological horror film takes viewers on a nerve-wracking journey into the endless labyrinth beneath the city of lights, where a team of explorers confronts the twisted secrets of the past as well as their own personal demons. The claustrophobic setting and intense storyline make for a gripping experience that horror enthusiasts will relish, enhanced by the superior audio and visual clarity that Blu-ray offers.

            “As Above, So Below” combines the found-footage cinematography style with traditional narrative techniques to create a hauntingly immersive atmosphere that thrills at every twist and turn. The stellar performances led by Perdita Weeks and Ben Feldman capture the desperation and fear of their characters with compelling authenticity. In this high-definition format, the dark and eerie underground scenes are rendered with remarkable detail, allowing viewers to feel as if they are part of the spine-tingling exploration.

            Included in this Blu-ray edition are special features that take you behind the scenes of this supernatural adventure, including director’s commentary, deleted scenes, and a making-of documentary. Fans and newcomers alike will appreciate the depth of content that shines a light on the filmmaking process, the historical inspirations for the movie, and the technical challenges overcome to bring this story to life. “As Above, So Below” not only entertains with its thrilling plot but also enchants with the rich lore of the Parisian underworld, making it a haunting addition to any horror aficionado’s collection.

            Ready to feel the chilling embrace of the catacombs once more, or is this your first descent? Take a breath, seek your truths, and remember—the secrets of the “As Above So Below” movie are waiting for you, echoing in the silence of history and the whispers of our own hearts.

            Unveiling the Mysteries: As Above So Below Movie

            Image 34988

            A Labyrinth of Lore

            Just when you think you’ve figured out all the twists and turns in the “As Above So Below” movie, another secret passageway unveils itself. Did you know that the movie’s catacombs are riddled with historical Easter eggs? That’s right! Every dusty skeleton and ancient inscription is a nod to Paris’s haunting history. Some say that watching the film is like embarking on your own personal treasure hunt, but instead of gold, you’re unearthing tantalizing tidbits of the past.

            When History Meets Hair Dye

            Ah, and let’s talk about Scarlett, played by the fearless Perdita Weeks. Do you remember how effortlessly she deciphers those ancient texts? Well, hold onto your hats—or should I say, your hairbrushes—because Scarlett’s knowledge wasn’t the only thing that was dye-hard dedicated. Perdita Weeks actually went through a hair transformation as intense as her character’s journey. Yup, that’s no wig she’s sporting; her commitment to the role was so deep that she went full-on with a hair bleach extravaganza. Talk about a drastic change for the depths of the catacombs!

            Echoes of the Future

            While we’re on the subject of transformations, let me tell you, “As Above So Below” isn’t the only film to turn things upside down! If you’re up for more mind-bending adventures after you’ve resurfaced from the Parisian depths, you’ll be thrilled to know that something titanic is stirring on the horizon. We’re talking Jaeger-sized titanic! Believe it or not, there are faint whispers that pacific rim 3 is gearing up to make some waves. Just imagine the seismic storytelling that’s in store for us there!

            The Sounds of the Underground

            Okay, I’ll pop the question—or rather, I ‘ll pop this fact right into the mix. The chilling soundtrack that echoes throughout “As Above So Below” wasn’t just a spooky afterthought. The filmmakers meticulously crafted each bone-rattling note to make sure viewers would feel the echo of each eerie step. It’s like they say,Music is what feelings sound like, and man, did they make us feel like we’re being watched by the shadows!

            An Unexpected Phenomenon

            Here’s something that’ll make you pop—err, I mean, ill pop. Despite a modest budget and a labyrinth of skepticism from critics,As Above So Below” became a bit of a cult phenomenon. Seriously, who would’ve thought that a film full of riddles, alchemy, and a heap of claustrophobia would become such a beloved underdog? It just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover—or a movie by its catacombs.

            So, there you have it! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious cat who just discovered the eerie world of the “As Above So Below” movie, these little-known facts add a sprinkle of magic, a dash of hair-raising drama, and a whole lot of underground charm to this cinematic enigma. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled, there’s always more secrets waiting to be unearthed.

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            Is So Above So Below Based on a true story?

            – Hold on to your hats, folks—while “As Above, So Below” weaves true bits into its story, it’s not quite a true story per se. Sure, the eerie backdrop of the Paris catacombs, notorious for guests overstaying their welcome, is real enough. But toss in some alchemy, Dante’s Inferno, and a dash of clever cinematic trickery, and you’ve got yourself a horror flick that’s about as real as my Aunt Edna’s “encounters” with Bigfoot on Aug 26, 2023.

            Was As Above, So Below actually filmed in the catacombs?

            – Would you believe it? “As Above, So Below” actually scored the golden ticket to film in the belly of Paris—the catacombs themselves—for two solid months in 2013! Talk about a dream—or, nightmare—shoot location, huh? They were the first film crew ever to be green-lit by the French bigwigs for the super off-limits areas. Quite the feather in the cap for the filmmakers!

            What makes As Above, So Below scary?

            – Oh boy, “As Above, So Below” is a heart-pounding, claustrophobia-inducing roller coaster through the netherworld! It’s not just the idea of being six feet under in the Parisian catacombs that’ll give you the willies—it’s the tight corners, the graveyard silence broken by whispers, and those oh-so-creepy visuals. But hey, if found-footage flicks make you yawn, this scare fest might not be your cup of tea.

            What happened to La Taupe?

            – Ah, poor La Taupe. Turns out the feller’s dead as a doornail and doing the Limbo—like, literally, stuck in Limbo. If you thought your GPS ever got you lost, this guy takes the cake with his otherworldly knack for zipping through the catacomb tunnels like it’s nobody’s business.

            Have the Paris catacombs been fully explored?

            – As for completely mapping the Paris catacombs, well, that’s a tall order even for the most seasoned of explorers. These bone-filled labyrinths are vast, winding, and shrouded in mystery, many parts remaining untouched and unseen by living souls. It’s like trying to count the squirrels in Central Park—good luck!

            Do people live in the catacombs in Paris?

            – Now, I wouldn’t say it’s the Ritz, but yeah, some folks have tried making a home out of the catacombs—illegally, mind you. From vagabonds to artists, these subterranean squatters find the catacombs’ forgotten nooks and crannies downright cozy. Just don’t expect room service or a mint on your pillow.

            Why is it illegal to go into the catacombs?

            – Here’s the scoop: diving into the catacombs without a hall pass is a major no-no. Why? Well, aside from being private property, it’s as risky as walking a tightrope in a tornado. Getting lost is a piece of cake, and let’s not even start on the structural instability and the, you know, piles of human remains. It’s hush-hush for a good reason.

            How many bodies were found in the catacombs?

            – Ready for a bone-chilling fact? The catacombs are the final resting place for about 6 million souls. That’s a loooot of bones. It’s like the world’s most cramped sleepover, deep under Paris’s streets. Spooky, right?

            Are people still being buried in the catacombs?

            – Stick a fork in it, because the catacombs are done with burials. No new RSVPs are being accepted for this underground soiree. The catacombs had their heyday of helping with overcrowded cemeteries back in the day, but now it’s all about preserving what’s already there.

            Who is the mysterious girl in As Above, So Below?

            – Ah, the mysterious girl, always lurking but never quite clear. She’s like that cryptic character in your dreams you just can’t put a finger on. Despite the buzz, the film drops breadcrumbs but never serves up the full sandwich on who she really is—leaving us scratching our heads and craving answers.

            What was Papillons sin?

            – Papillon, the dude with a past darker than those catacomb shadows, apparently got tagged with theft—that’s his cardinal sin. Pretty light for a place like the catacombs, but hey, we don’t make the rules, Dante does.

            Is As Above, So Below appropriate?

            – “Appropriate” is a stretchy word, ain’t it? “As Above, So Below” might be right up the alley for your teenage thrill seeker, but for the littlest monsters in the house, it’s a clear no-fly zone. Insist they stick to their bedtime stories, this one is chock-full of nightmare fuel.

            Is catacombs Based on a true story?

            – “Catacombs,” while it racks up serious creepiness points, isn’t based on a true story. It’s another flick where truth and fiction are stirred but not shaken, creating a cocktail that tastes true-to-life—sort of. Let’s just say you wouldn’t find it in the non-fiction section.

            Is As Above, So Below based off of Dante’s Inferno?

            – Absolutely! “As Above, So Below” is a love letter to Dante’s fiery tale, “The Inferno.” The movie is a spelunking adventure through hellish twists and turns, mirroring the journey through the nine circles. It’s less “inspired by” and more “grabbed Dante by the hand and dashed into the abyss.”

            What is the meaning of As Above, So Below?

            – “As Above, So Below”—it’s more than a snazzy title. This phrase is an old alchemy chestnut hinting at the intertwining of the spiritual and the physical, the macrocosm and microcosm. It’s like saying what happens on a grand scale is mirrored in the teeny-tiny details. In the movie, it’s all about how the horrors above ground find their echo below, making you question where the line is drawn. It’s deep, man—like, catacombs deep.


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